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Forum Of The Dead (Story Is Finished!)

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Welcome to the "Forum Of The Dead" interactive story!

In this thread, you guys will be the characters in a zombie apocalypse, similar to what Harpadarpa and Raging_Blades were doing(Harp left and stopped his) and you will get to vote on everyone's destiny by making choices like in TWD game when you pick an option. The story adapts to the choices you make, the story is tailored by how you vote, so choose wisely! I was going to do this around the same time Harp did his story, but since he started first I decided not to go with it, but since then, him and Raging have inspired me.


  • when I make my stories, I like to use audio sounds that pertain to my scene. For example if my scene takes place with people running and screaming, i'd go to youtube and search it. Then write my story and dialogues :). It helps bring out my imagination.

    What are y'all techniques you use when writting?

  • ComingSoon

    We had been driving for half a day, it was already late at night and we were almost back at the warehouse. I kept looking at the rear view mirror to make sure nobody was following us."Almost there, CS." Tobi said as we were nearing the warehouse.

    He kept his eyes on Noncy, and she just kept glaring at him. She looked pissed, I was wondering what was going through her mind."Finally, we're here." I said when we reached the street that led to the warehouse. As I made the turn out of the woods, I spotted a large horde of walkers in the parking lot."Holy shit!"

    "What is--" Tobi's eyes widened."Son of a bitch! They're scattered everywhere, head for the front door while we have the chance, quickly!" Tobi told me. He pulled out his walkie talkie."We need to make sure the others are in the warehouse." He said before talking through it."Everyone! We're heading into the warehouse, if anyone is still alive, this is Tobi. I'm coming back with my hunting crew. DO NOT FUCKING SHOOT!" He said.

    "Hang on, Tobi!" I said, and then put my foot all the way down on the pedal.

    Tobi turned the walkie talkie on again."For those of you behind us, follow CS and block the entrance with your vehicles!" He told them. I drove over to the double door entrance, and then took out my M4. Tobi took out his Model 41 and opened the door. He grabbed Noncy and aimed it at her."Get the fuck in there, hurry up!" He told her. I got out of the car and headed towards the door to open it. I held it open for Noncy and Tobi, and then waited for the other four guys to enter. I looked over at the parking lot and saw that the roamers were starting to head over to us.

    "Tobi's back!" I heard another guard say as I closed the door behind us.

    "Holy shit! Tobi!"

    "Tobi, yeah!"

    There were about twenty people still alive, all hiding inside the warehouse."Glad to see that a lot of you made it." Tobi told them."As you know, we were attacked about a week ago. Some people came in here and thought they could fuck with us. We found them earlier today, unfortunately things didn't go as planned. I was going to bring the people that escaped back here, so I could teach them a lesson. Our "guests" weren't having none of that, though. They weren't willing to give them up, and I had to try to negotiate with them. To my left here is Noncy. We were together before this whole world went to shit, many of you know that I was searching for her in the beginning of all this. It was fate that I found her back at the mansion where those people are. I gave them Gustav in exchange for her. Yes, I know what many of you are thinking, "Gustav, the fucking traitor!" I could have just killed him, but he's been a fuck up for quite some time now. I thought it would be best to just leave him with them. Like I mentioned earlier, things didn't go as planned. Noncy here thinks differently of me, and we had a little "accident." Some dog started charging at me, and I was forced to shoot it."

    "Fuck you, Tobi!" Noncy yelled out as two guards held her back.

    Tobi kept his focus on the guards and then smiled."I've seen the lurkers out there, to be honest, I wasn't expecting them when I came back."

    "They just showed up recently. This afternoon, to be precise. Some of us were outside, still patrolling the place and keeping an eye out. A large horde of walkers came out of the woods and we started shooting at them, after a short while we realized that it was useless. We grabbed the remaining weapons from the armory and decided to wait in here." A guard told Tobi.

    Tobi grabbed his chin and looked down."Hmm, I know what many of you are thinking. We're fucked, right?"

    "There's a lot of them out there, Tobi. We might not be able to escape." I told him.

    "No, CS. This is good." Tobi replied.

    "How is it good?" I asked him. Tobi turned to me with a smirk on his face...


    Everyone went inside after keeping an eye out for Tobi and his men. It seemed like he wasn't coming back, but we were still sure to stay careful. I was upstairs with Jewf, we were getting ready for the house meeting that Jon and Pro told us about. I was looking at the owl costume that I scared Jewf with when I first found it. Jewf walked into my room."Hey, you ready?" He asked.

    I closed the closet door and turned to him."Jewf... do we have to do this?"

    "What do you mean?" He asked.

    I looked down."Do we really have to go after Tobi. I want him dead as much as anyone here, but maybe we should all just stay here and hope for the best."

    "We can't do that, ATR. We have to kill Tobi. We have to make sure that fucker dies. He killed Gamer and Angel, and then he took Noncy. We have to get her back and we have to make sure he pays for this." Jewf told me with an angered look on his face.

    "I just don't want any of us to die... we're losing people, Jewf. Do you think it'll be worth it in the end?" I asked.

    "Of course it will be. We won't have to worry about that asshole coming back, and then we can continue expanding this place and making it better for all. That's what we all want, right?" He asked with his eyebrow raised.

    "I guess so... I'm just... I'm scared, Jewf. I don't want to lose anyone here... I don't want to lose you." I told him.

    Jewf's eyes widened, he looked down to the side and then back at me. He walked forward and lifted my head up with his hands. We stared into each other's eyes until he went in for a kiss. Our lips locked and I closed my eyes, it was like everything I was worried about went away. I felt peace, and I felt happy. After he was done, he leaned me closer to him and hugged me tight. I felt so safe in his arms. I had my ear on his chest."You hear that, ATR?"

    "Yes... your heart is beating rapidly. Are you scared, too?" I asked.

    "Yeah... but I think we should all stay strong, and just get this over with. I want you to stay here where it's safe, let me and the others take care of Tobi and his goons. Ain't no way in hell I'm going to let anything happen to you, ATR." He told me.

    "I'm glad you're here to make me feel better. I'm glad I have you." I told him.

    "Same here. Thanks for always being there for me and having my back. Everything that happened... you always had my back, just... just thank you." He told me.

