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People finally starting to wake up and accept that working on 4 games at once is hurting TWDSeason2?

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"Third time's a charm" -- What i said a couple of days after beating episode 2. I was so happy knowing that we'll go to a camp, the PERFECT place to have tons of hubs and people to talk to. What made me even more hyped about going to the god damned camp? the fact that all the playable 400 days characters were confirmed in the game files. What did i get instead? Probably the most rushed episode in the history of TWD.

Now i'm seeing a lot of threads popping up with a good amount of thumbs up where people are actually agreeing that the episode felt super rushed and had very poor writing for what we expected.

Now let's talk about the biggest problems with this episode.

My biggest issue with this episode is Carver. From episode 1 we're being hyped about this super bad dude "Carver" going around killing LOTS of people we already know from the past(Roman and the scavengers at the river). Episode 2 trailer comes out and there we have Telltale hyping up this character again, played by Michael Madsen and also putting "Who is Carver?" in their Playing Dead vids and all. They even got Anadel to compose an insanely amazing track just named "Carver". On episode 2 we're told in some parts that Carver is a very intelligent man. We get descriptions like "Clementine and her group learn what it’s like to live under the heel of a leader whose intelligence is rivaled only by his propensity for brutal violence." and that leads us to believe that this guy is some genius mastermind with a really dark agenda that we'll get to see in episode 3. The episode comes out and it turns out he really isn't that smart and that the camp really isn't that safe. Then Carver dies and that's it. He had no character development in the episode. Even Bonnie and Troy had more lines and screen time than him. Super disappointed.

Second issue. 400 days characters. We play the 400 days DLC and we end up loving most of the characters. By the end of it we're left with this cliffhanger that we're going to some community. Tons of speculation and hype start building up as we find out Tavia's community might be Carver's community. SO MANY QUESTIONS START COMING UP. "How are we going to interact with the 400 days characters?" , "Was Tavia's community good from the start? did Carver eventually take over after some time?" ,"Becca will be older, how is she going to interact with Clem? "I can't wait to interact with all my favorite characters from 400 days!". All this twitter hype about "YOU NEED TO PLAY 400 DAYS" then the episode comes out and every single 400 days character has either 1 or 2 lines and they're all assholes now. It's very very unlikely that we'll see them again and i don't even wanna see them again to be honest.

Third problem. Some of the writing. There are tons of stuff left unexplained after Carver's death and it's stuff that will probably never be explained. We didn't know what happened to the people who got shot at the river and the ties they had with Carver. We never got to know who was George and why Alvin killed him. Rebecca's complete change of personality. We're being led to believe that the Cabin Group can't really be trusted and that they're hiding something. It turned out the Cabin Group didn't really have any skeletons in the closet and there really is no reason to believe there will be any more trust issues in episode 4 or 5 since most of the cabin group is dead now. Telltale made a big emphasis on this Luke vs Kenny thing that started in episode 2 but as of now there really is no way that anyone will pick Luke over Kenny after how bad Luke screwed up in episode 3. It's all a mess.

It's clear how this huge workload of working on 4 games at once and the constant switch of writers, directors and designers between all games is hurting season 2's quality. The 90 minute per episode formula just doesn't work for this game.

Don't get me wrong, episode 3 was great by itself but i don't like settling down for something like this knowing that Telltale can do better and has done better in the past with season 1. All i can hope now is that Telltale gets a reality check some day and they go back to working only on Season 3.
  • i fully agree with you, that they should hold back GOT and TFTB till season 2 and TWAU are finished

    but look on the bright side, we already know nick breckon, who wrote episode 1 and 2 from season 2 will write the season finale, so we can expect something great there
  • Calm down folks... Give them some time.
  • I loved episode three except for some of the ways that they did scenes. The 400 days characters (Except for Bonnie and Tavia) really had NO affect on the episode. This kind of bugged me because there was all of that hype where you *really* had to play 400 days so I thought maybe they'd help you escape or something, but all we got were a few determinant dialogue bits. It's perfectly ok for them to continue working on other games but they need more staff on TWDG. They said that Game of Thrones would be a bigger game than TWDG which I call bullshit, but seriously, they need people working on the games that people care most about at the moment... which is TWDG and TWAU.
  • They have a right to work on as many series as they want. This is a business and they want to grow, not be confined to one project because some fans arent happy that the series they prefer is not up to their standards.
    • but we are paying them for their shit, so they should work hard on the games we want and listen to our criticism
      • Your $5 doesnt entitled you to force them to do everything you want. Im sure they listen to criticism but they cant listen to everyone since every fan wants something different. I dont care how many people downvote me for trying to present a reasonable point of view.
        • The "It's their game and they can do whatever the hell they want with it" argument is not a reasonable point of view
          • We've paid for a game. We haven't paid for the right to dictate how that game should be made. Demanding they make changes because we don't like the story isn't reasonable either

            It's possible that working on multiple games at once could the root of the issues we are seeing in Walking Dead. But that would need to be proven and not just with speculation. As the issue the root of the issue is just easily caused by the change in their focus to make shorter episodes.
            • It's not about that. People are suggesting changes that could make the story stronger because Telltale is inexplicably making the overall season's story weaker. So we are thinking up suggestions to make it better. Personally I am not suggesting changes because I don't like the direction of the story. I could care less where they go with the story, BUT IT HAS TO MAKE ME GIVE A CRAP.
              • People are suggesting changes which they believe would make it stronger. That doesn't mean those changes would make it stronger. I personally believe the story has been weaker in season two but I'm also well aware that this just my opinion.
                • True, suggestions to change the story really are just "this is my opinion of how the story would be better". But wasn't that the point of using the episodic model? So fans would have the chance to say "This is my reaction" and then the writers can be like "k so we have to do this to make it better"
                  edit: my comments are always cut off at the end >.
  • This is the best thread I've seen since the forum changed.

    Thank you.
  • I remember watching Telltale's staff interview on YouTube, they talked about season one's episode three...they said that middle episode is the big "Game Changer".

    This episode was just...incomplete.There was missing something...but I don't know what: twists, brutal deaths, betrayals, secrets!! They could've used S1 EP3 example and added more things like hostage situations or forced choosing sides...and Carver's death in my opinion was way too early(I thought he was gonna spill the beans about the cabin group) I don't know if Telltale did that just because the fans wanted Carver dead or be killed by Kenny...Also I saw a year ago that somebody made fanart of Kenny wearing a eye patch on his left eye...I don't know if TTG did that for the fans too.

    This episode feels rushed...
  • I don't know if I dare to say it but Telltale Games are losing their shine. They are way in over their heads with hype and fame with Borderlands and Game of Thrones. It seems they want to rush The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us out on the market to leave room for their future projects. If this continues the results will be disastrous for our two dearest titles.

    Why am I even posting this; Telltale are never going to bother reading this anyway. :/
  • Even though I really enjoyed episode 3, you do make a lot of excellent points and I agree for the most part. They either need to hire a lot more employees or just work on one game at a time and focus and put all of their energy towards that one game. I can see they are starting to become this greedy company who cares more about money than about how the fans actually feel about the quality of the game (Call of Duty devs, I'm looking at you.) And I understand that they want to make more money, who wouldn't? But if they keep working on multiple games like this, the quality of each game will suffer and less and less people will be buying their games. Quality > Quantity
  • Problem is, the episodes are getting more simple, but they are as linear as Season One was. Hell, they could, at least, give us some branches, huh? But we all know what will happen in the end: all determinants ends up dying
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