• More walkers which will be the threat again, finding more survivors, more deaths. Plus i am really hoping Nate returns, i guess he could take Carver's place
  • Dreading the end of the season, because im pretty sure Telltale is going to kill Kenny. It's the only death that would come close to having the emotional impact as Lee's did. Season is probably going to end with you deciding if Clem should go out on her own or stay with a group
  • Carver is dead. His group isn't, including the 400 days people and above all Tavia.

    Tavia and friends very likely just lost a good chunk of their people to Clem and company's escape attempt. Wouldn't you guess they would be a bit upset about that?

    They'll be back. And angry. Presumably, its in that context we'll get more interaction with the other 400 days characters.
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    OzzyUK Moderator
    I am excited for the rest of the season but like you said i have no idea where the story is going, i am also really worried that something bad might happen to Clementine. I don't think she's going to die as it will end up being a rehash of season 1 but she might end up being alone.
  • As long as Clem and co. are still in it, I'm in for the long run pretty much.
  • They wouldn't kill Carver in episode 3 if they didn't have any better ideas for the next two episodes. That's what I'm thinking...
  • Yeah, I still am. People (or maybe it's just me) are contented right now because there are new things to talk about with the latest episode. Trust me, when it gets closer to the release date, there will be more hype.
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    vixvicco BANNED
    I'm interested because I don't know what the writers have planned. I didn't think Kenny would come back and he did. I didn't think Lee would die at all, and he did. I am keen because they will always surprise us somehow. I am ready for the next two episodes, and next season.
  • I still do excited as always. I'm curious how this season will end. Mindblew? Shocked? Cliffhanging(again)? Happy? wait and see.
  • I hope we could have more kids (aside from Sarah) in the game, It's pretty much getting repetitive having adults around.
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