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Hello guys i have problem with The Walking Dead season 1 I buy it on Steam.But the game says walkingdead101.exe stopped working. I tried the instructions on this page with TWD_PC_Support_Tool ...but i don't get it :D Beacuse i'm so dumb and not very good in english :D I download that program but it's still don't wanna work for me ... please help ..

and i have that link with my files in TWD_PC_Support_Tool folder ... I must send that here ?
(I'm so sory for my very bad english >.< ! )
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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
    Please upload that file to, and then you will be able to copy and paste the download link created by uploading your file into a reply to this thread, and once I receive the download link, I will be able to look over your support tool, and assist you further.
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