    "Of course, Jewf. I'll always be there for you." I replied with a smile...


    Most of us were downstairs in the living room, getting ready for the house meeting. Valky was handing out some skittles that she found on one of our supply runs."Just call me the skittles queen! Skittles for all!" She said while joyfully handing them out.

    "Okay, is everyone here?" Jon asked.

    "I think Jewf and ATR are missing, they're still upstairs." CSB said.

    "Nope, we're here." Jewf said as he was walking into the living room with ATR."Damn this place is packed!"

    "Yeah, lots of people here." I told him.

    "Okay, so everyone is here now, correct?" Jon asked.

    "Yeah, go ahead, guys. You can start." Fan told Jon and Pro.

    "Start it off, Pro." Jon told him.

    Pro moved forward and looked at all of us."All right. So you all know that we're going to war with Tobi and his men. It's going to be very dangerous, and people are going to risk their lives here. I'm not asking you all to go if you don't want to, but I need people who are willing and able. I understand if you don't want to go and fight, you can stay here, it's okay. Hell, I would go out there and look for Tobi myself if I have to." Pro told us.

    "You won't have to do that. I'm willing to go, I'm ready to watch that scum die." Guilty told him.

    Jon placed his hand on Pro's shoulder."You know I have your back, man."

    "I'm going, too. You've taught us so much, and I'm ready to help you out whenever you need it." Puncake told him.

    "I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you. I'm ready to help you, Pro. It's time I repay the favor." Fan told him.

    "I'm helping as well, I have your back like you've had ours." Jewf told him.

    WtW stood up."Fuck, Tobi! I'm gonna rip his head off and shit down his neck! My grandfather stormed the beach at Normandy! I will not let what he did to me, to us! Go unpunished!"

    "Holy shit..." I heard DLB say.

    "That's the spirit. I'm glad that you guys are ready for this, we'll look after each other out there and make sure that we come back safely." Pro said with a smile.

    "I want to go too, I know I may be a little too young for this, but I want to help out. I want to make sure Tobi gets killed." Shadow said. He turned to Rafoli."Rafoli, I'm sorry for not accepting your apology earlier. I know now that you didn't mean to do what you did to CC. It still pains me... but I forgive you."

    Rafoli smiled."Thank you, Shadow. You can stick with me while we're out there."

    "You know I'm going. After Joe and Sardines... I have to go." Salt said.

    "I'm helping... I want to help." Gustav said.

    Pro turned to him."You can come with us, you helped these people escape, and I'm convinced that you truly want to help out."

    "I want to help out, too. Tobi isn't the same anymore... I think the only way this will end, is to finish him off." CiD told us.

    "That's right, if we ever want to expand this place and try to live peacefully, we'll have to get rid of Tobi first." Jon told us.

    "I want to help, but I think some of us that are experienced with weapons should also stay here, just in case." Shiina said.

    "I have no problem with that, some of us aren't as experienced as others. So that's a good idea, Shiina." Pro told her.

    "Well... I want Tobi dead. So I'm going with Pro and Jon." I told them.

    "Same here." Broken spoke up. She turned to AC."I want you to stay here, watch over the people who stay, okay? I'll be safe, so don't worry about me."

    AC frowned."Okay, Broken. Just be careful."

    "I'm not sure that Shadow should go, but if he does, you guys should keep an eye on him." Password spoke up.

    "I will, don't worry." Rafoli told him.

    "I'll go, too. I've gotten better with a gun, I'm ready to help out." CSB said.

    "Okay, then. That's half the people here. I think it's good enough." Pro said.

    "Wonder what Tobi is doing..." I said to myself as the others kept talking...


    "This is survival of the fittest! Only the strong will survive! The weak shall perish!" I shouted as I walked back and forth, staring at all my guards."They started this, and we're going to end it! They think they can just come in here and destroy what I built?! No! We're going to show them NO MERCY! They will pay for what they have done, we are stronger than them, we will survive this war!"


    "It's times like these where the only thing we can do is fight back. Tobi is power hungry, and is willing to do ANYTHING in order to get something that he wants. He doesn't care about you or me, he doesn't care about his people, he doesn't care about anyone or anything other than his own safety. I've known some of you a lot longer than others, and I know what some of you are capable of. All of you are gifted, you have the power in you to survive and to keep fighting no matter how difficult things may seem..."


    "I need all of you to fight! I need everyone to prepare themselves for what's to come! I didn't get a bunch of pansies in my group, I got people who are willing to do whatever necessary in order to survive this God forsaken world! Look around you, everything has gone to shit! If you're a pathetic weak willed individual, then you might as well die right now. Put a bullet in your fuckin' skull and end your misery! If you're not strong like me, then do yourself a favor and end your life, right here and right now! Don't fuckin' waste my time with your bullshit!"


    "We'll be heading out tomorrow. We'll strike at nighttime. We're going to put an end to this, we're going to make sure that Tobi never hurts anyone anymore. Too many people have already lost their lives, Tobi is just making it worse for those of us who are just trying to survive. I believe in all of you, I know we can get this done together. I'm not saying that it's going to be a walk in the park, people may die out there, you and I both know that. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure we come back with as much people as we can..."


    "This is it, people! This war will separate the weak from the strong, this will prove who has what it takes in order to keep living on. The weak will die, the strong will live. Have any of you ever wanted to protect something so badly? Like you would tear a man apart in order to keep that certain thing safe?! This warehouse, my community, we shall protect it with our lives! We are strong, we will survive. Do whatever necessary to make sure we keep this place up and running. In the end, we will be victorious..."


    "Tobi and his guards will be ruthless and unforgiving. We'll need to stop them all if we're ever going to be sure that this war will end. Work together and communicate with each other. Some of the people that are going already know what the inside of the warehouse looks like, so that'll help us out. We need to stick together and work as a team, we'll make sure we put an end to this. I just need to be sure that we're all in this together, we're a family, and we help each other. Even if some of us die out there, Tobi and his guards will never take that away from us." I told the group.

