• Maybe she met up with Sarah? Or we find her on the so called museum we're going to. It's likley that Clem and Christa came up with a plan if they got separated.
  • Yeah, I am. I'm thinking she'll show up in EP5, in Wellington, if they manage to get there. I can't foresee her showing up in the near future while this deal with Carver's group is still ongoing. I know Carver is dead, but the rest of his camp certainly isn't, and who knows what they'll do.

    She wasn't with the dead bodies at the river, so we know she managed to get away from her captors in EP1. She could show up alone though.
  • I think earliest we will see her is end of Episode 4.
    • I don't believe she is dead myself, but i just hope they don't bring her back just to kill her off.. i would think shes been looking for Clementine but because we've been here and there shes can't really keep track of what direction were going.
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