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I like how TellTale is including [Hug] and [Hit] choices in place of actual dialogue. Actions can speak louder than words sometimes. I hope they do more in future episodes, lord knows that these people will be needing plenty of hugs in the future and some people might need some smacking.

And Clementine gives the best hugs.


  • Maybe she could sneak up on you and hug you when you don't know it's coming. She will tho.
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    [HIT HIM]

    *Punches Luke in the heart*

    Luke: Hey! Hey! What was that for?

    Clem: You scared me...

    EDIT: I found a video after searching for awhile, www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvFqTZI3wao
  • That was so cute when Clem offered Sarah a hug. She's going to really need it after this episode though. :(
  • How about a [Squeeze the ever-living shit out of her/him]? ...No? Okay... xD
  • Also the [Sad Eyes], [Glare] & [Stare] options. Those were good too. I hope to see more of those in future episodes.
  • My Clem is a hugging machine.
  • I did neither. I was really neutral with him and asked him what he was doing here. I was legitimately surprised he came back, I though he ditched the group tbh.
  • Clementine is the master of hugs. Her hugs could easly make walkers to become vegetarians... if she would be able to come close enough to them without being bitten.
  • My gut reaction was to give Luke a hug, maybe because I was relieved that it was him rather than some other asshole trying to hurt me. But I kind of wanted to hit him for the lols after. I want a Clem hug, they look magical.
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    No-one is safe from Clementine hugs. No one.

    All shall have their time. I'm looking at you Sarah.
  • I felt bad for Clem when Sarah didn't offer to hug Clem back :(
  • I didn't do either. I don't think he deserved a hit, but I'm not going to hug Luke, I still don't trust that mofo.
  • I hugged Kenny. I liked getting to do that (twice).
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    My Clem only hugs people when they've earned it.

    I hugged Luke when he showed up because the tenacious son of a bitch straight-up hoofed it nonstop back to a maniac's heavily secure prison camp to help bail out his friends.

    I hugged Kenny because he voluntarily took a brutal beating from Carver for me and one of the first things he did when he got up was still to ask me if I was alright and tell me that it wasn't my fault.

    When Christa comes back, I'm hugging her as well because she spent 16 months taking care of me after losing her husband and child and refused to say she was with someone else despite being held at gun-point.

    So yeah. My Clem's hugs are hard to get. But if you do get them, you *know* they mean something.
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    I hit Luke. I was expecting it was going to be in a funny way, and it was.

    A hugged the shit out of Kenny on both occasions though.

    I also gave "Sad eyes" to Luke back in Episode 1.
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    Wait, Omid was her husband? I thought they were just boyfriend & girlfriend.
  • WHEN will there be a [Hug Nick] option?
  • Only Luke can hug Nick :P
  • He already did. Now it's my turn.
  • I thought about hitting him, but after seeing how bad he looked I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I hugged him :)
  • In his dying moments.

    (yes, I crai evrytime)
  • I knew there would be a hug option so I clicked it as soon as it appeared. Same with Kenny later. Free hugs for everyone!
  • I saw how bad he looked, and spent the rest of the encounter looking for bites, hoping I was wrong.
  • Yep, me too. Bullet holes also. I was scared that maybe the fan theory that Kenny shot Luke was right. I could've even sworn I saw a bullet hole in his shirt, on the chest.
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    I don't even talk to Kenny in season 2, I just communicate with him in hug format, my Clem doesn't really know anyone else well enough to putt her guard down around them. The only person she trusts completely is Kenny.
  • Wasn't aware there was a point to there being a difference, what with the world ending and all that.
  • the only person who deserves a [HIT] is the new writer of Episode 3.
  • "And Clementine gives the best hugs."

    that made me smile :)
  • Watch out Sarah, cuz when you least expect it. I'm gonna give you a BIG hug. :3
  • Whenever the hug options come up, I don't even think about the other options. HUUUUUGS
  • I really want Clem to hug Nick, but I don't want the circumstance to be him dying. That would be so depressing.
  • Never believed that Kenny hurt Luke at all. When Kenny kills people, he always has a good reason to. He didn't have a reason to kill Luke.
  • You better watch your back Man 'cause Clementine might give you a surprise hug.

    For the record I wanted to hug Sarah.But I guess it went for Luke.
  • I'm surprisingly fond of the hug options. I hugged Luke and Kenny but not Sarah, who I am looking out for, but more in a 'I'm going to teach you how to be tough and survive' way. Maybe she'll earn a hug one day though.
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    I really hope we get the option to give Sarah the hug we owe her in the next episode, then Clem can say something like "i told you i would give you a hug" if you chose to offer her one in the greenhouse.
  • "If she knew what it was really like out there she would cease to function" I don't think even a Clem hug would help her get over the emotional damage she has gone through. If she is as emotionally fragile as Carlos suggested and as we saw in episode 3 I think she might be a lost cause.
  • dude same

    im not sure but i bet i hugged carver somewhere along my game
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