    "So is that clear, everyone? Is everyone absolutely sure that they are ready for this?" Jon asked them, and everyone agreed. He turned to me."So we have Me, Puncake, Fan, Jewf, WtW, Broken, Guilty, Salt, King, CiD, Rafoli, Shadow, CSB, You and Gustav... Are you sure these are the people you want to take with us?" He asked me...

    1) Not sure. Let's switch it around a bit.

    2) I'm absolutely sure. These are the people we're taking with us.


  • Markd4547

    (!) Drive off. I don't have time for this, I need to get to Tobi's.

    "Please! I'm begging you! I need your help, I need to get my baby back!" She said while crying.

    I looked around some more, and then back at the lady. I smiled."HAHAHA! Sorry, lady, but I have more important things that I have to take care of." I said, and then I proceeded to floor the pedal and drive off."Have a nice day!" I shouted as I drove past her.

    "You fucking bastard! I hope you fucking die for this!" I heard her say, I looked at the rear view mirror and saw her sticking her middle finger out. I didn't give a shit, tough. I needed to get to Tobi's place. I didn't need any distractions...


    (!) Try to help Romy.

    Time seemed to be going back to normal, I had to make a choice. I looked over at NDY one more time, and then back at Romy. I took aim. BANG! BANG! BANG! "Romy! Get out of there!" I shouted after killing three walkers behind him.

    "Motherfucker!" BANG! I heard a bandit and a gunshot, I turned and saw NDY dead on the floor, he had been shot in the head. The bandit who killed him turned to me and aimed his gun at me."Think you assholes can come in here and ruin our party?! Fuck you!" He shouted. BANG!

    "Look out!" I heard Romy's voice, before I could turn to him, I felt someone tackle me and then I hit the ground."Shit, that was close!" I looked in front of me and saw Romy. He got up and held his hand out.

    I saw blood on his white sweater and a piece of fabric torn off."Romy... your arm?"

    "No time for that, give me your gun, those sons of bitches just shot and killed NDY!" Romy looked infuriated. I handed him my handgun, and then he hid on the side of the tent."I see the machete guy, check the back, the other could be going around. I'm going to shoot this fucker." He told me.

    "Come on out, you pussies!" I heard one of them say.

    Romy got out of hiding and aimed the gun."Fuck you!" BANG! I heard the bandit scream after that."I got him, Latte. How's the back?!" He asked me.

    "He's coming! The other bandit is almost here!" I replied.

    "Shit! Here!" Romy said while getting ready to toss me the handgun.

    I held my hands out and then he threw it over. I was able to catch it and then quickly turned around to aim at the other bandit. BANG! BANG! "AGH!" I was able to kill him.

    "Shit! More walkers!" I heard Romy say. I looked over at the dead bandit and saw his gun on him.

    I turned to Romy."Romy! Catch!" I shouted and threw him my handgun.

    Romy caught it and then headed out to shoot the walkers that were closing in. BANG! BANG! "Latte! Come on!" He told me. I ran to the dead bandit and picked up his gun and ammo. I ran back to meet up with Romy.

    Once I reached Romy I started helping him out."Guys! Come on!" I heard Scarlet. I turned around and saw her near the front entrance with WTWH next to her.

    "Get the fuck out of there, guys! They killed NDY! We have to go! There's too many!" WTWH shouted as he started shooting at the walkers and bandits in front of us. BRATATAT! BRATATAT!

    "Guys, we have to go! I'll meet you up at the hill with Star and Juicy!" Scarlet shouted as she left.

    Me and Romy started heading towards the front, killing any walkers in the way. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! We were able to reach WTWH after a short while."Go on! Go with the others! I'll stay back and hold them off, gonna burn the rest of 'em!" WTWH told us.

    "What the fuck are you talking about, WTWH?! Where were you guys! They fucking killed NDY! Now you want to stay here and get killed as well?! And what the hell were you doing earlier, you almost burned us! Thought you said you had good aim!" Romy shouted.

    "Trust me, Romy. They're going to pay for what they did to NDY. And I was trying to get you guys to move, it was the only way I was going to get your attention. There were bandits heading your way and I had to figure out a way to get you moving. I tossed them near you guys, and it sort of worked. Give me a fucking break." WTWH replied with a serious look. He took off his backpack and grabbed a couple of Molotov's.

    "Shit, come on, Romy, let's go!" I told him.

    BANG! BANG! BANG! I looked up and spotted Juicy and Star at the hilltop, still providing cover fire. Scarlet had joined them as well."GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, YOU TWO! STOP WASTING TIME!" WTWH shouted at us.

    Romy looked back at the remaining bandits and walkers all around. More of them just coming back. He turned back to look at me."Let's go, Latte." He told me. I nodded and we both ran out the front entrance, Romy turned to look at WTWH one more time."Thanks, man..."

    We ran towards the woods and then started going up the hill to meet up with the others. BANG! BANG! "I'm almost out!" Star shouted as we approached them.

    "Hey, guys!" I shouted.

    They all turned to look at me and Romy."Latte!" Juicy said and ran up to hug me."I'm so happy you're safe!" She said.

    "Where were you, Scarlet?! NDY needed help!" Romy said.

    "I cut the back of a tent with my knife, I ran into a bunch of bandits that I had to fight off. By the time I was done, NDY was already dead. I saw WTWH heading in and I ran to meet up with him. That's when I spotted you two." She explained.

    Romy grabbed his head out of frustration."Goddamn it! This is so fucked!"

    "WTWH! NO!" Star shouted.

    We ran over to look at what was happening. All we saw was WTWH getting lit up with a barrage of bullets."Those fucking bastards! No!" Juicy yelled.

    "We should have helped him!" I said.

    "There was nothing we could do! We were low on ammo, and there's still too many of them... fuck!" Romy said.

    Star turned around ."Romy... what the fuck happened to your arm...?"

    "Was he bit?! Holy shit!" Juicy said with a shocked look.

    "No fucking way... Romy?" Scarlet said with her eyes wide open.

    Romy looked down at his arm."Yeah... happened back there, there was just too many of them. One of the fuckers sneaked up on me while I was shooting, I tried fighting it off, and I ended up getting bit in the arm. I was able to kill it, but I was too shocked to even think about anything else. That's when a walker grabbed my foot, and I tripped. I started moving back, yelling for help. That's when Latte helped me out. I was about to get surrounded and eaten alive by those freaks."

