All Save Games Lost - A Fix?

edited May 2014 in The Walking Dead
Hey Gang. My computer was stolen and all my saves from Season 1 / 400 days and Ep 1 Season 2 are gonzo (computer stolen). Any easy way to make those decisions without replay and pick up where I left off? I would really hate to play the whole thing through again since I already did some replays



  • Damn man, that sucks.

    I'm sorry but the only option is replay the games again :(
  • Thanks, that's what I was afraid of. For all others about to get into a divorce: Take all your important stuff and throw it into storage... women are INSANE : )
  • Your PC was stolen? God, I´m sorry, but there is no way to rescue the saves. :(
  • GREAT NEWS! I went to start playing back from the beginning again today and all the saves / past decisions were there right up through 400 days!!! Maybe steam somehow is involved? Miracle? Divine intervention? Anyway, a small victory but made my day. Season 2 doesnt have my first episode but who cares :)

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