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    Of course Clem is a leader but I think Carver is wrong when he says she's like him. Clem is not a psychopath who mentally and physically tortures people because they are weak. She's strong, a survivor but not evil.
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      Ah, but what Carver does is use his "Shepard" status like that. He is still a leader to his people at heart, he has kept them alive as long.
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      Yup she is not evil
    • I never saw Carver as evil, so much as having incredibly bad standards of what cost survival is worth. The success of his camp was testament to the ideas he had. Carver didn't seem to enjoy doing the things he did, he saw them as his burden.

      I wouldn't be surprised if we see Clem have to make a decision that confirm's Carver's association of the two of them.
  • I think Clem has the potential to be what Carver could have been if he wasn't a violent psychopath. A legitimately good leader but one who still has sense of morality and an actual value for human life. Like Lee was. Or...could have been I guess.

    So he was right. But I think he was also wrong.
  • Clem is definitely a leader, the fact that when the group doesn't know what to do ( ie. shut down a turbine), they look to Clem. Whether or not she's like Carver, I think that'll depend mostly on player choices. That's why I have two playthroughs : one where I'm "normal" (do the things I'd do in that situation) and one where I'm "tougher" ( told Sarah to grow up, etc...) just to see how It'll span across the season and season 3.
  • I would agree that Clementine is a leader, but I do not think she is as sadistic as Carver at this point. Clementine steps up to crawl through duct work, sneak on the roof and into Carver's office, etc throughout Season 1 and 2. Clementine has adjusted in a brutal, violent existence that has been thrust upon her. However, at this point, she has maintained her morality. You can see this when she is concerned about other people and puts her neck on the line for them, i.e always sticking up for Ben in season 1. If Clementine continues to survive in this world she could turn into someone like Carver.
  • Yes, he is right in some things. They're both leaders. They're both capable of making tough decisions.

    HOWEVER, Clementine can use those traits for good. She can use the ability to make tough calls for good. She can use her innate leadership for good. THAT's how she's can prove Carver wrong the best. That she's not like him. She can prove that this kind of strength can be used to truly help good, weaker people who are unable to bear that burden, not rule over and kill them.

    Honestly, this reminds of Rurouni Kenshin and the Shishio arc. Haha.
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    He got it all wrong, he wants the weak to improve or else he will kill them, no sane person thinks like that.

    But he is right about Clem and him being leaders.
  • We're the leader. We make the choices.
  • He is insane. Of course Clementine is the leader, whether she realizes it or not. I mean, every decision someone else makes almost always is brought up to Clem before the decision is made. They don't want to admit it, but Clem is the smartest out of all of them, and she's the youngest.

    Overall though, no Clementine is not like Carver. Just because they both have the ability to lead doesn't mean they're alike.
  • His philosophy is only the strong survive. I can't completely agree with him. His intentions are in the right place, but his execution is ALL wrong. There needs to be balance--a fine line. Without it, everything will be chaos. You can't be too lenient, but you can't be too harsh.
  • Yup.He's right about they have somthing in common,and I think how Clem will turn out to be is depends on how we choose.That's why TT killed him off pretty early and gives this "thing" for us to think about.
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