    "You were fucking bit, Romy! What the fuck?!" I said to him with an angered look on my face.

    "I was scared, man. I didn't want to die..." Romy replied.

    "NDY is dead because I tried saving you first!" I shouted.

    Romy got angry and then looked at me."Well maybe you should have fucking saved HIM first!"

    Star got in between us."Guys, guys, guys! Calm down! Fighting each other isn't going to solve anything!"

    "Star's right. We need to keep moving, the remaining bandits will be here any minute. We'll deal with Romy's situation later, but right now we have to go!" Scarlet told us.

    "She's right, come on, guys! Let's not fight each other, we have to get out of here before they catch up to us." Juicy said.

    "Up there, come on!" We heard the bandits as they started running into the woods to catch up to us.

    "Fuck! There's like ten of them left. There's too many for us to handle, we better go." Star said while running back.

    "Come on, people!" Scarlet said while running back as well.

    Me and Romy looked at each other, Juicy walked in front of me."Let's go." All of us started running back to the RV, we needed to get away from the bandits.

    Once we reached the camp, Star headed towards the RV. Scarlet kept a look out while we made our way over."I'm sorry about what happened to NDY and WTWH. Maybe this was a bad idea, it's all my fault... I shouldn't have dragged you guys into this." She said and then looked down.

    "This is no one's fault, Scarlet. We all agreed to this, and we all knew what might have happened. All we can do now is get away from them and try to survive." Juicy told her.

    Scarlet frowned, and then looked at me and Romy."Shit! We can't take the RV!" Star said while getting out.

    "What?! Why not?" Romy asked.

    "NDY had the damn keys. Unless one of you know how to hotwire a car, we're not going to be able to take that thing." Star told us.

    "Fuck! I forgot about that. Son of a bitch!" Romy shouted.

    "Salt123 knew how to hotwire a car... damn it." I said while shaking my head and looking down.

    "Look, just take everything that we can carry, and let's go. We don't have time to wait around here." Juicy told us.

    "She's right, just take everything we can, and keep moving." Scarlet said.

    I made my way inside and started taking everything I could, I noticed everyone but Romy helping. After I was done, I went back outside and saw him standing in the same spot. Looking out into the woods."Romy...?"

    "You guys go on without me. I'm dead anyway, might as well buy you guys some time." He said and then looked down at the handgun.

    "What?! No, man! We all have to leave, together." I replied.

    "Nah, this is the end of the line for me. I'll stay here and kill as many as I can. I'll buy you guys some time... just get out of here." He said.

    "Romy, no. We have to stick together..." Scarlet told him.

    He turned to look at her and smiled."Don't worry about me, you guys just stay safe, you hear?"

    "Romy, no..." Juicy said.

    "Romy... this is... thank you." Star said.

    "Romy, you can't fucking do this... not after what just happened. We just lost NDY and WTWH, we're not losing you, too!" I shouted.

    "Heh, thanks for saving me back there. I won't forget that, Latte." He replied.

    "We won't forget you, Romy... Thanks for all the laughs, brother." Star told him with a frown.

    "We have to go, but we can't just abandon you here and leave you for those asshole bandits. Romy, think about this." Scarlet told him.

    "Listen to her, we all have to leave!" Juicy told him.

    "Romy..." I said.

    "Already thought about it. I don't have much time left, no sense for me to go with you guys. I'm bit, it's only a matter of time before I turn and then kill one of you in your sleep or something. I have to do this... just go already. You guys are wasting time." Romy told us.

    "Come on, guys... we have to go." Star told us.

    "Romy, please..." Juicy said.

    Romy walked over to his bag and took out the bottle of vodka to start drinking it. He walked back over to look at the woods again. We could hear the bandits getting louder and closer to us."Heh, thanks for everything, guys. It's been a blast. Take care of each other." He told us. The bandits were about to be here any minute, we had to go, but Romy wanted to stay behind. He was bit, but we had to stick together. He was going to try to buy us time so we could escape, I was conflicted on what to do...

    1) You guys go on ahead. I'm staying here with Romy.

    2) Try to convince Romy to come with us.

    3) Okay, Romy. We're leaving you, like you want. Thank you for this.


  • ComingSoon

    Tobi was finally done with his speech and he headed to his office with Noncy, I didn't buy any of it, though. Tobi just wanted to keep his own Goddamn self alive, he was willing to sacrifice anyone in order to keep this place fully functional. I had my own motives, though. I knew that talking things out with the mansion people wasn't going to be an option, I was planning to escape during all the chaos. I just had to be very careful about it...


    (!) I'm absolutely sure. These are the people we're taking with us.

    Pro had made up his mind, and decided to take everyone that wanted to go and fight Tobi and his men. It was the next day and everyone was outside getting ready to say goodbye. I saw Jewf and ATR play fighting, Valky and Guilty hugging, Broken talking to AC, Sheep telling a few people about his brother SGK. Fan telling his brother Deceptio to stay safe, DLB and CSB sharing some snacks. Goust was telling everyone about what he did before the apocalypse, Password was smoking by a corner with Wanderer nearby. Pro, Jon, WtW were discussing a plan. Salt was with Twistee, Rafoli and Shadow. SweetPea was talking about her farmhouse and all the friends she had lost before getting here, Shiina was with Gary talking about a plan C. King was watching Gustav. Guetta came up to me."How's it going, best friend?" She asked.

    "Just kind of sad..." I replied.

    Guetta made a confused look."Why is that, Az?"

    I looked down."This may be the last time we see some of these people... we've already lost so many. I just want all the killing to stop."

    Guetta gave me a hug."This is the world we live in now. We can't do anything about it, except try to survive as best we can."

    "I know... but it's difficult, Guetta." I said.

    "When they finish off Tobi, we'll be able to continue building this place, making it better. Maybe we'll be able to live peacefully again, we just have to hold on to that hope." Guetta says.

    "I'll try, Guetta... I'll try my best." I tell her.

    Guetta turned around to look at the others."They'll be okay, we'll all be okay."

