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SBCG4AP wont work for me

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i don't know why, but when i open the install program, it automatically closes. The screen where it says next as the option, the very first one with a picture of i think strongbad (although i can't be too sure, it closes in an instant). Is this a known issue for anyone? is there any way to fix this?


Edit: going to try running it directly from IE instead of firefox like I've been doing, ill edit again if it doesn't work

edit #2: yeah, it didn't work... and apparently my virus scanners are picking up a new virus every time i run it... i don't know quite what to make of this...
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  • Where did you download it from, and which episode is this? Have you tried saving the installer to your computer rather than running it from your browser?

    Sounds like you should do a virus scan. Let us know what the virus scanner is saying. It's possible the installer is coming up as a false positive.
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