• Bonnie might have a crush on him, but considering the fact Luke never mentioned her, I don't think it's reciprocated.
  • Yeah I kind of see it too
  • I got the impression that something happened between them, or at least Bonnie liked him. I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up more often actually.
  • Yeah, if anything, I think it's one-sided on Bonnie's part. She seems disappointed if she finds out that Luke didn't say anything about her and also expresses concern over his safety - not the group in general - Luke specifically. Luke, however, neither says nor does anything that even remotely implies an interest in Bonnie.
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    I don't think Luke is interested in Bonnie seeing as he never mentions her but Bonnie on the other hand I'm sure has at least a crush.
  • I'm Glad we can all agree here.
  • I thought the same thing.
  • There's definitely something there. Bonnie does talk about Luke quite specifically, and for Luke personally asking her to accompany them on their first escape, he must have liked her, at least as a friend. I am looking forward to their interactions in the next episode.
  • It definitely struck me as a one-sided crush on Bonnie's part, to be honest.
    She quite clearly liked him, and was relieved to find out he was safe. Luke on the other hand, didn't talk about her at all, and didn't seem happy to see her.
    Also if you ask him if Bonnie can be trusted, he doesn't talk about her like he would someone that he knows and trusts, he simply says "if she couldn't (be trusted), she would have shot us by now" (or something along those lines).

    Who knows what might happen though, but I don't really see her feelings being reciprocated.
  • I hope so. It will crush all of the cluker's dreams.
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