    "All right, everyone. It's almost time to go, so for those of you who are leaving with us, get any last minute ammo, supplies and snacks. Looks like there's a storm coming, so we'll try to get to Tobi's as soon as possible. It's already the afternoon, so if we leave now, we'll be there by night time." Pro told us. Everyone started getting ready, I saw Pro walking over to ATR and Jewf, he seemed to ask to speak to ATR in private.

    "Come on, Az. Let's go meet up with the others." Guetta tells me, and we walk over to them.

    "Shiina will be in charge while we're gone. Most of you have gotten to know her this past week, and most of you were with her before getting here. She'll try her best to protect you guys if anything happens." Jon tells us.

    Shiina spoke up."I know I'm probably not the best choice, but if you guys give me a chance, I'll do what I can."

    "I'm also leaving ATR in charge." Pro told us as he made his way over.

    "What? Why?" Jewf asked.

    "She's been here longer than some of them, and a lot of people trust her." Pro replied.

    "I'll keep my eyes on everyone like an owl, don't worry." ATR told us.

    "Okay, then. With that said, I think we should start heading out." Jon said.

    "Everyone has said their goodbyes, right?" Salt asked us.

    "Yeah, we're ready to go." Guilty replied.

    "All right, then. Let's not waste anymore time. Stay safe out here, people. We'll be back when we finish this. We'll make sure Tobi pays for everything he's done." Pro told us. Everyone that was going to Tobi's headed for Pro's SUV and Jon's pickup. We waved goodbye as they drove off, I guess they were really going to do this. I just hoped that everyone would make it back safely...


    Tobi had taken me into his office, he had me tied to a chair and he just stared out his window."Did you ever think we would end up here?" Tobi asked.

    "Don't talk to me." I replied.

    "Heh, I knew you had somewhat of a temper, but you don't have to act like a bitch." Tobi said as he walked over to me.

    "Well you're an asshole, so I'll act any way I choose." I said while glaring at him.

    "What's the matter? You can't stand me anymore? Have you not realized what we have to become in order to survive this new world?" He asks.

    "What? So you became just like the walkers? Just another monster? We didn't have to change who we are, we just have to survive." I told him.

    "Survive, exactly. But if you want to survive nowadays, you have to do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you live." Tobi told me.

    "Capturing people, torturing and killing them just to prove a point, killing an innocent dog, and going insane... Is that what survival is all about to you?" I asked.

    "Yes." He said with a smile."I will do whatever it takes to make sure I survive. That's what makes me strong, I'm the type of person this world needs, these people wouldn't last a Goddamn minute out there without me. They need someone who is willing to do anything and everything to keep them going. I'm this world's savior, I will be the one to bring this piece of shit world back to what it used to be." Tobi told me.

    "You're a piece of shit, Tobi. This world would be better off without you!" I told him.

    "Fuck you." He replied in an angered tone.

    "What's the matter? Are you finally realizing how much better off we would be without you constantly going around collecting and killing everyone?!" I tell him.

    "If I knew what a fucking bitch you were going to be, I would have left you back at the fuckin' mansion. You stop talking, right now!" He told me.

    "Who are you to tell me what to do? You don't fucking control me! I'll say or do whatever I please." I said to him.

    "You shut that fucking mouth of yours if you know what's good for you." He told me.

    "No. I will keep talking until you stop this bullshit. Just stop! This war doesn't have to happen, nobody has to die, we can all just try to live peacefully." I told him.

    "Those assholes came in here and killed Emu and Pur. Two of my best men! They stole almost all my workers, and shot my place up! You think we'll be able to live peacefully?! This shit will end when they all die!" He shouted at me.

    "Fuck you, Tobi! You're the one who needs to die!" I told him.

    "You fuckin' bitch..." He said and then grabbed my face."Never realized how much of a big fuckin' mouth you got on ya." He says.

    "Get your filthy hand off of me!" I shouted.

    "Haha, Noncy, Noncy, Noncy... I'm just trying to be nice, my dear. But you just keep yapping and yapping, why don't you just shut your fuckin' mouth already, huh?" He says with a smile...

    1) Spit in his face.

    2) Make me, you bastard!

    3) Say nothing.


  • Dark_Star

    (!) Okay, Romy. We're leaving you, like you want. Thank you for this.

    Latte was looking at Romy."Okay, Romy. We're leaving you, like you want. Thank you for this." He tells him.

    Romy looks back and smiles."Go on, guys. Get out of here." He turns his head back to look at the woods again."It's time to party with Spooch, Blue, Salt123, NDY and WTWH. We'll be rooting for y'all." He says.

    "Romy..." Juicy starts tearing up.

    "Okay, Romy... you made up your mind." Scarlet says and then walks up to him. She gives him a kiss on the cheek."Make sure you kill one of those fuckers for me." She tells him with a smile.

    "Thanks again, Romy... good luck, man." Latte tells him. He turns to look at me."Let's go."

    I nod my head and then look at Juicy and Scarlet."It's time, we have to go." I tell them with a sad look on my face. They make their way over and start walking ahead. I look at Romy one more time."Thanks, Romy. We'll keep you in our hearts." I tell him, I could hear the bandits closing in. Romy finished the bottle of vodka and then threw it on the ground. He aimed the gun towards the woods and then I turned to catch up with the others.

    I ran towards a dirt road where the others were waiting."Okay, we'll need to run for it. We can't let those bandits catch up to us." Scarlet told us.

    We started running down the dirt road to who knows where. Latte spoke up."Or we can finish the rest of them off, make sure they don't come after us."

    "I'm with Latte. I don't want to constantly look behind me or sleep with one eye open, worrying that someone might sneak up on us." Juicy told us.

    "We might be able to do that, but we'll need to find a place with lots of cover, that way we'll be able to ambush them." Scarlet told us.

    "I'm with whatever you guys want to do. I wouldn't mind killing the rest of those sons of bitches off, though." I said.

    BANG! BANG! BANG! "Fucking bandits! DIE!!!" We heard gunshots and Romy's voice in the distance.

    "There's one right there!" We heard an unknown voice.

    "Get that fucker!" Another person said.

    BRATATAT! BLAM! BLAM! BANG! BANG! BANG! POW! "AGH!!!" Everyone stopped and looked back, it sounded like Romy.

