If Sarah dies this season will you cry or will you be like HA

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I'm gonna cry... I love her to much!


  • If she dies this season I would feel lile carlos's death was a waste this is supposed to mean more character development for her and we will probably spend next episode looking for her until the end
  • Depends. If it's an emotional death that's well-handled and comes about when her story has reached a satisfying conclusion, I don't know if I'll cry, but I'll definitely feel sad. I like her a lot.

    If it's like pretty much every death in this past episode, done purely for shock value with no thought to character or story, I'll be pissed for all the wrong reasons. Although Alvin's death actually did get me to well up a little when he talked about his baby. That was a good scene.
  • I don't know. I would probably be like "I knew it!" because Sarah is pretty vunlerable and she won't survive on her own.
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    I'll definitely be pretty bloody sad. I wanted my Clem to look out for her, knowing that it's not her fault that she just wasn't raised for this world like she was.

    I like to think Clem sees herself not too long ago in her, somewhere.
  • Double ha.
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    The holy pinkie swear of God! Telltale can't do this against the HOLY... PINKIE... SWEAR OF GOD... They will be punished for there SINS!
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    You realy dislike her... You will be punished for youre sins!
  • She better not die before Clem gives her that hug. I really like Sarah's character because she brings out some innocence in Clem.
  • This too.

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    Your'e opinion sounds like a tyrant... Just like your'e name...
  • I think we may find her bitten, but I think she'll live, poor girl, only in episode 3 she was slapped by her dad, saw him eaten alive and now she's on her own...
  • Woah there... I may have disliked Sarah before but is anyone really fucked up enough to laugh at her death? I bonded with her in episode three. She's on my Top 10 Character list now.
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    You will get juice tonight
  • You're new, aren't you?

  • "Good one Lee"

    (episode 3 reference)
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    It would that suck that if Clem looked for Sarah only to find telltale done a sophia 2.0 like the show scene and has to put her down
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    I had a guy who hated Sarah... Copy... Here it is I tried to say what Lee said ones but than against the hater!
    ''read this in Lee's vioce. You don't touch that girl you hear me! nothing is coming between me and her because if you do YOU ARE FUCKING DEAD YOU HEAR ME! so... I'm gonna eat ice cream''
    Sounds good?
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    They join so fast (crying)
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    Welcome to the HOLY FORUM OF MEN KIND!
  • Neither. I would be more like: "Eh, that happened. It sucks." Hmm... come to think about it, that would be my reaction to almost anyone's death from the cast. Sad.
  • ElliasEllias Banned
    When we were playing ep 3, by that green house little building thingy holding that cutting thing, she seemed depressed and I was worried as hell. Especially when she was on the edge of the building.

    But point is, i'd cry alot if she dies. I don't rly hate anybody at all but seriously sarah is gr8 and she better not be killed off at all.. But I have a feeling she is
  • If she dies I woudl be really sad. After all she went throug...and with her mind state...it would be really depressing. Poor kid.
  • I was really afraid when she was on the edge of the building ! I was like "Oh shit she's gonna suicide". It was actually a good theory since the menu screen was a butterfly.
  • Depends entirely on how well done it is. If she dies very quickly after we find her again, I'll be somewhere in between... I personally like her but it takes an awful lot to get me all the way to crying. If she gets more plot development and actually fights through her fear and weakness only to die tragically/being brave... depending on the quality of the writing/directing I may cry.

    I actually think Sarah is the character I'm most curious about following episode 3. Everyone else it's a question of survival, but I think that the space between episode 3 and 4 will determine who Sarah IS in the most basic way. She could snap, she could harden, she could desperately try to find another parental figure, she could turn into a Carl-style lunatic.. etc. There really is no way to tell with the painfully slim look at her personality they've given us so far. If we find her dead/a walker it will be a waste of potential in my eyes. Right now she has lost a father figure the same as Clem did in S1E5. There is a lot of latitude in how they can use that both for the plot and for the overall thematic impact of the game.
  • I would let out the biggest "HA" ever. Okay, not "ever", but in a while, because I let out quite a few of big "HA's" in the past few years.
  • I would cry :(
  • At this point I kinda regret teaching her how to use a handgun, I have a bad feeling she might be responsible for one the group members death in next episode......
  • I say "fuck this shit" and keep playing
  • ElliasEllias Banned
    we need to make a thread about that too. Especially the butterfly in the start.

    Usually they mean rebirth or the start of something new, or like a transformation. Some shit is going down these next 2 episodes..
  • She's definitely not dead. I am almost 100% sure that Telltale killed her father to add some character development for her. She's definitely coming back.
  • Engrish Please? Thanks for calling me a ruler ;)
  • Carlos told us that she is our friend...man.....this is intense :/
  • I may be a little upset but I'll get over it fast, I don't care much about Sarah
  • She's going to play a extremely important part in Episode 5.... I can just feel it...
  • It depends how she dies. But no matter what way, I wont be like "ha"
  • I'm not gonna cry neither do HA! but I'm gonna feel bad for sure.
  • I'd do neither. I don't really like Sarah all that much, even though I support her as much as I can. I might be a little sad that another member of the group is dead, but I wouldn't cry like I would if it were Kenny, or Luke, or (god forbid) MIKE that died.
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    I would Burst into tears Sarah has so much potential and I don't want that potential to just disapear. Clem will find Sarah and teach her how to survive in this world! (I hope...)
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