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GASP! Secret Shirt V.2.0!

posted by Shambling Corporate Poster on - last edited - Viewed by 213 users
So as you know, in Episode 101, if you jump of the end of the Space Time Defying-Photo Booth three times, you end up on the flipside.

Then, if you walk underneath where the door is located on the flipside, you wear a yellow shirt which has the head of some sort of beaver, chipmunk, animal of some sorts, most likely from W & G.

Now, go ahead and try this in Baddest of the Bands. Go Ahead. I'll wait...

tah tee tum ... DONE? Good, now look at your new shirt.

Unfortunatly, I didn't have the time nor Not-Lazziness ability to take a pic of this shirt when I first Found it.

If someone could post a pic of this secret shirt, it'd be great. (Yes it Exists. I think)
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