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Will the original VAs come back?

posted by iorek21 on - Viewed by 2.7K users
If the trailer was any indication, Marcus's VA will return. But what about the others? It wouldn't be the same to see Claptrap, Tiny Tina or Mr. Torgue with other voices...
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    dojo32161 Moderator
    My guess would be most likely. They'd like to make it as authentic as possible.
  • We've seen Jack, Marcus, and Claptrap if you count Poker Night 2. In the developer interview Gearbox already said they'r giving TellTale as much of their resources as quickly as they can to help them with development. so i don't think there's any intention of having someone substitute as a voice actor.
  • Trivia warning:

    Zero has already had two actors credited to him in TTaoDK and there had been some suspicion that Zero had a different voice in the last Headhunter pack, though it could have been changes in post production but he may sound that way in Tales. (Honestly though I haven't played through with Zero yet but it drew some comments).
  • Well if Mordecai is anywhere in this game (which I hope he is) its safe to say he will not have his original voice actor since he didnt return for Borderlands 2.
    I am still pissed about that..He sounds awful in BL2 and always will in any future games unless they bring Julio Cedillo back. (Whom starred in an episode of The Walking Dead(tv series) Not relevant, but fun tidbit. Which I am full of)
    • Incidentally as someone who played Roland since the very first day of the first Borderlands, I noticed that Roland's voice wasn't the same either. It wasn't just the more serious, weathered tone of voice, it was deeper too. I didn't look too much into the back end of it, But I'm pretty sure it wasn't the same VA.
      • You are correct in your observation. Rolands voice actor was changed as well. Very disappointing to me. Half of what makes a character is the voice. To change it, (to a horrid choice mind you) was devastating to them as characters.
  • I am VERY much hoping that Colleen Clinkenbeard will return as Lilith/Tannis/Captain Scarlett. Her performance was one of the most believable in Borderlands 2.
    Other than that, it would be nice to see the four hunters from BL2 appear, like Martha Harms as Maya.
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