• I only made her watch because I wanted to watch
  • nope nope nope, I don't want her seeing that shit let alone willingly.
  • I wanted to see that jerk getting killed. HE KILLED ALVIN!
  • I only watched to see if there was still and option to stop Kenny... I think clementine does need to be made into a stronger leader but I just don't believe watching someone getting there face beaten off will have that affect. No need to stoop to the psychopaths level.
  • I watched because she needs to see it. Clementine is probably the strongest person out of the entire group. She's essentially the leader, even though it doesn't seem like it to the others. She's still a kid, but she needs to realize the brutality of the world. This is the world she is growing up in, best get used to it now. It'll be a struggle to maintain her humanity while surviving, but that's up to us--the player--to shape her into the character we want to see.
    • You make a good point, but when is the brutality too much for Clem? If she does become too hardened she becomes almost like a carver, cold and not a care for another as long as they work. I also see what you mean, not exposing her to things like that could make her soft, like Sara(LOL). This issue is what makes it a great game :)
  • I did out of curiosity. I wanted to see if Kenny would REALLY kill him and not just hit him once and leave it to fate for him to come back like the Governor. But I kind of regret it. I didn't think about the fact that making myself watch meant making Clementine watch as well, but it does show a darker side of Clem that kinda' made me have doubts about staying.
  • I wanted Clem to watch because, well, *I* wanted to watch, but most importantly, I needed to make sure that it actually happened. Things that happen offscreen don't tend to actually happen in these games (Kenny would be the first to tell you that). I couldn't shake the suspicion that if she didn't watch, I'd wind up seeing that son of a bitch again later, and THAT is something I am NOT inflicting on this character given the option not to.

    Although I did want a "My turn" button.
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    When i played the game, i didn't have Clem watch because she is a child.
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