People finally starting to wake up and accept that working on 4 games at once is hurting TWDSeason2?



  • They've released screens from TOB but they have stated how far along it is? Has a Summer release for it been confirmed?
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    Yea it comes out this Summer...
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    Agree with TWAU taught I was only one who felt way. It was the only disappointing thing about TWAU for me even though it's great game bit of detective work in point and click adventure game is essential to me.
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    I think at this moment, Season 2 is suffering from a lack of direction. It's one escape after another with no idea of what's coming, which, for me, is making it all feel very disconnected and lessening the effectiveness of the choices.

    We're 3 episodes on from 400 Days and that seems completely irrelevant
    Christa is gone and no-one seems to care
    The baby mystery is forgotten

    And the thing that could have connected them all, ie Carver, well that's done now. It feels like everything since the end of Season 1 has been disregarded and that is deeply unsatisfying. In my view, this game has got 2 episodes left to save itself.
  • Eh, more or less the same over here.
  • Very True
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    Agreed. The episodes are great IN THEMSELVES, but as a whole the season doesn't make much narrative sense. Everything that could have kept the episodes relevant and connected are just randomly dropped.

    I forgave stuff in ep2 like random character changes (Carlos, Rebecca), no explanations (Christa's baby, Christa's location), over-reliance on Clem, lack of character interaction/reaction to your choices etc because I was so sure that at least SOME of these things would be addressed in Episode 3. But instead the problems are ignored, plot points are abandoned, characters treat you the same no matter what your past choices, buildup is wasted, and characters are still not quite developed.

    Leaves me confused and nervous as to how the last 2 episodes could possibly wrap this up. <:[
  • Maybe things will begin to make sense when we see the complete season...
  • Crossing my fingers. DON'T LET US DOWN, TELLTALE!
  • This is exactly how i feel
  • Yea those goddamn 90 minutes :D . Nah but I agree the episodes are awesome but they feel rushed.
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    People starting to see the light...
    Ep 3 was a complete disaster for me
    After playing it..i was wtf is this!

    To be honest i didnt really like s2 since episode 1 came out
    It feels rushed, back then im giving them the benefit of the doubt since its only ep1
    But now? Cime on after 3 episode of mediocre and rushed writing,
    im not that eager waiting for the next episode.

    in short i think my username represent what im feeling best
  • The 90 minutes is the main problem of this season.
    Many things could be added; I am not talking about the things we want.
    But the important things such as character development, more interactions, hub areas (?), maybe more.

    I believe that an episode should be shorter because of the pace of the said episode (S1E5, S2E2). This limit should not have been added to episode 3.
  • Damn Season 3... now I get why you have the Back to the Future pic lmfaooo its good to know there is a new Season coming.
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    Perhaps Telltale will redeem themselves in the last two episodes. Thats not to say though that episode 3 wasn't great, because it was; it just could have been better.
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  • Man so you're not from the future :(
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    Telltale doesn't give a fuck. They're off in video game production dreamland.

    Most studios are scraping project to project, just praying that each successive project makes enough money so they can keep their studio afloat. The video game industry is notorious for having very poor job security.

    Asking them to sacrifice jobs for perceived quality is absolutely asinine. Let Telltale enjoy their success. If you don't like the quality of their games now, vote with your wallet.
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  • Somebody from Game of Thrones, He's the best character in it, You should watch it! :D
  • Nah, I've never really been into it.
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  • Yeah I know, its all good :)

    Maybe Telltale's upcoming game based on GOT might get me into it, who knows?
  • I hope so, It's the best show ever!
  • Holy shit, Clem_is_awesome! Now you have 132 people and counting who agree with you! Last time I checked it was like 30 upvotes or something :P
  • I'm being a tad facetious. I wouldn't mind either, but I think things are fine as they are.
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    You is EMT or paramedic so want to let me know about that the news emails in and tell me what’s your favorite EMS gadget is and it's great to hear from.
  • i thought we'll know more about carver in this episode :(
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    I really wish the OP's post could be sent directly to the head writers and they should actually READ THIS because i totally agree! I still really enjoyed ep2 and 3 but im really not happy the episodes are so short and several things have been left unexplained and all rushed as the OP said.

    Episode 4 of season 1 was the longest, i would be amazed if they made it long in season 2.
  • Totally agree with this thread. I REALLY hope Telltale step it up in episode 4 and 5.
    I don't want this game to be remembered as one of those 'Oh yeah season 1 was amazing but season 2 wasn't that good, sequels never work'.
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