    "Holy shit..." Latte said.

    "He's... he's gone." Scarlet tells us.

    "We have to keep moving, they're right behind us..." I tell the group.

    "Damn it..." Juicy says.

    "Star's right, let's keep going. Fuck..." Latte says. We turn back around and start sprinting down the dirt road. We had no idea where we were going, but we had to get away from them. I was hoping that Romy at least killed one of them before dying.

    "Just keep going! We have to get away from them!" I shouted. We kept running and running, we were all getting tired. As we ran for about fifteen minutes, we spotted something in the distance."Look!"

    "A junkyard! Never thought I'd be happy to see one of those." Scarlet says.

    We got out of the woods and stopped to look at it."That's perfect. We can hide there, and then ambush them." Juicy tells us.

    "There's plenty of cars down there that we could hide behind or under. Lots of cover, too. They won't know what hit them. This is where we can make sure they won't come after us anymore." Latte says.

    "It's still night time, but it's not too dark out, the sun will be up in about an hour or two. This will be perfect." Scarlet said to us.

    Juicy started going through her backpack and took something out."What are you looking for, Juicy?" I ask her.

    "We still have some ammo left. We'll be able to take them if we do this." She replies.

    "Okay, so are we going to do this, or what?" Latte asks.

    "If we want to get rid of those bandits, then we'll have to do this." Scarlet replies.

    "It'll be the only way to be sure that we kill them all off." Juicy replies.

    "What do you think, Star? Do you want to do this?" Scarlet asks me. This may be our only opportunity to kill the rest of the bandits off, this was our chance to make sure we get rid of them and to be sure that we wouldn't have to keep running away from them. There was plenty of cover in the junkyard, it was the perfect spot for an ambush. I needed to make a choice...

    1) Say nothing.

    2) I'm not sure, let's just keep moving.

    3) Hell yeah, let's do this. We'll make sure we avenge our fallen group members.


  • Though I missed the vote, I am certainly satisfied at how my character died. Sacrificing himself for his friends. And getting a kiss from Scarlet.

    Mike: Romy here is a regular Casanova.

    LOL, ok so I might have tweeked Mikes' quote a little.

    "It's time to party with Spooch, Blue, Salt123, NDY and WTWH. We'll be rooting for y'all."

    That quote alone, man....Pro, much respect, bro.

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    Gustav_Kenny BANNED

    Hm... Prediction for the war...

    After Tobi is dead, Gustav will kill Lee off-screen, but Gustav won't return to the mansion and have an unknown status.

  • Markd4547

    After leaving the lady behind, I kept my focus on getting to Tobi's. A few hours had gone by and it was getting dark out. I noticed a few gray clouds in the sky. It was going to start pouring soon, I was about halfway to Tobi's now. There were a few roamers in the streets, but it was pretty empty. I was sleep deprived and hadn't eaten anything in about two days. I knew there was no time to stop, though. I had to keep going...


    (!) Make me, you bastard!

    I kept staring at Noncy, daring her to say something else."Make me, you bastard!" She shouted.

    I kept my smile and started laughing."Hahaha, you know what, Noncy? FUCK YOU!" I let go of her face and kicked her. She was tied to an office chair with wheels at the bottom so she went back and hit the wall.

    "Oof!" Noncy looked back at me."You fucking asshole!"

    I started walking towards her."And yet you still talk."

    "What are you going to do? Kill me?!" She asked.

    I got next to her and then looked out the window. All the lurkers still hanging around. I turned to look at her."Every man needs a woman that will be by his side, a woman that will keep him motivated and help him when ever he needs it. I brought you back here because I thought you were going to back me up one hundred percent of the time. But no, you keep pointing your finger and calling me the bad guy. I fuckin' decided to bring you back here, ignore all my other workers just so I could keep you safe!"

    "You're not the same! You've become a monster, Tobi!" She yelled.

    "You're just not used to the new me, you aren't seeing the bigger picture here. Wake the fuck up, Noncy! We need to become what we hate the most so we can fuckin' survive this thing! There are no more rules, this is just about survival of the fittest!" I told her.

    "I can't agree with you. What you're saying is bullshit!" Noncy said.

    I gritted my teeth."You're really starting to piss me off. I gave you a chance, but yet you keep going on and on. You said to make you shut up? Oh, don't worry about that, I'll make sure you never speak again."

    "So you're going to kill me, then? You wouldn't do that, you need me. You could use me as a hostage if anything, and you know that." She said with confidence.

    I smirked at her."Heh, honestly, I don't fuckin' need you anymore. You're ruining my focus here, and besides, you and I won't seem to work out anymore. I'm not going to kill you, though."

    "That's what I fucking thought, Tobi. You're all talk." She glared at me.

    I kept my smirk."Hehe, I'm not going to kill you... I'll let the walkers do me the favor." I said to her and then turned her around to move back.

    "What?! What are you doing?! Tobi?!" She yelled as I moved her back. I reached my table and then looked at the window. I took out my gun and shot at it. BANG! BANG! Shattered glass fell on the floor, and I put my gun away."Tobi! What the fuck?!" She said.

    "It's been real fun, Noncy. But I think this is where we part ways, have a nice... fall. Oh, and about your friends, imagine their faces when they find out that you're dead, hahaha!" I said to her.

    "Tobi! Tobi, no!" She yelled. I started pushing her forward and picked up some speed, I grabbed the bottom of the chair before reaching the window and then tossed it out with Noncy still tied to it."AHH! TOBI!!!" I heard her scream as she fell and then hit the ground.

    I was looking out the window as the walkers approached her, and then started eating and tearing her apart. The door opened and CS came running in."Tobi! What happened?! Are you okay?!" He asked.

    I looked back out the window."Everything's fine, CS. Everything's just fine, haha." I kept smiling the whole time as the walkers devoured what was left of Noncy.

    CS ran up to look out the window."Jesus..."

    "We weren't seeing eye to eye on things. Waste of time bringing her back here, but now it's done. The sun's coming up, we have a lot of work to do today, CS. No more distractions, we'll need to prepare ourselves for when those mansion people attack." I said to him and then started walking back.

