• This is the most beautiful post i have ever seen
    ....i cant decide who i would choose :/
  • Or remember Jane says You should ditch your group if you want to live so maybe clem will also have a third option of going solo. Molly does it. why cant clem
  • I LOVE YOU FOR FINDING THIS. Here I was thinking the moth simply represented Clem's innocence and childishness, but wow. Your interpretation is way better, and I agree with you.

    The way Kenny took joy in killing Carver was something my Lee I crafted would never ever do. Yeah, he fucked up many lives, but we don't fuck him up every second before he dies. Luke, for me, represents the softness in Lee, and Kenny is the hardness in Lee. Clem can be like one or the other.

    I choose Luke, because if others had no humanity, she wouldn't be alive. She has been relying on the kindness of other folks, and now she's hardened enough to survive on her own!
    • Thanks, and I agree with you too. If Lee was there, I don't think he would want Clem to watch. I understand that Carver had to die because if they didn't kill him, Carver would just keep coming after them. A quick bullet to the head would have sufficed and they would have been able to escape sooner and possibly have avoided Carlos getting shot and then devoured by walkers and Sarita getting bitten.

      I do like your idea that Luke and Kenny are two sides of Lee. Never thought of it that way. That's why I want them both to work together for Clem's sake.
      • The one thing that both Kenny and Luke suffer from is need to dominate. Maybe Clem will be the thing to make them change their perspective for this girl!
        • That's very true. We know definitely that Kenny likes to be in charge, and Bonnie did say that Luke even butted heads with Carver over how things should be run. They both got their pros and cons in terms of their leadership abilities. I do hope they learn to get along and work together because they would make an awesome team.

          Carver got one thing right. Clementine would make a strong and wonderful leader and I would follow her over Luke and Kenny any day. Even if she is only 11.
          • Like Walter said, they need common ground. They could make an awesome community if they worked together!!

            Hell yeah, Clem would be a more just leader than anyone with the crap she's experienced!
    • "Luke, for me, represents the softness in Lee, and Kenny is the hardness in Lee. Clem can be like one or the other."
      Nice description. I believe Clem can maintain the balance between Kenny and Luke if the 3 of them ended up being final 3. Kenny cannot be too dark, it will consume him while Luke should toughen up a bit in order to survive. Clem represents that balance.
  • remember that tweet... I think is was ice cream or pizza. something like that.

    some(most) people think its choosing between Kenny or luke.

    and now that you said this, I think im going with luke. for sure.
    • I remember that tweet, does anyone know the exact wording of that? Which do you think Kenny and Luke are? I think Kenny's the pizza and Luke is the ice cream.

      And wow, I feel like I'm converting people to Luke's side. Kenny fans/supporters, please join in. I would love to discuss.
      • I love Kenny but I have a feeling we are going to have to put him down sooner or later. O_O
        • Do you mean like, we'll have to kill him because he's becoming too dangerous and too much of a liability? Oh man, I don't know if I would be able to do that.
          • I don't think they will make us decide whether to kill Kenny or not, but it seems like we may be faced with a decision to save either Kenny or Luke.
            • I can easily see a situation like when Carver captured the group in S2E2 when Kenny acts reckless again trying to be the hero and just making things worse, but this time it could be something that threatens the entire group.

              Killing Kenny would've potentially saved Walter after all. Imagine if Walter was replaced with multiple people, it would tip the scales.

  • Definitely Luke. If it meant getting Clementine safe and alive.
  • Awesome post! Funny since I was looking up the season 2 character's name meanings last week. A lot of them have symbolism and are related to the characters, the ones I can name off the top of my head are William, (determined leader; resolve) Rebecca, (bound; faithful wife) Omid, (hope) and apparently now Kenny and Luke. So I can see this happening, especially with the rumored ice cream and pizza decision.

    And yeah, I think you're spot-on about Kenny. He's going down a dark road, and him possibly losing Sarita could be the thing that gives him that push. I think I'd go with Luke, to be honest. He may not be as capable, but that can change, and I think it's more important (and harder) for Clem to hold onto her humanity.
    • Yeah, the character's names do have a significance, I think. "Clementine" means "Merciful." She was very merciful in Season 1. In Season 2, if you choose to stay with Kenny and watch him kill Carver, I feel like she's losing some of that mercy.

      I do find it funny and ironic that one of the meanings for Kenny is "handsome" and in the preview for episode 4 he's asking Clem if he still looks pretty. XD
      • Do you find it funny that Rebecca means:


        XD I don't know why this is so funny. Man they picked those names pretty good.
        • They played the whole affair with Carver as a mistake; likely a one-time event. She still loved her husband at the end. It does seem a bit tongue in cheek but circumstances don't always allow these characters to stay true to their names.
        • Yeah, I thought that was ironic too, but she really did love Alvin, so I guess sorta not. The biblical story of Rebecca, where the name's popularity originates from, is about a faithful wife. She gives birth at one point to twins.

          I forgot to mention that her name also means kindness. Alvin's name means "friend" or "noble friend"
  • Man, this post is letting me think. I said Kenny on the other thread, but somehow I understand that Luke would be an as good choice.
  • Wow, what a wonderful and thought out post! Nothing I can really add that hasn't already been beautifully said, but I definitely agree. If I have to choose, I'm going with Luke but I absolutely want to try to save Kenny...from himself, if I can as well.

    Luke is Clem's humanity right now and Sarita is Kenny's, and I fear when we lose Sarita we'll lose any morality from Kenny too
  • I feel like Kenny and Luke are good cop and bad cop Kenny does the harsh and horrible things and Luke tries his best to retain his humanity,I don't know who I'd stick with to be honest but Ken is really dangerous.
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