Your Top 5 Season 2 Characters so Far...

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No order. Who are your 5 favorite characters, as of Ep3 In Harm's Way (Who is alive)? Let's not count Clem cuz she's the protagonist and is technically us

1. Kenny
2. Luke
3. Nick
4. Bonnie
5. Jane


6. Mike


  • 1. Kenny
    2. Mike
    3. Bonnie
    4. Jane
    5. Nick

    I didn't include Clem, because I feel like that would be saying I'm my favorite character.
  • 1. Clem
    2. Kenny
    3. Luke
    4. Jane
    5. Mike
  • 1. Clem
    2. Nick
    3. Kenny
    4. Pete
    5. Luke

    Shout out to Alvin.
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    In no particular order:
    1. Nick
    2. Rebecca (I like her sassy attitude)
    3. Kenny (obviously)
    4. Luke
    5. Bonnie

    6. Jane
  • That's true, I'm gonna change that and take Clem off my list :)
  • Yeah, now that I think about it, that kind of seems a bit narcissistic. I think I'll change mine too.
  • 1. Bonnie
    2. Kenny
    3. Mike
    4. Luke
    5. Rebecca
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    1. Kenny - He was just that brilliant in Episode 3. I won't go into too much detail about this since I already made a discussion about it, but Kenny felt like a new Lee at points in Episode 3.

    2. Walter - One of the most likeable characters this entire franchise has ever made. His optimistic personality and the fact he will save Nick even for what he done to Matthew (even though it's up to you to let him know he's a good person) is just amazing. Any other person in this world would likely let Nick die.

    3. Nick - Relatable screw-up character. Unlike Ben, he faces his fears and is a very, very honest person.

    4 Luke - Nice guy who is very dependable and hard working and reliable (despite what happened in Episode 3, I never blamed him for that happening though). Plus he uses a machete, machetes are always cool.

    5. Pete - The only person I trusted when I first met everyone at the cabin.

    And if I could include Clementine, she would easily take the Number 1 spot.

    Here was the post where I talked about Kenny, just remove the brackets and that:
  • 1. Clem
    2. Kenny
    3. Nick
    4. Luke
    5. Bonnie

    Pete (he had memorable funny lines)
    "We're in a shit sandwich stacked this high and you're acting like a goddamn government regulator?!"
  • My top 5 characters so far (no particular order and not including Clem) are:

    1. Kenny

    2. Luke

    3. Bonnie

    4. Rebecca

    5. Mike/Jane (gonna cheat here because I like them both the same)
  • These are not in order.

    1. Kenny - Kenny has been a favorite of mine since Season 1, I think I like him better this season. He now has a damaged eye and a bandage over it. Reminds me of my favorite character of the TV Series. RIP Philip Blake =(

    2. Luke - I didn't care for him in Episode 1, but Episode 2 is when he got cool. I was rather surprised with myself because I was actually happy to see him when he first appeared in Episode 3.

    3. Carver - I love the aggressiveness and brutal intentions of his, that's one of the main reasons he is one of my favorites. He actually made a few valid points that I could agree with in Episode 3, makes things a bit more relatable for me.

    4. Troy - Something about his dickish attitude and harsh personality makes me really like his character. He says plenty of funny lines, and even if they're not even supposed to be funny, he says them in a way that makes them funny, for me anyways. One example is when he noticed Kenny wasn't tied up at the beginning of the episode, he is like "What the fuck? Come here!" I thought that was funny.

    5. I don't think I have a 5th favorite for this season, (It would be Clem but I can't add her).
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    1. Michelle
    2. Sam's bite
    3. Troy
    4. That sick ass walker that was in the shed on episode 1
    5. Troy's rifle butt
  • The whole Troy part made choke on my rice pilaf. Very good.
  • 1. pete

    2. clementine

    3. kenny

    4. nick

    5. carver
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    1.Kenny(I don't think this needs much explaining.)
    2.Pete (I MISS UNCLE PETE.)
    3.Carver (awesome bad guy.)
    4.Jane (badass, and I love her hair.)
    5.Nick (I really sympathize with much as I'd like to be a badass like Kenny, I feel like I'd be a lot more like him in an apocalypse.)
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    I know this is my own personal opinion and all, but I hated Troy's guts. I found him the most despicable character in the Telltale TWD to date. And that's saying quite a bit when we have the St. John's, Larry, the Stranger and Carver. He just had this aura of hatred around him that made me really dislike him more than most characters of this series. I liked him more when he kept his mouth shut.

    Funnily enough, he's voiced by Owen Thomas who voices one of my favourite TWD characters, Omid. Rest in Peace pal.
  • 1. Kenny
    2. Luke (for not being a traitor)
    3. Jane
    4. Rebecca
  • 1) Kenny, because he's a new father-figure to Clementine.
    2) Luke, because he seems to care for the overall welfare of the group.
    3) Nick, because he's very protective of the group.
    4) Carver, because I genuinely hated him for what he did to the group.
    5) Pete, because he was the only one who fully trusted Clementine when no-one else would.
  • 1. Kenny
    2. Nick
    3. Pete
    4. Mike
    5. Carlos
  • 1. Pete
    2. Mike
    3. Kenny
    4. Nick
    5.Hank. JK. Probably Bonnie.
  • 1. Kenny

    2. Alvin

    3. Russell

    4. Walter

    5. Carlos
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    1) Hmm.. this is kind of a tough one. I feel inclined to choose Luke even though I felt indifferent towards him until Episode 3, then it hit me that I actually really liked him. Gotta give the guy credit for being able to go 2 days without food, water, or sleep while running after Carver's truck.

