• Season 1:

    Ep1: Lee (backstory, drug store, meeting Clem)

    Ep2: Kenny (Farm scene, salt lick scene, car scene)

    Ep3: Chuck (Funny lines, good speech, and good survival needs)

    Ep4: Ben (Regretting what he did, admitting it, and facing it)

    Ep5: Clem (interactions with Lee and finally controlling her, last talk with Lee, surfing on her own)

    Season 2:

    Ep1: Pete (Trusting Clem, Nick Story and Riverbank scene

    Ep2: Nick (Mourning Pete, Bridge scene, him/luke backstory and him telling Walt the truth)

    Ep3: Kenny (Divising the plan, Giving up the radio, Recovering from injuries, beating down Carver)
  • Season 1

    Ep1: Clementine. Here was this adorable, helpful kid that I grew instantly attached to. She stole the show this episode, hell she stole the whole series along with our hearts.

    Ep2: Kenny. No denying that salt lick moment. Legless Mark comes in a close second.

    Ep3: Kenny again. this was his episode. Omid's introduction as well. Loved him from the moment we met him.

    Ep4: Molly. Total badass. 'nuff said.

    Ep5: Lee. No need for explanation.

    Season 2:

    Ep1: Pete. Wonderful man. Loved him for believing Clem from the start, and his story about Nick's younger years was very humanizing.

    Ep2: Oh, I can't pick! IMO, Luke(bridge scene), Kenny(his return), Nick(shed and shooting Matthew, confronting Walter) and Pete(truck and death) stole the show quite equally. I really loved this episode. Lots of nice development.

    Ep3: Kenny and Rebecca. Kenny for obvious reason. Rebecca because I loved how active and involved she was in all the discussions.
  • Season 1

    Episode 1: Clementine... I was instantly attached. :)
    Episode 2: Mark (Don't...eat.......dinner....) and Kenny
    Episode 3: Kenny and Chuck (I still miss Chuck. D: His speech definitely set the tone for season 2 with the debut - I think - trailer.)
    Episode 4: Molly (of course) and Ben
    Episode 5: Lee. Lee. Lee. Lee. Lee. And Clementine, especially that post-credits scene, which got my heart racing. Honorary mention to Kenny and Ben during the "death" scene, I had to pause to cry.

    Season 2
    Episode 1: Clementine. Three words - "Still. Not. Bitten."
    Episode 2: Pete, Walter, and Kenny (his return scene still makes me so happy whenever I replay it)
    Episode 3: Kenny, Carver, and Clementine. I'm sorry, I chose like 3 characters each episode, but yeah. Kenny needs no explanation. Carver is such an awesome villain, I wanted him to die so bad and I had only ever felt that way before after Negan killed Glenn and after TV show Governor killed Hershel. I loved his speech to Clementine about the strong vs the weak, it will definitely be a huge part of season 2. And this episode marks the ep where Clem and everyone else come to realize she's a leader.
  • Season 1, Episode 1: Clementine (I'm going to try and keep this little girl safe)
    Season 1, Episode 2: Kenny (Showing that he'll do anything, ANYTHING, in order to get back to his family, trust in Kenny lost)
    Season 1, Episode 3: Omid and Clementine (Omid, because we just met a new bro. Clementine, because the losing of Duck and Katjaa were effecting her, and it's your job to be there for her)
    Season 1, Episode 4: Molly, Chuck, and Vernon's Crew (Chuck, because we just lost our hobro, and he risked his life to save Clem. Molly, because she was a mysterious and new character. Vernon's Crew, because they were new and pretty helpful after you settled them down)
    Season 1, Episode 5: Lee and Clementine (Lee has to go into epic mode to save Clementine, and by how depressing his death was)

    Season 2, Episode 1: Clementine, Omid and Pete (Clementine, because it's our first episode playing as her. Omid, because we have to say goodbye to a bro. Pete, because this guy sided with you the whole time)
    Season 2, Episode 2: Pete, Walter and Carver (Pete, because the bit with him in the begining made me feel so fucking sad. Walter, we met and lost an awesome character. Carver, because we now meet a new, crazy antagonist)
    Season 2, Episode 3: Clementine, Kenny, Carver (This episode actually, genuinely, had me scared for Clementine's life. Kenny, I was mad when he forced Clementine to keep the walkie-talkie on her, but renewed his awesomeness by taking the hits for her, but then once again, made me lose faith in him when he killed Carver by beating him to death with a crowbar. Carver, because it showed how evil and fucked up he was, and how he failed)
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    Season One Episode 1: Lee & Clem, Great intro for the leads of S1.
    Season One Episode 2: Lee & Kenny, The downfall of their humanity.
    Season One Episode 3: Kenny & Lilly, Kenny's lose & Lilly's insanity.
    Season One Episode 4: Ben & Lee, Ben being screwing up & getting almost everyone killed, Lee getting bitten.
    Season One Episode 5: Lee, Clem & Kenny, I don't really need to say anything here.
    400 Days: Nate because Gorked! Eddie because he mad the Episode funny & he helped a man he hit with his car when could have just left him.
    Season Two Episode 1: Pete & Luke, They both helped Clem when no one else would, Even if Luke did drop her.
    Season Two Episode 2: Nick, Don't need to say why, Clem & Kenny, That scene when they finally found each other was so heartwarming.
    Season Two Episode 3: Kenny, Again, You should know why, Clem, You should know why ;D Carver, He was such a asshole to everyone, Alvin, His last moments was heart breaking, Rebecca, It felt like she was involved a lot in E3, Carlos, The scene in the herd...
  • A New Day - Lee
    Starved For Help - Kenny and Lee
    Long Road Ahead - Lilly and Kenny
    Around Every Corner - Molly
    No Time Left - Lee, Clem and Kenny
    400 Days - Nate and Eddie
    All That Remains - Clem (The line "Still not bitten" is overrated btw)
    A House Divided - Kenny and Carver
    In Harm's Way - Kenny and Carver
    Amid The Ruins - Luke
    No Going Back - Nate and Clem

    The last two are jokes btw

    Overall Scores - Nate: 1, Molly: 1, Eddie: 1, Lilly: 1, Carver: 2, Lee: 3, Clem: 3, Kenny: 5
  • -Season 1-

    Episode 1 : Lee.
    Episode 2 : Lee and Kenny.
    Episode 3 : Lilly and Lee.
    Episode 4 : Chuck, Lee, Clementine, and Molly.
    Episode 5 : Lee, Clementine, Ben, and Kenny.

    -Season 2-
    Episode 1 : Clementine.
    Episode 2 : Pete and/or Nick, Clementine, Luke, and Carver.
    Episode 3 : Clementine, Carver, Kenny, Sarah, Luke, and Bonnie.

    -400 Days-
    Nate, Stephanie, the guys Vince is with on the bus.
  • I'm not counting playable characters, otherwise I'd put Lee/Clem for all of them lol.

    Season 1:
    1. Clementine
    2. Kenny
    3. Kenny and Lilly
    4. Molly
    5. Clementine

    Season 2
    1. Pete
    2. Nick
    3. Kenny and Bonnie

    400 Days
    I hate to say this, but Nate.
  • Can't remember enough of season 1 to list those, so i'll just do season 2:

    2.01: Clementine
    2.02: Nick
    2.03: Sarah

    Bonnie and Kenny really got a chance to shine in episode 3, but it was Sarah who stole the show for me. It really broke her down and played around with her character, and she was there to witness 2 very dramatic murders. She shared most of the screentime with Clem too, and a lot of the choices were about her.
  • I actually think most of the Ep3 is about Sarah they keep talking about her in every scene
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