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So when you're talking to Bonnie and stuff, she says about how she knew Luke and was kind of dissapointed when she found she wasn't mentioned to Clementine. Anyone feel like she was thinking... Oh... Luke doesn't care about me I guess. She also hoped that Luke was okay... anyone feeling something?


  • Yes! infinity times better than cluke.
  • Clem better not get anywhere near her man, see what happened last time? Someone got a rebar to the face. :P Jk.
  • Now that Carver is dead I can't ship Karver effectively.

  • yes i was shipping this the whole time after i had that conversation with her
  • From the way Bonnie talked about Luke, it did make me suspect that she miiiight have feelings for him. I guess we'll soon see if anything will happen with this! Honestly, I'm pretty neutral about Bonnie x Luke, if it happens. It's better than Cluke or Lelonnie?/Boland? (Bonnie and Leland - I dunno about you guys, but that bit in 400 Days just wasn't really my thing.)
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