    "Okay, Tobi... I'll tell the others to get ready." CS replied.

    "Good. We'll meet up in the first working area, don't keep me waiting." I told him as I walked out the door...


    "Holy shit..." I said under my breath as Tobi walked out the door. What the fuck was wrong with him? Why did he kill her? I knew Tobi was losing it, but this shit was way past psychotic at this point. I turned to look out the window, the walkers were feasting on Noncy's corpse. I wasn't even sure if staying here any longer would be safe. But there was a war coming, and we had to stop the mansion people before I would even think about trying to escape. I knew with everyone firing at each other, that it would be the perfect opportunity for me. I just needed to wait this out a bit longer...


  • Jewfreeus

    We were finally on the road to Tobi's. I was in the back of Jon's pickup with CSB, King, CiD and Guilty. Fan, WtW, Rafoli, Shadow, Puncake, Salt, Broken and Gustav were all in Pro's SUV. I kept thinking about ATR, she never left my mind. I was worried about her, but I knew that she would be safe back at the mansion. I was just hoping that I would be able to see her again and that we would be able to continue to live peacefully, if that was even possible in this new world. But we would try our best."Tobi will pay for all of this. We'll make sure he doesn't get away." CiD told us.

    "If killing him is the only way to stop us from fighting, then so be it." CSB said.

    "Tobi has gone too far, after we're done with him, we can go back to the mansion and relax. Valky will be waiting for me, and all the others will be waiting for you guys as well. We'll continue building the perfect place for us to live in, no more walkers, or people like Tobi to stop us. We'll make sure we try to live in peace." Guilty said.

    "Yeah, we'll do our best." King told us.

    "Don't worry, guys. We'll take care of this." Jon told us as we kept driving...


    "So... you guys ready for this?" Salt asked us.

    "Yeah, we HAVE to be ready, we really have no other choice. WE have to end this today." I replied.

    "I'm scared... but I'll try not to get in anyone's way." Shadow told us.

    "As long as you stick with me, you'll be okay." I told him.

    "My brother told me that he misses our dad Randomz... Heh, I told him that I did, too. Before leaving, I said that I would be back before he knew it, I just hope he hangs in there." Fan told us.

    "He'll be okay, you'll see. I told AC the same, to not worry, and to stay strong. We'll go back to them after this is over." Broken told him.

    "Angel... She was such a good dog... Tobi will pay dearly for this. Once I get Noncy back, we're going to escape with all of you, we will get through this." WtW told us.

    "Ain't no way that sonuvabitch will get away with this shit. We're going to rip that fucker's head off for what he did." Puncake said.

    "It's starting to drizzle, It's going to rain heavily it seems. We could use that to our advantage, just keep an eye out, stay focused no matter what happens. Watch each other's backs, and eliminate any threats in our way. We will succeed, we will stop Tobi and his men, we will survive." Pro told us as we drove down the street...

    _ Juice_Box_

    (!) Hell yeah, let's do this. We'll make sure we avenge our fallen group members.

    We waited for Star to say something."Hell yeah, let's do this. We'll make sure we avenge our fallen group members." He says with a serious face."Fuckin' bandits! They're all threats to anyone else in this world. If we don't kill them, they'll keep killing, robbing survivors and... maybe kidnapping children and... FUCK! NO MORE RUNNING! WE WON'T ESCAPE UNLESS WE KILL THEM! NO GOING BACK! And if this means that I'm going to die in the end, then so be it!" Star said.

    "Goddamn fucking right!" Latte replied.

    Scarlet smiled."Let's end this shit." She said and then put her hand out.

    Latte, Star and I placed our hands on top of each other's and then shouted."FOR OUR FALLEN GROUP MEMBERS!"

    "Over there!" We heard someone's voice.

    It was the bandits again in the distance."Shit! Go! Head down to the junkyard!" Star shouted.

    All of us started heading down the hill and we reached the junkyard."Go to the back! Hide behind the cars, hurry!" Scarlet told us.

    We proceeded to run towards the back and then hid behind a pile of cars stocked up on top of each other."This is far enough, we just need them to go over here." Star told us.

    "I'll get their attention, you guys get ready to move and hide in different places." Latte said.

    "Okay, be careful." I replied. We looked over at the hill and spotted the bandits looking for us.

    Latte ran out and started waving his hands while shouting."Hey, assholes! Over here! What's the matter?! Can't keep up with us?!" BRATATAT! BLAM! BLAM! A bunch of bullets started hitting the ground near Latte."Oh shit!" He said and dove back over to us."Okay, go! Hide!" He told us.

    We got up and used the broken down cars for cover, I sneaked my way over to an old red car and then looked over at the hill again. There were about six of them left, it looked like Romy was able to kill four of them before going down. The bandits were making there way over, we needed to stay hidden and take them out as quickly as possible or else they would start hiding as well. I looked around and didn't see my group members anywhere, I wasn't sure where they were hiding, but I was hoping that the bandits wouldn't spot them. I had my handgun out, and peeked out again, the bandits were already here, searching for us."Shit..." I said under my breath.

    "C'mon out! There's no where to run!" I heard one of them. Three of them had machine gun rifles, two had shotguns and one had a hunting rifle with him. Everyone from my group had handguns, we needed to be careful. I moved around to the back of the red car and then started moving forward.

    "Spread out, y'all! We'll find 'em." I heard one of them say as I got closer. I moved over to a white van and then hid myself behind it. My heart was pounding, I was starting to sweat a bit, I was hoping they wouldn't spot me.

    "Think I saw one! Go around, go around!" I heard the bandits again. I looked over and saw two of them running forward. A bandit ran near the van that I was hiding in, and then had his back turned on me."They're over there! Get 'em!" I heard the bandit again. I saw one of them getting into cover while the last two kept walking around while aiming their guns.

    "We'll fucking get 'em. Just need for them to pop their head out, hehe." The man holding the hunting rifle in front of me said, he still had his back turned and kept looking down the rifles scope. He had no idea I was hiding behind him.

    BANG! Out of nowhere, a gunshot rang."Holy shit!" POW! POW! A bandit yelled out and fired his gun. I moved to the other side and saw a bandit running back and then hiding behind a car.

