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Just for fun I am going to talk about the two Bone games and talk about how they differ fron their book counterparts. today I will mention Out From Bonvile.

• In the book Smiley finds the map, while in the game Fone Bone finds it under a rock
• In the game the way Fone Bone meets Ted and his big brother is different from the book
• It is fall in the book and it eventually becomes winter and snows whereas in the game it is a seemingly warm and sunny spring or summer day
• In the game FB first meets the Possum Kids when he comes upon their house, whilst in the book he meets them when he is asked to babysit them
• The book shows FB meeting the rat creatures and gets chased down the waterfall after he is asked to babysit the Possum Brothers but the game shows that happening before he even meets the possums
• The book shows Phoney Bone making fun of Gran’ma Ben’s cows but in the game it shows him making fun of other things
• The Characters are all outside when the meet in the game but the book Show them meeting inside Grandma’s house
• In the book it is days later that they head into town but in the game it is one day
• In the book Phoney only meets the Possums once but in the game he meets them twice
• In the game it takes everyone all-night to notice phoney bone is gone but in the book they notice right away
that' all I got for now! bye


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    The book takes place over a couple of months/seasons whereas the game seemingly takes place within the span of a few hours.
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    In the book, Phoney meets the hooded one in book one.

    In the game, he meets him in the second game.

    And he meets smiley in the second game.
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    also it shows the rat creatures hiding in the hole in the very end of the game while in the book it shows them hiding during the midde of the book before the good guys fix the farmhouse. Also their dialouge is changed slightly: of course, that happens alot in the game. to all the characters actually.
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