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Your Favorite Determinant Deaths?

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Most times, when a character is determinant, their death is only stalled. So they end up having two deaths. The only exceptions being Chet who has the option to have an unknown fate. Some determinant deaths can have a major plot point, and others can be simple because you let the person live. Which do you think are the better determinant deaths?

Downed by Walkers vs Shot by Lilly after telling her off

Downd by Walkers vs Shot by Lilly protecting Ben

Ben (This one seems like the hardest one)
Dropped to Save Others vs Impaled in Alleyway

Downed by Walkers vs Shot in Stomach and Bled to Death

David (Teacher)
Left to Die and Eaten vs Amputated and Bled to Death

Andy St. Bernard
Electrocuted vs Shot in Head vs Left to Walkers

Danny St. Bernard
Stabbed vs Left to Walkers

Choked to Death vs Shot by Clementine

Executed by Carver vs Shot Protecting Clementine

Eaten Alive vs Shot and Disemboweled by Unknown
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