• What if TWAU is just some crazy dude in an asylum playing out of fantasy, when being entirely guilty of the crime of insanity....... Hence he Cried Wolf, the end.

    Seriously your theory has a few gaps when leaving out the murderer? It would be a shitty game if that is what we are playing, because we haven't solved anything, just watched a video when pretending to have any affect on the outcome? The killer according to you was introduced in episode 3?

    Btw nice chapter summary and grammar. Who can say what really happens in the end.

    The idiot downgrading comments needs to get a life. You either rate or you don't rate. But rather actually submit something to the thread by responding. Putting a thumbs down without any purpose is childish, doing so, should not be certified to be on this forum or playing this game
    • Do you think I said Mary is the killer? I didn't say anything about murders or a killer. I specifically called whoever is behind this a "villain" exactly because I'm not sure any murder happened. For all we know, considering Fables' resilience and magic, even Lily could have had head her head and body reunited instead of being dumped down the witching well (I wouldn't be surprised if a troll could grow her head back, or her head grow whole new body.. the mirror can grow missing pieces, and trolls are known for regenerating body parts... in D&D they could only be killed with fire or acid, a game mechanic but still...). I suggested that someone is playing Bigby and shaking up the fables community foundations. My theory implies that our choices/action have a way bigger consequence than solving two murders (and if it was just about it we know we all would in the end, as however a bad detective Bigby can be, leads come to us and the story progresses). I suggested that being an ass, abusing your power to steal money, beat people up mercilessly, and even kill, however justifiable it may have felt could end up having huge unforeseen consequences for Bigby.

      Try reading before commenting the next time.
      • don't worry bobit jumps onto every topic getting into arguments just ignore it .
      • What did I say? I even paid you a compliment.

        However the asshole that you are, deserves shit now.

        So now I will get into an argument to keep the other asshole happily assuming my motives.

        I said you haven't named a murderer in your theory, which is exactly what I said. So any chapter progression is of purely hypothetical assumption when summarized in that way. You have stated emphatically to knowing what TWAU is about, but haven't clarified. I had said according to your assumption, you have based the killer coming into play from chapter 3. I didn't name any killer because you haven't. That in the Crooked Mile you have related a massive assumption accordingly to the Crooked Man's schemes. Please read before you insult.

        Sadly like your theory which is full of shit, which you have just proved from trolls regenerating from a beheading. Your nothing but an ass, a stinking blight on anything posted, don't bother regenerating.

        The game is so Linear a fact. Without adversely describing what it lacks repeatedly. Any murder game with a murderer coming into play later in game, as a character we had no prior knowledge of apart from murders. Means effectively this game wasn't solved, it was watched, all we did was go through the motions to discover a story. We may have well have been reading a book, or watching a film. Any sequel after a murder game's entry into it's universe, can't be another murder story can it? What would it be? Some case, of the missing chicken strippers, and the Colenel's secret sauce, shit we already had that story didn't we? According to your ectoplasm they somehow revived in the witching well. Think many would rather go onto Borderlands, GoT would be well with adverse reservations, considering how all other GoT based games have done.

        Some buy everything and vent for pages...
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    I think Ep.4 is when Cinderella comes in
    • I think Telltale may have cut her out. She was in the Smoke and Mirrors trailer, and not in the episode. Hopefully not though. She's one of my favourite characters in the comics.
  • I love this thread so intelligent,deep with great depth and of course solid points perfect combination

    How I see it

    Bigby is trying to escape himself deep down he thinks his a monster so serves fabletown trying to save himself and help his conscience of what he really is. He tries to follow the rules but because things are never going right he feelslike a failure as enough though he tries so hard the people he cares about keeps dying making him make rash decisions out of frustration.

    Moral of the story will end with Bigby embracing the monster inside letting what he hates about himself his weaknesses become his strengths and finally accept himself for what he is.
    • Thanks for the compliment! You got what I meant, I just hope that in the end Bigby will necessarily embrace his darkness like you said. I think he will either end up regretting deeply any wrongs that he commit during the course of the game and everyone will be there to remind him of his failure, dislocating him even more, or if he keeps a level head, staying true to what he believes right no matter what, in the end he will feel somewhat redeemed about his past, more confident about himself and hopeful about his future, and everyone he cares about will be really proud of him and will come/let him closer as one of them, not a complete lone wolf.

      Note how Snow is always checking on Bigby, giving us a hard time for abusing the prisoner (even if we chose not to and try to tell her it was Bluebeard), recognizing when we do "better than expected" when dealing with situations like Toad lying, getting info from TJ, etc., or how Holly when drugged recognizes Bigby's effort if we are nice to her and demonstrate sympathy for her sister. On the other hand, note how Bluebitch orgasms if we choose to beat a tied up Woody/Dee mercilessly, how Mary calls Bibgy a pussy if we let Dum live, or how Georgie is always trying to provoke us, bringing up Bigby's tendency for aggression. Simply every character we meet seem to be either scared/worried or excited/interested about Bigby's violent side. Whatever turn the story takes I have no doubt this is its main theme or at least a major one. I can't wait for the next episode! :)
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