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Clem's jacket: Cool or Ugly?

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Simple question.

I did not want to offend Bonnie, so I picked cool xD
  • Very good question!

    When i saw it the first time I wasn't a big fan and now i like it. I also said it was cool because i started liking Bonnie and didn't want to hurt her.
  • this is probably the most important discussion on this forum. i picked cool i didnt want to hurt her fellings
  • I like it, it's cute. But it doesn't really fit the situation :P
  • .... I don't know....
  • Its cool, and looks good. Tavia was just jealous that her fat ass couldn't fit it.
    • I was hoping for Clem to have an option to sass back Tavia about that comment.
      • I'm still angry that we couldn't kill Tavia.
        • I dont like her either but isnt that a bit harsh?
          • She lied to the 400 days characters, and she is a cold bitch. So, not really.
            • I feel that Telltale is to blame for it seeming that way. Carver's community was to be identifiable. But nope. They discarded that and made Carver a boring, uninteresting villain for the sole purpose of giving the group the motive to screw everything up for the community to be free.

              I am still bitter about them forcing us to make the plan happen in the first place. I would have liked a story branch, even if the community would have still ended up overrun through other means and ending with the same resolution, I would have liked anything better than just railroading us into agreeing with Kenny's crazy plan.

              Anyway. Tavia has not done anything other than followed orders so far, which considering the boringly written Carver breathing down everyone's neck seems completely understandable. Has she really done anything actually malevolent? This hate train sure reminds me of when everyone suddenly wanted Bonnie dead after A House Divided despite not doing anything actually malevolent (other than lie, but Carver would have punished her if she had not, I bet.)

              ...Ahem. But yeah, the "ugly jacket" comment was a lighthearted funny moment in my opinion, not a sign of actual malevolence.
              • Its possible that when 400 days was developed, they intended on making most of Season 2 centered around Carvers camp and his people, which is why 400 days introduced the people who end up there. Sadly, it would seem that this changed later.
                In 400 days, Tavia had an entirely different personality. She seemed like a great woman, and the 400 days characters were developing nicely. However, something changed. In episode 2, Bonnie appeared, which was probably what was intended. However, once Episode 3 was written, it was written by some random guy with no prior experience in the series.
                He must have decided to reduce what was probably planned as a multi episode arc down to a single episode. Sadly, this caused plot holes, inconsistencies and the 400 days characters to be only cameos. Bonnie retained her personality of a friendly but sneaky woman, but Tavia was changed into some cold hearted woman who only cares about following orders.

                This new writer completely destroyed the arc. I sincerely hope he isn't writing Episode 4.
              • I don't find Carver boring and uninteresting but I kind of wish we got more from him. I've been enjoying his voice work.
            • I don't think she lied, I think the circumstances just changed. 400 days = 1 year 1 month, when they left for the group. A lot could happen in a year man.
  • I picked "I don't know" because I wanted Clem to be uncertain about it. Still... I like her new jacket. Damn, I love it! :) Looks awesome especially when she fights against horde of walkers.
  • Clem's face was funny, when she dressed the puffy rainbow jacket for the first time. A very funny moment :-) But I like her new style
  • I think it's cool. But Clementine could pull off anyhing with such an adorable face. Awwwwww.
  • It's really ugly.. But I couldn't get myself to say that. So I chose "I don't know"
    Still.. I'm warming up to it :)

    Lol at Tavia: "What's with the ugly jacket?" what a bitch.


    Someone make a gif please...
  • Ugly, and I said it right to her face!
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