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YO! Use the walkthrough

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Please everyone, why do you post questions about the game that can just be looked at in the walkthrough? It is really annoying sometimes telling people to go look at the walkthrough or just telling them. So please, if you have questions about the game that are in the Awesomeness guide or Walkthrough... LOOK AT THEM!
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  • Gee, little harsh there huh pal? Some people don't want spoilers, some either wanna figure them out for themselves, or like me, want it solved the first day you play it, and right then. And that's why there's a "hint" forum.
  • Uh, they post here for 2 reasons...

    #1. They want to be able to solve the games puzzles themselves, and a walk through may reveal more than they want to know. Also, some people like this strange little innovation called "Subtle Hints" instead of a web page that just flat out tells them what to do.

    #2. The "awesomeness guide" is not posted until one week after each game is released, so in the meantime we discuss the items we have found. Trying to discover them all before the guide comes out.

    If you do not like people asking for help, just avoid this forum then go have that hole in your head looked at (cause it looks serious). You make it seem like those who ask for help here are doing something wrong. The only person doing something wrong here is YOU, yelling at everyone else.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Some people like to just talk about where they're stuck, and thank a person for helping them out. No harm in that! We have a forum here for people to use it. They're also welcome to use the walkthrough. It's all cool.

    That's all really! :)
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