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Religion in the walking dead(Spoilers)

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Ok so i am possibly dabbling in a very sensitive issue here but...lets talk Religion in TWDG;
(i wont mark the post as containing spoilers for the sake of people who want to come back and discuss this matter)

Let me start off by why i decided to make this thread:
1)In S01E02 Ben explains to the group that no matter how you die if the brain isn't destroyed you will turn into a walker,one of the choices you have to say is something along the lines of "God help us"
2)Clementine in S02E02 Thanks 'God' for finding the Can of beans.
3)As we draw closer to the ending of EP.1(S2) Pete says:"Jesus marry and Joseph"

My question is:
How can the character we interact with(and play as) still believe in God after everything that has happened?

To be honest i was kind of suprised that Clementine even said the word "God"

Before you post(if you even will) remember that i am not here to support or bash religion,i actually found this to be an interesting topic to Discuss...

What do you guys think?
  • Sometimes, i think people just use the words as an expression, not because they believe. :)
  • Well, I think Carver and all his buddies were part of a new form of Cheondoism. I don't really care about people's religion so I wouldn't really know, as long as religion leaves me alone, I'm fine with it.
  • There's also the option to say "God bless you, alright?" to the girl in episode 1 before she shoots herself. But that was more for her benefit, seeing as she seemed to be very religious.

    But anyway, as the others have said, they are just expressions. It's up to the player if it has any meaning or not.
  • I am not an antitheist, but I would like to note that in Long Road Ahead, it is revealed that Ben Paul reads the bible. When Lee asks Ben for some chalk, Ben says that he doesn't play with it and that he usually has his thoughts and reads a bible he found in his room. Just providing an additional instance of a religious reference.
    • Yeah, I could see Ben as being a religious type.
    • Just because he reads a Bible doesn't mean he's religious. It could just mean he doesn't have any other reading material.

      I have the Bible, the Quran, the Zend Avesta and the Dao De Jing on my Kindle. It doesn't mean I'm a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Zoroastrian or Daoist. It just means I want to know more about what those faiths believe in. If I had nothing else to read but a Bible, I'd read it every day without believing a word.
  • Your thread is really interesting and I agree with Walkingdanielle.

    In 400 days Dee will tell Leland that she can't believe that he is still religious after everything that happened with the world.

    In Pete's case he mentioned Jesus's family so he must religious.

    And if you don't save Alvin Clementine will tell Rebecca that he is still watching over her confirming that she is religious.

    I think that believing in god in an apocalypse is a good thing.It shows that how strong the characters have faith in him and after life.
    • I think maintaining your faith in an apocalypse is incredibly helpful with your own morale, but I think that you should also place some faith with your group/family/friends and yourself.
    • Im glad you find it interesting ^^
      i totally forgot about that option if you dont save Alvin that you can say that to Rebecca :P Thanks for pointing it out
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    It's what they hold on to, their hope, god is all they have left.

    People need something to believe in, even if it isn't real, they need to know someone "up there" is watching over them, it's psychological.

    And it's a way of speech anyway, I even say "Jesus christ" even though I'm not Christian.
  • I don't think there's much religion worth discussing in the game. Random religious exclamations mean nothing. I'm an atheist and I don't even think twice of using religious curses of various sorts. "Jesus fucking christ" or "Goddammit" or "go to hell" or the like. If anything, such exclamations come easier to me than they would a believer, since I don't give a crap about taking the lord's name in vain or any such thing.

    The only overtly religious character we've seen to date is Leland from 400 days. If you wait long enough in their fight, he'll chide Dee for using the lord's name in vain or some such, at which point Dee attacks him for still being a believer in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Otherwise, the topic doesn't come up.
    • That's something I always found a little endearing about Leland. If you'd still believe in God after a world-shattering catastrophe, people would think you're either incredibly stupid, or incredibly ballsy. I'm in the latter category.

      Mind you, some individuals of faith could interpret the apocalypse as PROOF of God's existence. Divine payback for centuries of Mankind generally behaving like an asshole, or what-have-you.

      Hell, if the dead were walking the earth, I'd be ready to consider the possibility of a supernatural origin. It's not like anybody else in the WALKING DEAD universe has cooked up a decent scientific theory yet.
  • I'm an Atheist and this doesn't bother me. I often say "bless you" when somebody sneezes even though I don't mean to, it just comes naturally. I doubt there are many people left that still believe in a God that will let all of this happen in the first place.
  • Well, here are two possibilities that I can think of:
    Maybe they have lost their faith and just use the word 'God' as an expression (it happens IRL, the word is so ingrained into our society that sometimes it's just used casually without any religious context)
    If there are those who still believe, my understanding would be that they would view the outbreak as some form of test thrust upon them by whatever deity they worship
    I've said in the past that I refuse to discuss my own religious persuasion, and I still stand by that, but in terms of discussing theories on why people are behaving in a certain manner within the confines of a fictional story, that's just my two cents
  • There hasn't been much mentioned in the game about peoples beliefs and religion, probably because like you say it is a sensitive issue to some and it is best to be left out.
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