This bothered me in episode 3

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All the determinant characters. They. Do. Nothing. I've already been to a thread talking about how Nick got no screen time, and all he did was talk about Luke, and how Alvin basically argues with Kenny, agrees with Rebecca, gets beaten up, and dies. But what really grinds my gears is all the 400 days characters. BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT YET. I had everyone except Shel come with Tavia, and maybe Shel gets a huge role, I dunno, but basically Tavia and Bonnie get huge roles, as they all come with you, and then it's downhill from there. Wyatt passes by you once and says 2 lines, basically saying "Carver will get mad if you don't go fast", Russel leans against a wall and says like 3 words which I don't remember, and during the scene when you steal the radio, Vince scolds Tavia for smoking. I know it's unimportant, as I loved the episode, but this part lowered the score by 3 notches, it bothered me that much.


  • I completely agree.
  • I've seen Shel and its a little back and forth between her and Becca. So not much

    I wish they had played a larger role but Honestly I think its just a nice little thing for people who played the DLC, That they either show up or not a little way to show your actions had a little impact.

    Also in reality in season 1 the determinant characters never did anything either. Carley/Doug had to be there one way or another so they dont count. Ben did more or less the same as season 2
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