• Yeah. It would be cool if they did it like TWAU E3 choice thing where characters talk to you.

    EX if it were a choice between Jane and Sarah.

    If you look to Jane, Carver will say "Your just like me."

    If you look to Sarah, Jane will say "They're all going to die, Clementine. Don't let them pull you down with them."

    I definitely hope there will be a choice like this and I'm pretty sure they're will be.
  • I predict a "Of Mice and Men" ending with Sarah.
  • Yeah there has to be something up with this. To any of you who've seen Season 4 of the show I think this will go down the Lizzie route somewhat. I'm not sure if she will kill anybody but these 3 episodes have been setting something up with Clem and Sarah thinking back to the first episode the lines "we can be best friends" "a pinky swear is forever" and one you make as Clem "i'm afraid of saying i'm your friend then do something un-friendly". It just seems to me like Clem might end up having to put her down.

    P.S. Also the Episode 4 achievement "A Heavy Burden" shows a picture of Sarah facing the other way on her knees......yeah not looking good for her sadly :(
  • I think there will be. This episode draws parallels between Caver and Clementine which I never even thought of, but I could see them even whilst playing as a (no longer, thanks to Carver) harmless and innocent Clementine. Some form of choice involving Sarah is inevitable.
  • I think it all depends on how you handle Sarah up to the point you're talking about. Don't baby her too much and she might be able to benefit the group, coddle her and she'll become a detriment. Carver telling Carlos to not coddle her may have been foreshadowing.
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