• Why didn't bonnie just gun down Carver and his 3-4 guys when they were all together.
  • Yeah the "plan" was terrible. It was thanks to bonnie and the other girl that they got out. Though it does beat Luke's plan
  • Yeah.. I think this episode was good in furthering Kenny's irrational personality alongside his potential moments of loyalty.

    He's willing to incite action, but his escape plans were pretty destructive from the start.
  • Totally unrelated but I just need to say that I'm so glad "Kenneth" has become a thing.
  • Kenneth? This whole time it's Kenny, Kenny, Kenny, now he's fuckin' Kenneth?

    (I don't hate on Kenny, just wanna add it there :P)
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    Yeah the plan was incredibly stupid. Which is why I disagreed. But of course you ended up having to do it anyway.
  • His plan was to use his powerful mustache to fly away from the herd like in Season 1 so it wasnt that stupid.
  • I love Kenny, but his plans from Season 1 weren't any more thought out then the one's here.

    Remember Kenny's whole grab a boat plan? It was basically lets grab a boat and see what happens...
  • I just don't see why we didn't overthrow the compound and just stay there. I mean we basically killed all of them except the ones shooting on the roof. we were fenced in and the only way we got out was through the garage or something.
    • because there are more people on the inside that carry firearms,and I doubt they will just "meh,okay" when they find out their leader's face is getting beaten to a mush
  • Well please remember: This is Kenny. He seldom has any good ideas or plans.
    Season 1 is a massive proof of this. I ALWAYS sided with Lilly. SHE was always working for the groups well being. Kenny had the most idiotic plans and only cared about Kat and Duck, and could give two shits about what happened to Lee or the others.

    In Season 2, during the Lodge attack, he made the idiotic choice to try to take on four goons all on his own, which cost Walter his life.

    Mini list of times Kenny fucked up:
    1. Left Shawn to die
    2. Kept talking about the RV constantly
    3. Wanted to live on that farm
    4. Wanted to leave the motor inn
    5. Wanted only him, Kat and duck fed, and didn't care about the others
    6. Killed Larry without taking it up with the other group members
    7. Despite Lilly trying to save the group, he wanted to leave her behind without thinking
    8. Wouldn't accept the fact Duck was dying
    9. Wouldn't stop the train
    10. Cared only about the boat
    11. Thought of Lee in the attic as just another "Larry situation" and wanted to think about killing him
    12. Went to save Ben, despite the fact he constantly talked about leaving him behind
    13. Was rude to Nick and Luke for no reason at the dinner
    14. Wouldn't think things through when he tried to take on FOUR guys HIMSELF, which cost walter his life
    15. Tried to make a plan to take on numerous guys with a gun after they arrive at the compound (Which didn't happen due to being knocked out)
    16. Did not want to follow lukes plan despite it being the best one

    Kenny fucks up all the time. And you all call Ben bad.
    • Here comes a long ass post. Sorry but I have to call you out on your bullshit here.

      1. Kenny was helping his kid, he tried to help his kid and froze up when coming to help Shawn. He was just looking out for his kid and made a bad call.
      2. He kept talking about the RV because it was a useful tool for the group, it helped them escape in ep3 didn't it?
      3. Living on the farm is a good idea, plenty of food, land, safety and people to protect it
      4. The motor inn was a wreck and Macon was falling apart, most the town was tapped for supplies and was full of walkers, not to mention the bandit attacks
      5. He was looking out for his family, can you blame the man? Even if you don't feed him he appreciates you feeding the kids like any 'real man' does in that situation.
      6. He pointed out the situation and make a risk assessment, it was pretty valid and could be passed easily, Larry was a gonner with only a 1-5% chance of being revived with CPR as he needed medical equipment to stabilize the heart.
      7.Well Lilly either shot a guy in the back of the head who and intended to kill a teenage boy and she didn't even consult the group which seemed like such a big deal when Kenny didn't according to you.
      8.It was his son, Lilly wouldn't accept the fact that Larry was dying either, It is family, you can't just be accepting the fact that your child is dying. I'm sure it must be an awful experience and I would be the same
      9. ^^
      10. He was trying to get the group to safety and he had nothing left to live for but the group and his plan
      11. Well he was bitten, wouldn't you do the same? He wasn't going to kill him on the spot, he was just wanting to clear things up
      12. He finally realized that Ben wasn't a bad kid he just fucked up a lot. He finally forgave him and earned his redemption.He didn't have to either, the kid killed his family yet he still forgave him.
      13. Nick insulted his plan and Luke was being bitchy about Clem wanting to stay with Kenny
      14. He was trying to save the group unlike Luke who fled into the forest like a baby
      15. I agree that was pretty stupid but we couldn't just sit there and do nothing
      16. No, Kenny's plan was the one that worked and was the groups best bet

      Not such a fuck up right?
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