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Season 3 concerns...

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So first off we don't even know if there will be a season 3 but I hope soo much that there is. And if there concern is will we play as Clementine? Its too early to answer because we don't exactly know Clems fate right now or whatever but I really LOVE playing as Clem....I wanna continue to play as her. Its awesome
  • I say this every time... if Clem dies, then you might as well throw season 1 out the window. Besides it was based around her from the start.
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    TDMshadowCP BANNED
    We should be able to play as Clem in season 3, but season 4 we should get new characters.
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    Deceptio BANNED
    Well, we just have to wait. If Clem doesn't die in Episode 5, then we're obviously going to play as her in Season 3, if there is one. But I'm pretty damn sure there will be a Season 3.
  • i think we will play as clem in season 3
  • if they do a season three they need to have clem. THEY HAVE TO!!!! NO OTHER MAIN. the only way I can even think of playing with another character is if they let you play both, Clementine and the new character. I mean that be a cool Idea, its something new. and you don't have to keep changing stories to play the other character, just make certain times in the game where you get to play the characters at certain moments. I don't know but I just Want Clem alive, it would be too much of a waste to put us through such emotions we never felt in other games.
    • This ain't GTA!!! :D
      • I know but its something new. they need this franchise. and like I said I don't give a fuck if they don't put a new character that we can play along with clem. I just want to play Clem's story
        • The problem is, we'd probably end up just waiting for the Clem sections, then just bored when you're playing as the other character. The other character could be awesome, but no one can beat character development from 2 other games.
          • I don't know exactly why I mean, you really think that they can makes like or even love another character? I know they can and I was just suggesting since It would be something different they would like to try out. but like I said Clementine would HAVE to be there the story WOULD HAVE to still revolve around her. I mean if they do anything to clem, anything bad my heart would be too cold to even care about any new character. I would still play it but it would never reach the level of love I felt for lee and even less Clem
      • Telltale has had multiple characters in their games before.
  • I do think we will get a season 3 and the more and more episodes that pass by only makes me believe more and more we'll play as Clem.
  • Like i said in another thread:

    Take Season 2, now take Clementine out of it. The bathroom scene with Omid never happened and the episode starts with a new 15 year old protagonist and his/her caretaker at the campfire. From this point on everything in the story is exactly the same. Get bit, break in cabin, fix arm. Go to ski lodge, never meet Kenny, get caught by Carver. Do all the stuff you did in episode 3. Just by taking Clementine out, doesn't that story just seem incredibly boring to you? I don't see how i would get invested in this Season if it wasn't for Clem.

    Now looking at the drop of quality this season i seriously doubt they will ever be able to come up with something that can succeed Clementine. Vanaman once said something like "If Clementine doesn't work, the game falls apart. If i knew back then how hard this would be then i would have probably never worked on it"

    TL;DR : Clem = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    • Yeah, never thought about how the game would be if Clem was never in it. It's true that whenever I feel nervous while playing it's because I fear for Clementine's safety. Episode 3 really had me sweating and panicking nearly the whole time because I was incredibly afraid of Carver's ruthless behavior. He made it very clear that he wasn't afraid to hit Clementine when she replied to his comment about eavesdropping with "I know". He also threatened to hurt/kill her on several other occasions. But with Clementine out of the picture, I can't imagine caring very much at all. Of course, with how well written the episode was and how well portrayed Carver's character was, I'd still feel the pressure and the tension when lives were at stake under his violent shadow, but I felt remarkably, embarrassingly worried and anxious when Clementine was in danger. She really is the ticket to the series' success at this point.
      • Really? Have we been playing the same game? Clem is the last person you should worry about, not only is Clem practically Lara croft this season mixed with a little Dutch and Rambo. She is the protagonist so you know she can't die before the end of the story because we are her. Not to mention that telltale will want to avoid season two becoming a rehash of season 1 so it's doubtful that they would kill the protagonist again. The funniest thing about season 2 is that we still end up with the caretaker role even though we are not playing as someone protecting Clem since we are Clem protecting Sarah. This being the case I am far more worried about her and the other NCPs than I am about Clem as they can die at any time during the remaining 2 episodes.
        • Yes, really. I don't think of The Walking Dead as a video game when I play it. I don't think, "This situation doesn't scare me because even if Clementine dies I'll just try it again until I get it right." I take it very seriously. I take every life and death situation as it is; a situation in which Clementine will live or die. I don't even try to get into this mindset, it's just how I think when I play The Walking Dead. You might think it's stupid, and I'm sure it is to most gamers, but I can't convince myself that it doesn't matter when Clementine is danger.
        • Dying isn't the worst thing that could happen to her. You have to consider that.
        • I feel the same, I mean I decided to help Sarah even though she is fucking annoying, and when I helped her it felt kinda like Lee and Clem, only this time Clem was the caretaker
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    billwilliams BANNED
    i liked a lot more playing as lee i like clementine but this should be a realistic game, clem isnt invincible, at some point she has to die, its apocalypse after all. and ofc clem fanboys would downvote me now
  • I just don't want her to die. If Telltale kills her off, there will be hell to pay!
  • I'm kinda have a hope and thinking locigally there would be 5 seasons. You know one season five epsiodes so totally 25 episodes + dlc. It's just my hope...
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