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Luke or Kenny ??

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if you get an option to save one .... whom will you save ?? ( other person dies obviously )
  • Kenny. You know Kenny will risk his life for you, so shouldn't you do the same? Plus, you barely know Luke anyhow...
    • yeah that'll be my choice too ;-)
    • I agree. I feel like Kenny has proved himself trust worthy and genuinely cares for Clem considering the journey they undertook together in the first season. Luke hasn't really done much to help us.
      • and luke may turn his back on us but kenny will never break our trust
        • "luke may turn his back on us"

          Just like how he didn't go through hell and back to get to Carver's camp and rescue us when he could have just walked away?
          • All the good that did us, huh? :P He didn't rescue us.
          • yeah he did risked his life but kenny saved us ...... luke's plans are dumb
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              InfiniteDawn BANNED
              Actually, Kenny's plans are. He didn't even think it through. Luke's was to wait for an opening, instead, Kenny's was to go through a herd of walkers. Like Rebecca said, "If then plan is just a stroll through a herd of walkers, then from the jump you should know that's a bad idea".
              • not that dumb compared to luke .... they managed to put zombie blood and escaped but what is luke's plan to get their headsets or whatever which is the dumbest
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                  InfiniteDawn BANNED
                  Actually, it was Jane's plan to cover themselves in walker blood. Not Kenny's. Kenny's plan was to just walk through a herd of walkers while drawing them to the hardware store. Luke's was safer. I don't think anyone would've died in Luke's plan. In Kenny's plan, it was bound to fail.
                  • " don't think anyone would've died in Luke's plan" Such a good plan with a sneaky leader!, that's why Carver captured him!. Ahaha, if it wasn't for Kenny's quick action I bet Carver would've killed Luke in front of everyone.
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                      InfiniteDawn BANNED
                      Luke getting caught didn't have anything to do with the plan. He even states "I was hungry, and I got reckless trying to steal some food, and I got caught." He was just hungry, tired and thirsty. Everyone would have done the same thing for food. So tell me, where did Luke state that his plan was to steal food in order to save the group? No where? Then don't bring up bullshit points.
                      • Forgot the part where I said "Sneaky leader"? When you consider a plan, you also have to take into account the person who's behind it and the one doing the execution of it. Luke isn't fit to lead. He's not THAT tough! I can tell you right now, any person with basic survival skills would've not done what Luke did, get reckless and try to steal some food when the situation is so dire and complicated. Luke should've known better but then again, it seems things have been pretty easy on him resource wise, and he's not used to pass day or two without a bite. Anyways, his plan was bound to fail! what? wait for an opening? with Carver still around and tons of armed people guarding every corner? and then what? how would they get out of here? there wasn't any strategy behind! pppf don't make me laugh,it was a terrible plan.
                        • I love both Kenny and Luke. But honestly, Kenny's plan was terrible. Walk through a crowd of 2-3 thousand zombies, without any protection what so ever isn't smart. Luke's plan was decent. Wait maybe a few nights then escape. But, I think the whole "walk through thousands of zombies wearing their blood" plan was okay, other then Sarita getting bitten and Carlos dying. But, what's done is done and all we can do is move forward.
                          • If you think about what happened in season 1, Kenny would know a thing or two about running from a horde of zombies and living to tell about it. Anyways, I already explained why I believe Luke's plan was bound to fail, so I won't repeat myself. Regarding the "walk through thousands of zombies wearing their blood" accident, it was Sarah's fault for calling the zombies's attention. I understand though, Sarah's condition is not the best, but she did it regardless. Her screamings is what made the zombies attack everyone, Sarita did her best to protect them and so did Bonnie. I believe if it wasn't for Sarah, they could've been succesful in their scape.
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                              MindWeb BANNED
                              Wait, what?! Carver's group shot Carlos, and he screamed out as he died, then Sarah screamed, which is a perfectly rational reaction TO SEEING YOUR FUCKING SINGLE FATHER BEING EATEN ALIVE! Plus the fact that she seems to have some sort of anxiety problem and you can easily see that it's not her fault that she reacted that way! People blaming Sarah are morons because she doesn't know what else to do! She couldn't think straight because she was so shocked and couldn't believe what was happening! Carlos screamed and died, Sarah screamed, the walkers came towards her and Clementine and THEN the others in the group started shooting, which drew the walkers towards them.
                              • That's exactly why I understand Sarah, but that doesn't mean that what happened didn't happen. I hate comparing characters, I really do, but I think this time is neccesary. Let's take a look at Clementine when she was 9, end of episode 5. She saw her dead parents, the ones she was looking for for months and she was shocked, but didn't scream or ran to them, no, she kept her cool and then dragged Lee to a secure place even though she was broken. Sarah, in the other hand, while having problems I don't understand because they've been implied so far ("will cease to function", getting upset at the cabin, "I can't breath!", not working with the berries, etc) but no confirmed. Anyways, she clearly has some sort of impediment, but that's exactly what makes her a nuisance in such a situation. I'm sorry for saying it like that, and I love Sarah to bits,I help her as much as I can and I think she's adorable, but from a realistic point of view considering the situation, that's what she is right now.
                                Pay attention, Sarah was stiff, gripping her first anxiously and breathing quickly. If you want to scape you must act like one of them, but Sarah did not which called a female zombie attention that kept looking at her. Upon realizing that, Carlos asked for your help while Sarah whimpered in the background and that's when it went downhill. If you think strategically, extremely hard and crude, though. Sarah is not capable of this and it's obvious, it's her dad after all. I wouldn't be able to do it either but...Carlos getting eaten was the perfect chance they had to create a distraction and scape, but her screams of anguish is what made all hell break loose, then the attacks began and the shooting too. I repeat, I'm not blaming Sarah 100%, it was something she couldn't control but she did it regardless and it was because of her that this happened :/ it's a FACT as muh as you and I might hate it.
                                *sorry for my english urhr
  • what will be your decision ??
  • Kenny. His bountiful beard will keep us warm in the winter.
  • I feel we need more time with Luke.
  • I always liked Kenny, he was my best friend in Season 1 and I was really happy when he showed up in Season 2, but he had his moments in S1 so I think it's better focus on the new characters, plus, I already sat with Kenny back at the ski lodge, so yeah, I would choose Luke.
  • Luke.

    He is younger and more healthy physically than Kenny. I chose Duck and Nick for those reasons in similar circumstances. As an added bonus, Luke also is more mentally healthy than Kenny
  • To be fair, Luke was kinda useless in this episode.

    Kenny's plan is the one that worked, after all.

    What good did stealing the walkie talkies do, besides getting Kenny beat up?
    Kenny's plan, on the other hand, got them outta there.
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    Kenny lost an eye for Clem, I'm with him to the end.
  • Kenny. There were a lot of times I was annoyed at him. I thought he was an asshole and a dumbass. But after what happened... Getting nearly killed and losing and eye because of Carver so that he wouldn't hurt Clementine... Kenny and ONLY Kenny (The Biggest Bro For Life)
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