• I completely agree with you here.

    I highly doubt that we will see the rest of the characters again, and that depresses me...
  • At least bonnies part of our group now. She really redeemed herself
  • After episode 3 I've learned that it's better to not get your hopes up and expect past characters to return and have much of an involvement, otherwise you just end up disappointed. I thought that you would of at least got to say something to the other 400 days people and if I remember correctly Clem never says anything to Tavia either.
    The character I have most been looking forward to returning is Nate, but now that we can see how little impact 400 days has had on the story I fear that he won't be coming back either which would be a great shame. :(
  • Guys,I recommend you checking out trivia for episode 4 "Amid The Ruins".
  • I think I even missed the cameos. Except for Eddie, I didn't regonize any of the others..
  • I was thoroughly disappointed that the 400 Days characters were given nothing but short cameo appearances lasting less than a minute. If you get them to join Carver's community, all it really does is show they've become complacent to tyranny for security and food and have lost all hope. The ones who don't join in 400 Days will probably appear in Episodes 4 or 5, but considering how lazy the writers for Season 2 have been with character development I am not holding my breath.
  • heck, even bonnie's part in the episode didn't warrant a "you guys may wanna play 400 days before season 2". tavia had no developement, and bonnie's more or less meant nothing so far. only connection i really see for her in season 2 is that she's an ex-addict, which goes along with all the people that're becoming a part of clem's group having some sort of problem.
  • Bonnie is one of my favourite characters from 400 days. (The other two being Vince and Eddie) I never hated her even when I found out she was working for Carver because I knew it wasn't what she really wanted and this is expanded on in her conversations with Clem and then teaming up with them against Carver So I'm glad she didn't let me down / proved me right and that she does have a big role.

    I am disappointed the others only got cameos though. All except Shel and Becca kinda seemed out of character. I hardly recognized Russell! He's definitely grown up alot but damn. He hated Steve and Nate so why would Carver be any different? Russell has basically become what he hated in 400 days! Wyatt spoke the same but seemed far less of the good guy we saw in 400 days and Vince has become all pally with Tavia? o.O

    I hope despite the fact we've escaped the camp, the 400 days survivors will have escaped the walker herd and find us with Eddies(+co) and that maybe were forced to team up with them so Clem can get to know them better (before the group gets split into 2) and ofcourse anyone that didn't go with Tavia will be with Eddie already. At least that way the DLC will have more of an impact and everyone gets to see them. I don't want their personalities to be dramatically different to what we saw in 400 days but maybe those that stayed behind and have been with Eddie will be nicer than the one's that have been in Carvers camp.
  • That was probably it for 400 Days: a little cameo if they went with Tavia (aside from Bonnie). I didn't get any of them to go aside from Bonnie of course and the pothead, and he only had a throwaway line. Doubt the rest of them will show up at all to be honest.
  • I don't know but I think at least Vince will make future appearance in my opinion. In my story, Vince went with Tavia and he didn't like the situation, so I think at least we'll see him
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