What do you guys think of Bonnie's fate in the game?

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Think she'll live for the remaining episodes in one piece? In comparison to season 1, in which we all know Clementine is close to Lee, season 2 seems to be showing a bit more versatility in terms of character interaction. Clementine should be considered close to Kenny, Luke, Boonie and Jane (as foreshadowed in the next episode), so it's currently harder to predict whose gonna make it through and possibly be Clementine's second guardian.

But let's discuss about Boonie exclusively first. She's won my favor again and I personally think she is worth forgiving and trusting after her redemption by attempting to help the group and the fact that she helped Clementine to fit in to the group, even though it didn't go so well.


  • It will be interesting to see how she will react to 400 days characters that where part of camp Carver or never joined if those return. She will probably continue to be nice and try to make up for whatever bad stuff she indirectly caused at the lodge. It was hinted that she and Luke where romantically involved so that will probably play into the next episode I guess. She tries to rationalize why Luke never mentioned her to Clem.
  • Was there romance between Luke and Bonnie? This I did not realize. So you think she'll live for a few more episodes, yes?
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