    2) Sarah, she reminds me of myself in some ways, with the anxiety and inability to cope with stress and negative situations. I know a lot of people dislike her for those traits, but I personally find it difficult not to empathize with her for them. I comforted her every chance I got, and I'm interested in seeing where her character will develop now that Carlos is gone. #ProtectSarah2k14

    3) Bonnie's a close third favorite. I really liked her in the 400 Days DLC and I'm glad she turned out to be on Clem's side. She got a lot of screentime and interaction with Clem in Episode 3, which I was pretty happy about. I'm a sucker for compassionate characters.

    4) Pete, at first he seemed like the only trustworthy guy in the cabin group, shame that he didn't live past Episode 2. He reminded me a lot of Chuck, with some Lee thrown in there too. R.I.P. Pete.

    5) TTG did a great job establishing and developing Nick's character. I sympathized with him too, not everyone has the strength to keep moving in tough times. He was honest too, and I highly value that trait.

    Honorable mention to Sarita, Rebecca, Carlos, and Mike. Mike might make it into my top 5 as the story progresses, but I don't know enough about his character just yet to say for sure. He seems like a decent guy so far.
  • 1. Nick - I like him especially because he is a believable, likable character. He feels human and makes mistakes, but he actually has the courage to go and apologize for what he did and recognize it was wrong. I just hope he doesn't die in episode four.


    I know he will. He better do something other than agreeing with Luke this time, though(I want to talk to HIIIMMM).

    2. Mike - Alright, I just finished replaying this ep and I found out that... I really like Mike! He seems cool, helped us and he is basically the type of character I like. Plus, second time we saw him, he was fighting Kenny. What a great way to meet him, huh.

    3. Luke - Okay. The moment someone grabbed us while we were coming back from the room, I recognized him immediately. And since that scene, I've been liking him more, because he is actually showing flaws and seeming more believable. I'm still pissed at him for not giving a fuck about Nick dying (if you let Nick die, he doesn't even mention him or asks what happened)(FRIENDS FOR 20 YEARS AND YOU DON'T GIVE A FUCK), but I will pass it as a mistake from the writers for now. If in episode 4, he starts treating Nick like a kid again(or not giving a fuck about him dying), that's it. Part of me may still like him because of the brotherly moments with Clem, but he will go down on my list.

    4. Rebecca - I don't really hold any grudges for episode 1, and she's been good since then! I'm sad because what happened to Alvin, though. He was a good man and Rebecca is good too. We just met her in a bad day.

    5. Bonnie - She may have been a little too trusting, but she is a good person. I liked when she gave the #WARMPUFFYRAINBOWS jacket to Clem, it was so cute :3
  • 1. Kenny
    2. Pete
    3. Luke
    4. Nick
    5. Bonnie
  • 1. Kenny and Luke
    Tied for first - still counting them as two characters, though, obviously.
    Kenny was my favorite from season 1, and while he seems different for sure, I still love him and he's done what his best to protect Clem this episode especially. A little shaken from what he's seen maybe, but I don't mind - he's still Kenny, and he still cares about Clem.
    Luke is my new favorite for sure, and before this episode I might have even trusted him more than Kenny. (I know his judgment was impaired this episode, but it still was enough to make me doubt him just a tad.) Still, he seems like a genuinely good and honest guy and I really admire his loyalty - I don't know that I could have followed the group on foot for that long without sleep or food like he did. I just hope to god he isn't bitten or sick.

    3. Rebecca
    I disliked her as much as the next person first episode, but she's really redeemed herself. Last episode I didn't really love her, but now, especially having seen how caring she acted towards Sarah and Sarita (and Clem too, of course!) I really find myself liking her quite a bit. She's a kind woman, I think, even if she's got a bit of a temper. She reminds me a bit of Christa, but I think I actually like her more - she seems just a little bit nicer.

    4. Troy
    I know, I know, I'm sorry. I know he's a jerkass, but he was still an interesting character, and while I hated him on my first playthrough I found myself growing to like him just a little and feel sorry for him the next time around. He seemed like a jerk, sure, but not pure evil like Carver (he did save Clem, and most of the time, though he did seem to enjoy it, just seemed to be acting on orders.) I have complex feelings for him to be fair; I hate the guy as a person but I like him as a character at the same time. If that makes sense? When I put myself into the shoes of Clem, I hate him, but when I allow myself to step back and become distanced from the game and see it for just a game, I really do think he's a cool character.

    5. Bonnie
    I don't really have much to say here except I found it cute how much she seemed to come to care for Clem. I think Bonnie's a good person, despite what she's been forced to do living under Carver's rule. Plus, she got Clem that amazing jacket, hahaha.

