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Limozeen game help

posted by Natey9 on - last edited - Viewed by 984 users
How the heck am I supposed to get 50,000 points?!?!
Whoever has, how did you do it?!?!:confused::confused::confused:
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  • Uh, You play the game... Lose a bunch of times, learn some tricks on how to play while doing it... get agitated, go to bed... and then get 70,000 points on your first try when you pick it up the next evening.

    Or, at least thats how I did it... (An unexplainable cheat glitch helped me reach the 250,000 score, which probably set some kinda record in the process.)
  • At first it seems like it might be nigh impossible, but you may notice that each saved Babelian and each destroyed Nebulon is worth progressively more points as the levels continue.
    By the 7th level, the Babelians are worth around 1000 points apiece. So, while the levels do get progressively harder, it gets progressively easier to score points.
    Depending on how many Nebulons you shoot (and how many you let escape with a living Babelian) you should be able to score 50k points by getting mid-way through level 7.

    One thing I hadn't really paid attention to was whether or not you lose points for shooting "hostage" Babelians, and whether or not it changes the number of points you lose for letting a Nebulon escape with one.
  • Stupid Videlectrix....
    For some reason I like Limozeen's Hot Bablien Odyssey more than BotB itself.
    Still stuck right under 100k, need more!
    I think this is the best minigame of the 3 so far, and it's gonna be hard for them 2 mustachioed dimwits to top themselves.
  • Rats, no secret code if you earn all the manual pages? Oh well. =/
  • Since the difficulty maxes out at lvl 5, if you get to lvl 50 you can win just by getting a single babelien but it would still be as easy it was 40 lvls earlier.
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    Will BANNED
    The difficulty does not max out at level 5. It definitely keeps getting harder.
  • Really? Well at least the amount of babeliens you have to rescue stay the same.
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    Will BANNED
    Ah, well that's true. But the game definitely keeps getting faster and harder.
  • Yeah, I didn't get any farther than 7, so I couldn't really tell other than by that.
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