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    Last sentence the weirdest. But he is probably not bitten, he said that he hadn't slept for days and couldn't eat.
  • Luke is not bit, lack of food and sleep do that to you so dont worry about him
  • idk.. but something is wrong.
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    Guys, Luke chased after a FREAKING TRUCK.
  • I thought he was bit immediately when I saw him. I looked at him and it instantly reminded me of how Lee and Pete looked in their final moments before nearly turning. Though, he is most likely alright since he would have turned by now, and there are a few good points on how he was hungry and tired, which makes sense, but can that really make you look nearly zombified? But yeah, conclusion, he's not infected. If he was, he would have turned already, even if he was *just* bit before he met up with Clementine.
  • It was my first thought as well. But since his colour came back after sleeping a while, it's pretty much confirmed that he's not.
  • He better be.

    Do not get me wrong, he is a wonderful character and losing him would be beyond painful, but this story is becoming way too predictable. "Main characters" excluding the obvious Clementine who get a shield against death... That is just unfair and annoying in the gameplay sense, and really boring in the narrative sense.

    I want him to be bitten. I want to FEEL something again. I want Telltale to stop bending over for the fans. They should be focusing on showing that THEY are the ones running the show and our cries to spare characters fall on deaf, nonchalant ears. Maybe I am masochistic like that, but I do not think that I am the only one thinking this way. Telltale, I want you to cause me to weep, to cause me to mourn.

    So have him be bit. Please. That twist would finally make this story interesting again. Mumblemumblemumble...
    • But it would be forced.

      They would kill him off just to make us "feel" something, and the result would be that it feels forced and therefore we would not feel anything.
      I'm all for killing off characters - when it furthers the story and character progression. Killing for the shock value takes the shock away. Lee's death was perfect. Heartbreakingly perfect. He died for Clementine and in doing so made her stronger, preparing her for the hard days to come. We got absolute closure with Lee. Amazing storytelling.
      If Luke turns out to be bitten It'd be because he was a clumsy idiot who got bit on his way to rescue his friends - which he failed at. It'd make his death meaningless and stupid.
      • I am not talking about an immediate death. Lee did not fall for a whole episode. But regarding Luke... That is what he is, is he not? He IS clumsy and adorkable, which is why we love him, and which would make it even more heartbreaking when we discover that he tried to keep everyone's spirits up despite beginning to fall himself.

        Characters do not have to be cheesily-written borderline anime characters like Molly and Kenny to be interesting. In fact, their obvious drama milking was exactly why I grew a distaste for them. Looking at the narrative having Luke show symptoms and fall during the course of Amid The Ruins would bring him to a heartwrecking end.

        What I am worried about though is Kenny. He is getting way too much attention, so if Luke dies, he might steal even more of the show than he already is stealing. His story for example seemed complete, but when the fans resurrected him, his story consists of relentless fanservice, like vengeance that he did not deserve.

        Ultimately it is my opinion, I suppose. Rooting for severely "weaker" characters as Carver puts it, is how I like it. When a badass sacrifices themselves in a story, it feels less powerful than when a coward musters their willpower to do it. We then know that they had the guts for it inside and posthumously learn more about the character within.

        ...Anyway, I do not think it would be forced. Indirect failure is actually more heartwarmingly sad than victorious sacrifice. Kenny surviving was beyond forced though. Boy I will never get over that one. Mumblemumblemumble...
        • You make some good points. And I do agree that there does not have to be overdramatic narrative for it to be good writing.

          But.. I still think that kind of death wouldn't do him justice. Even Pete went out with a meaningful death - protecting Clementine. If you chose to go with him that is. The same with Ben if you drop him in the tower. That's why I always do it, I feel bad, but I also feel like it's a good closure for his character. He knows he's useless, he knows he'll drag the group down. So he asks Lee to drop him. It's just so heartbreaking but the perfect ending for him in my opinion.

          Kenny is an interesting topic. Because he has two different "deaths" in season 1 I also have two different opinions on his return. I find his death in the alley to be the perfect ending for his character arch. He'd finally forgiven Ben and himself for everything and even used his last bullet to make sure Ben would never turn. When he came back, it ruined that ending a bit.
          But the second scenario seems much more likely. That was my scenario on my first playthrough and I always thought I had to survive that. His story just seemed so open, no closure at all. Sure, he sacrificed himself for Christa but it just didn't do much for his character progression. So in this case I think him returning is the best choice for his character.

          The same with Ben if he drops in the alley. He just dies the same way he lived - a clumsy coward. Not learning anything throughout the whole game.

          I want Luke to die at some point (even though he's awesome) but not like this... it would just seem so pointless.

          Anyway, sorry for ranting on. You make some good points but ultimately we just disagree about this one ;)
          • Hmm. Indeed.

            I agree on the season 1 stuff. I still feel as if these were different circumstances, though. In Luke's case the idea is that he tried. He tried hard and relentlessly, and in the end, he failed. But the group did eventually escape from Carver's community. The bite itself is not really what needs to have reason. They are unfair and unexpected, and do not usually have reason at all. Lee got his from a random walker hiding under trash while trying to pick up Clementine's walkie-talkie, that was not really heroic in itself either, right?

            Perhaps my main point is that I want him to turn out bitten - however - I still want him to live into episode 4 struggling with it, giving him and the group time to chew the dilemma. This has potential for choices. Better yet, he might have a chance to do an ultimate sacrifice for the group, like Lee going to the Marsh House on foot through the walker herd based solely on the reasoning that he was already bitten by that point. He can go out like a hero, still. Like Pete. Like Alvin. Like... Uhh... Carlos, sort of.

            And no worries about ranting on, I myself am even worse. I really enjoy mature arguments like this.
            • Well, in that case, I agree. If they wrote it right, it could work out as an epic ending for his character.

              That said, I doubt it will happen since, as I pointed out in an earlier post, his colour came back after sleeping a bit. The bite seems to go bad pretty quickly and I'm sure he would've shown more signs by now if he really was bit.

              Yes, I too enjoy mature discussions like this. A rare thing on forums these days sadly. It seems alot of people can't handle others disagreeing with them without taking it as a personal insult.
          • Wow, I simply love your take on why you should let Ben fall down in the tower. Keen observations, never thought off it that way.
  • I think Telltale made Luke look pale and tired just to be sure it looks reasonable for Luke to steal food.
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    I was thinking that too. I thought he looked pale and was hiding the fact he got bit. I thought he'd be a walker when you go back and look for him again lol. Yeah maybe he was just tired.
  • I don't think he could have been bit. If he was, the infection should have already kicked in.
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