    Honorable mentions: Mike and Nick.
  • 1. Bonnie - I liked that they initially painted her as a naive woman on the wrong side, but gradually made it apparent that she couldn't help but sympathize with Clementine against Carter. Bonus points for being the only 400 Days character Telltale apparently gives a shit about.

    2. Nick - Because his life is determinant, we're seeing less of him now, but I can't help but like this guy. He's a little pathetic, but he's a very humane character. His line about the beds being uncomfortable made me happy. It'll be a shame if/when Telltale eventually forces this guy to kick the bucket, though part of me can't help but want him to simply split off and leave the group if we absolutely have to get rid of him. He doesn't deserve to die!

    3. Rebecca - She kind of sucked at first, but she has a really intriguing story. She's lost a lot and still seems very strong and determined. I hope we get to learn more about her before the end of the season.

    4. Luke - I liked him way more during the last episode (he didn't have much to do this time around) but he's clearly a stand-up guy. Too bad I couldn't manage to get him some food before he effed-up our initial escape plan. I'll take him over Kenny any day of the week.

    5. Jane - Don't know much about her yet, but it's always nice to see a very smart, tough, capable, independent woman in the game. She reminds me a bit of Molly, I suppose. I'm glad she shot Troy's dick off. It'll be nice to see what role she plays in the next episode.

    32. Kenny - 32 characters have appeared on-screen in Season Two of The Walking Dead, and Kenny is my 32nd favorite. I was so surprised to see him at first that it filled me with happy feelings, but once he started bickering with everyone for control, I got sick of him. I honestly wish they hadn't brought him back this season, because it just makes me dislike his character more than I did in Season One (he had an excuse in Season One--he was first defending and then mourning the loss of his family... now, he's just an argumentative dick because he's naturally an argumentative dick).
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    1. Kenny - He was my third favorite character in season 1. Kenny has gone through so much character development. He cares so much about protecting Clem. He's a strong guy, and well, he's Kenny.

    2. Pete - He was the only one who trusted Clem as soon as she told her story (even Luke had his doubts). He is a great fighter. He selflessly sacrificed himself for Clem. He truly loved Nick.

    3. Nick - He was man enough to admit he was wrong to both Clem, and Walter. He has a very interesting personality. I hope he survives for a while.

    4. Bonnie - She seems to feel bad for her past actions, and I'm glad to have her in the group. I hope we find out more about her past, she talked about being a drug abuser in 400 days, and I sort of hope we find out about how Leland found her.

    5. Mike - Seems to be a good guy and I trust him. His personality is funny, and I hope his story is explored more in ATR.

    Honorable mentions - Luke, Carlos, Russell, Jane, Shel, Christa
  • 1.Carver by far.

    Others I like in no order, Luke, Mike, Troy, Kenny and Carlos.
  • Out of the ones still alive

    1. Kenny
    2. Sarah
    3. Christa (she's alive damn it)
    4. Bonnie
    5. Jane

    runner up
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  • 1. Nick - Wonderful and realistic characterization. He feels really genuine and I sympathize with and relate to Nick a lot. Underneath the callous of parental abandonment and low self esteem and the horrors of the zombie apocalypse, he's a very sweet and honest person. Him being cast aside in Episode 3 broke my heart.

    2. Bonnie - Really warmed up to her in Episode 3. She's such a genuine sweetheart but at the same time is ready to kick ass, and she had lots of funny lines (I thought it was really cute how she called Clem "city mouse"!). A lot of people lose their humanity, but Bonnie is still such a hopeful and pure person at heart. I want her to be Clem's surrogate mom if Christa doesn't come back. Or maybe they can both be Clem's moms together.

    3. Sarah - Best friend since the beginning. She got a huge focus in Episode 3 and I appreciate it a lot. As a meek person with severe anxiety, I was a lot like her at fifteen. I hope she can grow strong and come into her own, because that would mean a lot to me.

    4. Rebecca - We all hated Rebecca at the beginning, but damn, did I sure have a change of heart. She can be stone cold when she needs to be, but she's got a lot of heart. You can see that when she held Sarah and comforted her when she was scared. She's a strong woman and a survivor and I really hope she makes it through the childbirth.

    5. Pete - RIP best Uncle I love you best uncle I love you Uncle Pete.

    Honorable mention: Jane, for shooting Troy's cock off. Nice.
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    1. Clem
    2. Clem
    3. Pete
    4. walter
    5. Jane
  • 1.Sarah
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  • 1.Luke
  • Kenny
    Carver (everybody literally hate him but guess what,i'm not really)
  • Easy.

    1. Clem - Obviously!
    2. Nick - His character is pretty well developed, and I really like it. Shame the idiot new writer underused him in EP3.
    3. Luke - I also Really like how his character is being developed. I hope the idiot new writer doesn't change him.
    4. Bonnie - I like the way she is and how she reminds me a bit of a hybrid between Lilly (From game) and Andrea (From TV Series).
    5. Kenny - Because its kenny.

    Did I mention that I hate the new writer with a fire burning passion?
  • 1. luke
  • I didn't say clem because I am clem .
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