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Poofy text

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I have tried the demos for both Bone games and CSI. In all three the text looks 'poofy' and is difficult to read, like the antialiasing went horribly wrong. In the Bone games it is not too bad, because the text is large. In CSI the menus are unreadable.

All of the other graphics are fine. Only the text is a mess.

I am using an IBM T23 laptop with Windows XP, 512 Mb of memory, a 1Ghz processor and "S3 Graphics SuperSavage/1XC" graphics running at 1024x768. On my wife's Dell, it looks fine.

Thanks for any help you can give. (I will be buying the Bone games anyway, but CSI is dependent on figuring this out.)

Mike DeSanto
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  • Could you attach a screenshot so I can see what it looks like?

    Sounds like either a problem with the video card on your laptop, or with the game's resolution. It could be that your laptop doesn't support 800x600, which is the resolution used by all three of these games.
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    OK, I think I found the problem, and I don't think it can be fixed.

    I checked to see what would happen if I set the resolution down to 800x600. It allows 800x600, but it stretches it to use the entire 1024x768 screen, thus making the text look like crap. Here is an example:


    Is there any way to increase the resolution to 1024x768? Does anyone know how to tell an IBM laptop to leave blank space around the image instead of stretching the pixels?

    Mike DeSanto
  • You can't increase the resolution in the game, but you can run it in a window instead of full-screen. That might help. To run in windowed mode, select this in the options menu or just press ctrl-enter on your keyboard.

    Unfortunately, I think whether the laptop stretches the screen or leaves black bars around it is not something that can be changed, it's set for the laptop.

    (Sam & Max will have scalable resolutions going up to 1600x1200, by the way.)
  • Does this mean you'll update Bone as well?:D
  • I don't know, but now that it's built into the engine, I'm pretty sure you'll see scalable resolutions in future Bone games.
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    I take it back. I played the game in a window so there was no scaling, and the text still looks horrible. The weird thing is, anything that is part of a graphic is fine. Only text that is text (say, on the menus) is blurry.

    Maybe a font is missing or corrupted?

    Mike DeSanto
  • That's pretty strange. The Bone games use an entirely different font than CSI, so I can't imagine it has anything to do with the font.

    I bet it's due to the video card. I'll see if anyone around the office has any ideas.
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