    BRATATAT! BRATATAT! "Get in cover!" I heard the two that were walking around. I peeked out and saw them going behind a car as well.

    "C'mon, asshole! C'mon!" I heard the hunting rifle bandit say.

    "Stay back! Wait for them!" I heard the bandits on the other side.

    "They killed him! Motherfuckers!" I heard the shotgun bandit by one of my group members say.

    "I got 'em, just need to wait." The hunting rifle bandit said. I looked behind me and spotted Star in the distance, he saw me as well and signaled for me to go over to him."Any minute now, asshole! Pop your fuckin' head out!" The hunting rifle bandit kept talking.

    "I see 'em! You got nowhere to hide!" The shotgun bandit shouted. I looked back at Star who was still in cover, I looked over to the back where the shotgun bandit was waiting for someone. I moved to the side and the Hunting rifle bandit still had his back turned, the other three bandits were on the other side waiting for one of my group members. I knew that killing the hunting rifle bandit might be risky, but it could also save whoever they were trying to aim at, they definitely needed a distraction. Star was behind me, and maybe going over to him might be safer, but I would have to be extra careful and quiet to make sure the hunting rifle bandit doesn't hear me. Time was running out, and I needed to think of something...

    1) Stay in cover, shoot the hunting rifle bandit. The noise will distract the bandits.

    2) Use my knife, sneak up behind the hunting rifle bandit and take his gun.

    3) Go over to Star, I'll need to be very quiet.

    4) Do nothing, wait in cover.


    • "We'll get to the end of this junkjard...and take a fuckin' stand!"

      Well, 1 will alert the 4 remainding bandits.

      And 2 seems like a horrible idea altogether, she might make a noise and get shot.

      3 seems like a good idea, but I get the impression it's not. Thanks, Pro XD

      And 4 might result in Star's death.

      What to do, what to do...

      2) Knife Mr Rifle plz.

    • 2) Use my knife, sneak up behind the hunting rifle bandit and take his gun.

      1 is dumb, even if the bullet hits the rifle bandit, the shotgun bandit will probably fire aimlessly, killing who ever is aimed.

      Sneaking up is smarter because, like you said, the place is filled with cars, also with people shooting and yelling, the rifle guy may not hear much. If Juice does get caught, there is plenty of cover, and with the others still in cover, they can easily make up another plan with no one injured. And the risk of getting caught is slow since Latte is drawing three of them with him, leaving the shotgun guy and Rifle guy the only ones to worry about.

      3, star seems like he is in a better place than Latte right now. There is no time to be wasted since 3 bandits could potentially be waiting on Latte and could kill him if we waste the opportunity to use his distraction fast enough.

      And for the last one. Again, we need to use Latte's distraction to the best of our abilities.

    • 2) Use my knife, sneak up behind the hunting rifle bandit and take his gun.


    • 2) Use my knife, sneak up behind the hunting rifle bandit and take his gun.

    • HEY! You used my badass urban quote in this one! Nice little touch you got there bro. Thank you again. throwing saltlicks around for spreading hope We need to be smart in this one.

      ''Oh, finishing off bandits was a smart move you say, huh?''

      Hey, my urban feelings won in there. Sorry...

      2) Use my knife, sneak up behind the hunting rifle bandit and take his gun.

    • User Avatar Image
      ComingSoon BANNED

      RESEEEERVE can't choose :O

      EDIT: wow that was embarrassing I forgot to use this one XD

    • What to do what to do what to do....bites nails Time to initiate Maddi Logic:

      Option 1: Shooting the hunting rifle bandit will be an easy shot. One bandit would be down, and four would remain. The noise will distract the bandits in either three ways. They could hear the shot and see the body of their fellow bandit slump down and turn around to pursue who shot him (so diverting their attention to the area Juicy is hiding in They could hear the shot and be momentarily startled but stand their ground, giving the rest of the group a chance to fire. They could also hear the shot and start shooting at the rest of the group out of nervous reflex, potentially killing someone in the process. If I had to guess, this option would put Juicy in jeopardy but give a chance to the rest of the group.

      Option 2: Juicy taking on a fully grown man seems pretty far-fetched to me. There's also a chance he could notice her sneaking up in the process, or if successful in approaching him, have him call out to the other bandits and put an immediate target on her back. It was mentioned that Juicy barely knows how to use a handgun let alone a hunting rifle, she'd need to instantaneously know how to use it. I think this option has too many risk factors and would need a lot of luck.

      Option 3: This would leave the hunting rifle bandit alive, watching his group members' backs. There's also always the risk of someone noticing Juicy sneak away. Assuming most of her group is concentrated in that one area, her addition to it probably wouldn't be that useful and they would end up being a bunch of sitting ducks without having the advantage of being spread out. I don't think this is a good option.

      Option 4: Anything could happen if she waits in cover. Could be good, could be bad. That fifth hunting rifle bandit would still be alive though. I think she needs to make a move.

      Option 2 would be the best option, but I can't see Juicy being able to do this. So I'll go with 1) Stay in cover, shoot the hunting rifle bandit. The noise will distract the bandits.

    • User Avatar Image
      ComingSoon BANNED

      2) Use my knife, sneak up behind the hunting rifle bandit and take his gun.

      Damn it...

    • Well, as much as I want 2, it might be even more dangerous... I'm staying with 1) Stay in cover, shoot the hunting rifle bandit. The noise will distract the bandits.

    • User Avatar Image
      TDMshadowCP BANNED

      1) Stay in cover, shoot the hunting rifle bandit. The noise will distract the bandits.

      If Juicy goes and stabs him, the guy my upper-hand her.

      When will Shadow be as badass as Juicy? >.>

    • 2) Use my knife, sneak up behind the hunting rifle bandit and take his gun.

      Being an AC fanboy, hitman and from playing TLOU this seems like the most logical option kill then hide the body problem solved

    • 2) Use my knife, sneak up behind the hunting rifle bandit and take his gun

    • Guess I'll go with the Majority-Apparent XD

      2) Use my knife, sneak up behind the hunting rifle bandit and take his gun.

    • 2) Use my knife, sneak up behind the hunting rifle bandit and take his gun.



  • Holy shit I need to catch up on this story

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