What if Lee was in Carlos's situation? "What if"scenario.

Let's say Lee was still alive at this point and he has been captured by carver. So carver is talking and Clem Tries to talk to Lee. Carver notices and tells you to discipline her and whack her across the mouth as hard as you can or troy will do it for you. Clem looks up at you in tears and scared and is breaking down and apologising to you for getting you in trouble. Carver then walks up to lee insisting and forcing him to do it.. Carver is right in your face...

At this point Lee or (the player) is probably infuriated with Carver

So what do you choose?

(Hit a crying Clem) doing what carver says to avoid trouble and for her safety, this avoids you getting the living shit beat out of you and keeps Carver from seeing you as weak and Clem does not risk Getting hit by Troy

(Punch Carver) you would get one good hit on Carver knocking him down. But then you would get a serious beating but would direct most of the attention off clem thus her not getting hurt by you

(Fake slap) the slap is fake and weak and will not hurt her but might be convincing enough for her not to get a Beating from troy, you are not sure if they will wil buy it though.


  • Lee would never do that shit. If that was Lee, Carver would've been Falcon Punched so hard he couldn't stand!
  • can i "fake" a slap?
  • Seeing how mature Clem is i'm sure she would understand... However, I would totally punch Carver and gladly take a beating for Clem.
  • (Punch Carver) I could fuckin take it!
  • I would drop Carver so fast if it was my choice.
  • Hit Fucking Carver.
  • I dunno. If I hit Carver, probably Troy or Carver would hit Clem. I'll fake slap her.
  • Clementine is the only person my Lee would be willing to take a beating for.

    Plus, fuck all that "3 moves from a checkmate" thing.
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    If it was Season one Clem, never, ever.

    Season two Clem , however, clearly understands the situation, unlike Sarah. I'm 100% sure she could endure it, and wouldn't blame Lee at all.
    She understands Carver made him, and she's clearly shown time and again that's she's learned to control pain. A slap wouldn't do shit to her.
    In fact, she might even want to get hit in order to avoid getting Lee or others into trouble because of her.

    In fact, if Lee had been alive up to this day with Clem, they'd have formed an even stronger bond, nearly impossible to break.
    She'd know he would NEVER, EVER hurt her like that unless being forced to.
  • Clem is not foolish and naive as Sarah. she would understand that speaking to Lee in that situation would not be a good idea. so I think this would never happen! ^ ^
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    Could you really say that though? In this situation Lee had not died and had been there to baby Clem for 2 yers I think she would be more scared in this situation.
  • hahaha. Ok Well..

    I do not know if a "fake slap" would be a good idea. Carver would probably know that the slap was not strong enough and there would be retaliation.

    As much as it tore my heart. I would slap Clem, avoiding further complications. and then later apologize and try to explain the situation to her.
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    No. Hitting Carver wasn't a real situation. If Carlos hit Carver, he will shoot him without a think. And than Sarah will get the beating from Troy anyway.

    What do you think? Carver killed Reggie for some fucking plants! If Carlos hit Carver, he will get shot a few second later, watching her daughter get beaten by Troy.

    He did this because he loved Sarah with ehole his heart, and didn't want to risk her life for only hitting Carver. If he didn't have a daughter to watch after, I'm sure sure he will hit Carver, because he's not a coward.

    If I was Lee in this situation I will hit Clementine, and she'll understand that, because it's the only realistic and the smartest way. I wouldn't risk her and my own live just to hit Carver. Please think realistically...
  • My choice would be (Punch Carver). No way would anyone force me to slap a kid.
  • You would have to take the beatdown, Losing an eye is better than hurting Clementine.
  • ohhh yes yes you totally got it. no way lee would hit season one clem he would rather probably get killed, but youre right season 2 clem would understand. but I still fucking hit carver
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    "close your eyes, sweat pea...", Lee reluctantly said as he slowly raised his hand. While his heart ached by the mere thought of what he had to do, his mind was horrified by the things he just imagined doing to Carver once he had the chance. The reason for his shock, however, didn't lie in the brutality he envisioned in his mind, but rather how much he looked forward to do it. Was humanity slowly making room for his more feral side? He struggled as he tried to find an answer to this question. One thing was clear, however...Carver would pay for this. That, Lee was sure of.
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