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I'd like to talk about "A Glitch in Time"...

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I tend to do this with cartoons a lot. Especially time-travel ones. Please don't hate me. XD
Did anyone else dwell on this episode after watching it? There are a couple of things I noticed while watching this.
1. How did Max still have the time-travel watch after he screwed up the time-line? Sam was the one that gave it to him in the first place, and if Sam wasn't his friend anymore, who gave it to him?
2. I just have to bring up "Chariots of the Dogs". If you haven't finished playing at least the demo, you probably shouldn't read ahead. Yes, that's right, there are SPOILERS! I thought Max swore off time-traveling in "A Glitch in Time", so why did he agree to time-travel? And since he DID agree, you'd think he'd be more careful, right? Losing his best friend is one of the few things he's actually serious about.
3. In an interview that someone sent me, it said that Sam and Max met in the third grade, yet they looked a lot younger than that in "A Glitch in Time". Do they just look like really small third-graders, or did they actually meet sooner than they said?
Well, I'm going to stop talking now. ;)
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  • It's a cartoon - is my answer.
  • I made a post that kinda covers this, apparently the comics/games/cartoons cant reference stuff from each other because the separate companies can sue for copyright infringement. Thats why some characters from the cartoon and the comics/HTR arent in the telltale games or each others material. Hope this helps.
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