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My predictions for Nick in Episode 4.

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I already wrote this as a comment in skoothz "Nick's Behavior in Ep 3" thread, I thought more people needed to see this because I think it's a great prediction.

In Episode 3 Nick is a guy who has a crush on the hottest guy in school & he talks to a friend(Clem) about it, Saying how great he is but not only does Luke not notice him at the camp when he get's there, He refuses to acknowledge him like the prettiest guy in school would do to someone he doesn't want a relationship with, Nick is secretly heartbroken, After they escape the herd, They join up with Eddie's group which is located in a museum, At this time they are resting in their rooms but Nick can't get Luke off his mind, He tells himself "I have to tell him how I feel, I could die & he will never know" So he mans up & goes to Luke's room, He knock's his door, Luke's opens it & says"What's up" Nick admit's his feelings to Luke, Luke is shocked but deep down he knew Nick loved him but he knows he doesn't feel the same, Luke tells Nick he doesn't feel the same but then Nick heard a voice coming from Luke's room, It was Bonnie laying in Luke's bed, Nick is shocked & heartbroken by this, He runs out of the museum into the dark, Nick was never seen again...

I think this will happen In E4, What do you all think?
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