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Freeware Adventure: Life of D. Duck II

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I found this little freeware gem from another forum site. It's a home brew adventure game built in Adventure Game Studio, a very reliable and stable adventure platform ( This adventure game's interface is the same one as Sam & Max Hit The Road.


"D. Duck is a champion. Having won Duckcity (Duckburg) marathon, his only goal left in life is winning the heart of Daisy. When D. Duck comes home with heart medicine for his sick old grandmother, fat Uncle Jubalon arrives at his doorstep. Unable to stop his uncle from breaking into the house, D. Duck is witness to an appetite unlike any other. As his girlfriend flees the scene, she seeks shelter in the loving arms of lucky Cousin Anton (Gladstone Gander). Take control over D. Duck as he struggles to handle his biggest problems yet, and meet up with popular Disney characters such as Uncle Scrooge, Magica De Spell and his three troublemaking nephews."

- Exclusive dialogue and artwork by Bjørnar B
- Well over 20 tremendous Commodore 64 chiptunes
- Around five times longer than the first one (and a lot less linear)
- Keyboard shortcuts, check Readme.txt for details.
- Hundreds of different ingame sound effects (yes, really)
- Don't like right-clicking to change cursor mode? Turn on the cursor menu in the main menu! Click it several times to switch menu behavior!

Here's the trailer for Life of D. Duck II:

Here's the link to download this freeware:

Credits to: Piney, Bjørnar B, and Something Awful
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