What did you guys make of ****?

Mike is honestly one of my new favorite characters. He didn't want Clem to have the radio, probably because he kind of foresaw what might happen with Luke. He's got the badass scar on his ear, and I think there's a lot of room for an awesome character.

Also. I think he and Kenny could become great friends and Mike could become the one true urban.


  • Yes. Mike is my favorite of the new characters introduced in this Episode, and I'm glad to see he made it through the herd (he's present with Rebecca, Kenny, and Bonnie during the "Next Time" scene), and I think he could become one of my favorite characters of the entire Season altogether. Right up there with Pete.
  • yeah mike is super fuckin awesome i just hope he isn't the chuck of this season :P
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    One of my favorites! Hope hes trustworthy! He seems like a nice guy, and looks so bad ass. I hope he makes it to at least E5 but I doubt it... All my favorite characters usually die...

    Changed my avatar to Mike!
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    I'm a fan. #ILikeMike #OneTrueUrban

    Mike's mellow attitude reminds me of Lee. And he seems pretty smart, as well as stable and reliable. I'm excited for what TTG will do with him, he's got a lot of potential to be a great character. I'm sincerely hoping he won't end up as a redshirt.
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    Definitely want to know more about him, he reminds me of Lee in the way that he seems to have the potential of a leadership role and the way that he and Kenny were arguing when Clem delivered the supplies and its these similarities that might make Clem warm up to him, and vice versa.
  • Mike seemed like a very reasonable guy, and I really liked him. I went along with Kenny on most everything this episode (a few more disagreements than normal I guess, since I got the Kenny bro speech in season 1, haha) but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate him seeming to have concern for me. I think now that Luke's bit (and come on, I'm pretty sure he is... much as I hate to admit that) I'd like for Mike to fill his role as brother figure for Clementine, if at all possible.
  • Damn, I really want to like him, but last time I really liked a new character during the third episode he ended up dying instantly the next. (RIP Chuck, you deserved better ;~;)

    I don't think I'm emotionally prepared for the next episode.
  • I like Mike. Take him tot he end of the Season, Telltale! I want him in Season 3!
  • I look forward to seeing how he and Kenny get on, despite a bumpy start. Personally speaking, I didn't really think Clem and Mike had enough time together so i could make a judgment. From what I have seen he is a nice character, but we will see...
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