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Sam & Max comic chronology

posted by Skippy the Demon on - last edited - Viewed by 612 users
I remember awhile back the wiki for Sam & Max on had a chronology of the comics, but now its gone... I tried searching the internets and couldn't find anything. I was just wondering how many comic books Steve Purcell made before they made Surfin' the Highway. I have 3 of them and they are all made by different publishers, so each one is #1, which makes it hard to tell what order they are in when searching the internet.

The chronology on that wikipedia page had pictures of each of the comic covers that made it a ton easier to figure out which ones are which. I was just wondering cuz I think there is one inbetween the 2nd one and the Bad Day on the Moon one, or maybe after Bad Day on the Moon... any help would be much appreciated.
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