How do think carver was before the outbreak?



  • (?) Omid's cat will remember that you abandoned him.
  • He was normal
  • I assumed he raped her because of his last words; to me, that was a pretty clear implication.
  • He could be an english teacher (strict but not to the point on killing students o_o) since he has a huge vocabulary.
  • He just means she enjoyed "it" when she was cheating on Alvin.
  • Maybe he was just alcoholic
  • So that's why he kidnapped people and brought them to the compound, he just wanted to give them some English lessons!

    Well shit, why didn't he just say that? I would have totally appreciated his efforts in trying to keep society articulate after the apocalypse. What a nice thing to do.
  • He sold copy machines.
  • Probably a frustrated, disenfranchised pencil pusher with no wife and kids, who wore Garfield ties on Fridays, played strategy board games in the rec room, and sometimes casually fantasized about shooting up the office.

    The apocalypse was his big break.
  • I was with you until I read "Garfield ties".

    I think Carver was more of a Marmaduke man.
  • I think he was still kind of an asshole but never to the level we see in S2. He probably had a lot of unfulfulled ambitions too. I always imagined him as some sort of middle-to-high ranking officer and war veteran. Maybe he even had a few medals.
  • child abuser that worked at the slaughter house.
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    Most likely he was average like everyone else. Extreme situations have a way of bringing about extreme changes in people.
  • I bet he was a cop. That kind of talk he had with Clem in his office looked like to me a police questioning!
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    Then he took an arrow to the knee.
  • people sometimes call me by my last name hey heck that's his last name so that's what they call him
  • Honestly I think before all this begun, he used to dance around in his grandma's panties, rubbing himself in peanut butter.
  • Professional chess player
  • A butcher.
  • I imagine he was the greatest ice cream vendor ever.
  • Did Carver kill a shit load of pigs with a knife?
  • I think he was an investigator interrogator or lawyer
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    A wrestler!. He likes punch people(Alvin, Kenny, Reggie, Sarah(indirectly) and Clem(determinant)).
  • How do you know? His last words to her sound very much like those of someone who forced someone to have set with them
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    im not talking about tv rick grimes but comic rick
  • Oh, well I don't read the comics because well... I don't like comics.
  • you should man
    cool stuff
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    To me, that was just her regretting her participating in the act, and cheating on Alvin. Rebecca is assertive and strong willed, and in almost all of her scenes it seems Rebecca wears the pants in her relationship with Alvin, sometimes it even seems she's annoyed with him. That doesn't mean she doesn't love Alvin, but there were obvious personality clashes/differences, so it's not hard to believe that at one point she was attracted to Carver's "alpha male" personality. Obviously when she saw that Carver wasn't who she thought he was, she regrets cheating on Alvin .While they were having an affair she enjoyed it , but now she regrets it so she's denying enjoying it, and Carver is pointing that out. Until Rebecca outright says it wasn't consensual, it was not rape in my eyes.
  • Kni?? How did you come up with that as a nickname?! XD
  • Duck's name was Kenny junior, so ehm... Kni jnjnur!
  • yep he DOES like to punch faces
  • Seems legit.
  • if you are going to down vote, you should at least reply back to tell me why you disagree, or attempt to disprove my argument.
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    The problem with people saying Rebecca consensually had sex with Carver is that people who hate her spin it so she looks like a whore or a slut. I've seen more than a few people say that if Rebecca really cheated on Alvin consensually, then they lose all respect for her. That's an awful way to think... she is not to blame for, as Sarita said, "the actions of a madman." The blame is all on him. Personally, however, I do believe both are plausible. Obviously, Carver is a twisted man and he could have raped Rebecca because he was threatened by the men she was allied with (Luke, Alvin, Carlos). Rebecca said she used to do a lot of the announcements back in the day, and since the PA system is in Carver's office, that provided her and Carver alone time, which can support both beliefs (Carver could hurt her there/Rebecca and Carver secretly have an affair). Carver's last words really do echo the words of many rapists, though. I went way into depth with this wow
  • I found out what he did before the outbreak.he was some kind of engineer before it which is probably why they have electricity.
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    I think Carver was a desert storm combat veteran.
    In the war, he developed a violent and vindictive spirit.
    After coming back, I see Carver as having a hard time readjusting to society, cause of being combat hardened.
    For the next five years, I see Carver drinking and getting into bar-fights.

    ( Both Desert Storm and Carver's drinking and brawling would explain, both his pro's with an assault rifle and his skills in hand-to-hand combat.
    Not to mention his organizational and command skills).

    After desert storm, getting a job in construction, and eventually becoming an engineer.
    While going hunting in the fall and fishing on the weekends.
    ( Which would explain his tracking skills).

    I see him eventually getting married and having a couple of kids.
    After being married for fifteen years, I see his wife divorcing Carver, due to his abusive nature, and getting sole custody of their children, and moving across country.

    For the next five years, before the outbreak, I see Carver losing his job as an engineer, and becoming an electrician.
    ( Which explains why Carver's camp has electricity).
  • It bothers me that people call Rebecca a slut/whore for what she did. Cheating on Alvin is certainly an unjustifiable/terrible thing to do, but I don't think that makes her a slut or a whore. To me a slut/whore is a person who goes around sleeping with every guy she comes into contact with, which Rebecca hasn't done. Both situations are definitely plausible. I do think Carver is capable of raping someone if he wanted to, but I don't see the situation with Rebecca being rape because the Carver that she and the camp got to know is a very different man than the real Carver. I think she was attracted to Carver, but after she tried to end the affair, Carver got very angry and flat out refused to let her go. I think this is when she saw Carver for what he really was, which made her both hate him, and regret sleeping with him in the first place.That's my head canon, but I can see why others think she was raped on some levels.
  • How do you get Dick from Richard? You ask politely. I HAD TO XD
  • Unused sound files say Carver was an engineer
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