**** and ***** are in love maybe?

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I think Bonnie and Luke are in love but before you all say something I think this is like Clem's new family because If my theory is correct then Clem will feel more more relaxed around them.

BTW put down what you think about this and share your own theory's.

I just want to thank you all for sharing your ideas, also to add this is one of the best post Iv'e done so thank you all.


  • Bonnie might have a crush on him, but considering the fact Luke never mentioned her, I don't think it's reciprocated.
  • Yeah I kind of see it too
  • I got the impression that something happened between them, or at least Bonnie liked him. I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up more often actually.
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    Yeah, if anything, I think it's one-sided on Bonnie's part. She seems disappointed if she finds out that Luke didn't say anything about her and also expresses concern over his safety - not the group in general - Luke specifically. Luke, however, neither says nor does anything that even remotely implies an interest in Bonnie.
  • I don't think Luke is interested in Bonnie seeing as he never mentions her but Bonnie on the other hand I'm sure has at least a crush.
  • I'm Glad we can all agree here.
  • I thought the same thing.
  • There's definitely something there. Bonnie does talk about Luke quite specifically, and for Luke personally asking her to accompany them on their first escape, he must have liked her, at least as a friend. I am looking forward to their interactions in the next episode.
  • It definitely struck me as a one-sided crush on Bonnie's part, to be honest.
    She quite clearly liked him, and was relieved to find out he was safe. Luke on the other hand, didn't talk about her at all, and didn't seem happy to see her.
    Also if you ask him if Bonnie can be trusted, he doesn't talk about her like he would someone that he knows and trusts, he simply says "if she couldn't (be trusted), she would have shot us by now" (or something along those lines).

    Who knows what might happen though, but I don't really see her feelings being reciprocated.
  • I didn't think there was anything really between them at first because I didn't see it at all but I thought maybe she liked him a bit. This is enforced by the scene where Clem and Bonnie are loading magazines and if you choose "the group never mentioned you" or something like that, she says "Really? Not even Luke?" Why she asked why Luke didn't mention her made me think she might have had a thing for him? I honestly doubt it though. She probably thought that if someone would have told Clem about her it would most likely be Luke. She also expresses concern for his safety but idk it might just be a friend thing.

    On the wiki page it says Bonnie's late 20's to early 30's and Luke's mid to late 20's. I thought Bonnie would go for the older men though? (Leland: late 40's to early 50's). She could've changed though.
  • I was thinking the same. The way Bonnie talked about him sounded very much like a crush, but Luke never mentions her once and hearing that upsets her. T.T where's the 'hug Bonnie and talk about it over some ice cream' option?
  • Well probably but at the same time, what was Luke going to say? "Bonnie ain't here? You wouldn't have known what he was talking about" - Bonnie
  • I hope so. It will crush all of the cluker's dreams.
  • Yeah, I also thought about that.

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    Nah, if you saved Nick he clearly says while laying down in his bed that he's thinking about Luke. Nuke confirmed.
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    lol, I found it so funny, I was walking over to Nick thinking "Let's talk to Nick, I wonder if he will be thinking about Luke"

    "I was just thinking about Luke"
    It made me laugh, especially with the way Nick was lying on the bed, he looked like a love-struck teenager, like 2 girls at a slumber party talking about boys.
    And then later on when he completely agrees with everything Luke said. They really ramped up the "Nick loves Luke" hints in this episode.
  • Rationally speaking, the fact that he never actually cared about either Nick (he didn't even ask what happened to him if Nick dies) or Bonnie (does not mention her once) and takes special interest in Clementine (fighting with her on the bridge, always taking care of her and treating her like an adult) it can be concluded that Luke may feel a little bit more than brotherly love towards Clementine. Otherwise, seeing how he normally treats people considered close to him, he'd probably not even care about her. This may come from the new writing or Telltale's laziness, but he really appears as some kind of man who is neither interested in adult men nor women but rather in little girls. Then again, TTG never explicitly denied this assumption, so I guess we'll find out in one or two episodes what's up with him.
  • Can Bonnie and Nick start an "I care more about Luke than he cares about me" club?
  • Your name is MeMeLord and you're defending the theory that Luke's a pedophile. Look at you life. Look at your choices.
  • How else can you explain his behaviour towards Nick or Bonnie? This guy might be a complete sociopath kid diddler and no one can see it.
  • I really don't get it when people say that Luke does not care about people. He cares a lot. Nothing that has happened so far has shown me otherwise. Yeah, he may show a bit more care for Clementine, but she's a kid. People tend to show more care for kids. There's nothing but platonic brother/sister/friendship love between Clem and Luke.
  • He didn't even ask about Nick after he died. This guy might try to seem moral and responsible, but I'm not completely buying that.
  • Idk if "Nuke" is confirmed by that so much as it is just a confirmation that Nick's got a giant crush on the guy. Like... with episode 2 I was like "It's possible but it's just subtext" but with this dialogue it's like... either they did a really shitty and overblown job at translating his complex reverence for Luke, or they're trying to make it blatantly clear that he's in love with the guy.

    However, just like with Bonnie, I doubt it's reciprocated.

    Not gonna lie, it'd be pretty funny if we've got these two characters who are both head over heels for Luke and he's just utterly oblivious to it.
  • Well he flipped when you tell him that Clem killed a dog. Does that make him a dog diddler too?
  • I truly don't sense any romantic tension between them. Not saying it won't happen but based off this episode, there is not nearly enough suggestive hints.
  • He pretends to be moral.
  • See, I blame TellTale for the lack of reaction from Luke regarding Nick's death. I think either TellTalle got lazy or overlooked it because Nick is determinant.

    And who's to say he didn't find dead Nick, (possibly zombified) at the lodge after everyone left? Man imagining that is kind of horrible.
  • If the game wanted us to know that Luke had a girlfriend, they would have had him say so.
  • Fuck. That's sad.
  • haha, that would be funny, especially if Nick and Bonnie clash over him.
  • Episode 4 spoilers: Bonnie throws down the gauntlet and challenges Nick to duel for Luke's hand. They fight to the death and Luke does not notice that any of this is occurring.
  • Yes! that would be awesome.

    They are probably going to kill Nick off in a ridiculous way in episode 4 anyway, might as well be "Death by Love Triangle"
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    It'll be great to see Lexi Porter's reaction.
  • Maybe it'll be shown later on, hell if I know.
  • and my dream...........
  • So you're either a Cluker, Nuker, or a Lenny fan?
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