Does anyone know what the new theme is called on the episode 4 trailer?

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It starts at 0.40 seconds on the trailer released by Telltale


  • I would like to know the same for the episode 3 trailer song, am thinking its made up by telltale
  • I sent a tweet to telltale and hopefully they might get back in touch if we're lucky. I just took a copy from the trailer of the bits i liked.
  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff
    Hey all, haven't been on here in a long time. My name is Nick Mastroianni (formerly Tester, formerly Cinematic Artist, now Sound Designer) I am the one who wrote the music for the last 4 Telltale Trailers, Wolf ep3, Wolf Ep3 Accolades, WD s2ep3, and now Wolf ep4. So happy that people are enjoying the tunes, sadly I wrote the music for the trailers so there isn't a "song" per-say, but I have been toying with the idea of writing full tracks out of these pieces and releasing them somewhere (if I am even allowed to do that)
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    Let me be the first to say I would buy the **** out of these tracks.

    EDIT: If you guys are planning on releasing *Wolf*'s OST, maybe include them there?
  • 8bitnick I want to say that I freakin love your music in the trailers! Those four were off the charts awesome and are my favorite trailers from telltale so far! If you ever did release your music I would buy them all in a heartbeat. Keep up the amazing work!
  • Clicked on 8bitnick's profile and threw all my money at the screen. Nothing happened. Help.
  • If you really are who you say you are then i'd buy a wolf ost anyday and i know a load of other people who would do it too.
  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff
    You guys are awesome!, Thank you sooooo much for the kind words!!! I will talk to some people and see what I can do about releasing these tracks in some way or another.
  • Word good job on the Theme i keep replaying the trailer's just to listen to them.
  • ArthurVArthurV Telltale Alumni
    I can confirm that he's Nick. Also he's an amazing musician.
  • Dude, your music is sex to my ears. Keep being awesome, bro! :D
  • I love this new theme for ep 4 trailer. I mean LOVE. Its just f**king perfect :-D
  • Thanks. Nick i love your music, if you produce a Wolf among us Ost i can guarantee that i'll buy it.
  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff

    New Trailer out today music by Jared, guitar by me. Enjoy.

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    That's another amazing track. Dude, your music is so cool, I hope it will be released somehow. TWAU ep3 & ep4 trailer tracks are masterpieces. You mentioned creating full tracks - they would be EVEN better. I'm so hoping for it. If Telltale is going to release TWAU soundtrack, they should definitely include your music too.


    The trailers and games wouldn't be the same without these awesome songs

  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff

    Sorry I haven't had a chance to get anything done, we are on a big push trying to get Wolf and Walking Dead episodes out at the same time. While you wait I thought I would give you all a little something to pass the time. This is a failed track that was originally going to be the Wolf ep3 Accolades trailer music but the trailer was re-worked and the track scratched. Hope you like it. (sorry about soundclouds crappy compression artifacts I will try and find a better way to post these in the future, suggestions are welcome)

  • Man, that was amazing. I love how it all kicked in at 30 seconds, then again at 55. Really gives off that feel of TWAU episode 3, how tense it is and everything, especially the ending of the episode. I can imagine this playing during the Dee/Dum/Mary fight where Bigby goes full wolf.

  • Hey, do you think that you could turn that unused track into a full track as well? Because it's VERY badass and awesome. :D

  • Those tracks of yours are just so damn good it's unbelievable.

  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff

    New trailer out today, new music, check it out.

  • I'm the elitist type and I love that music!

  • The first half of the trailer with the recap set to that music was spectacular. You guys have really outdone yourselves.

    I read the earlier posts in this thread, and I hope you are still in the the talks to somehow release the tracks used in the trailers.

  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff

    Yea, we have just been really busy so I haven't gotten the chance to sit down with the higher-ups and talk about options. Hopefully soon. I'll keep you posted.

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    No words can describe how much I love this new piece form episode 5 trailer. I hope you will be able to release those godlike tracks somehow, they totally deserve it. By the way, the season is going to be complete soon, which means the soundtrack is complete too, are there any news about its possible release?

  • 1:01-1:03 Shows Bigby being angry at Snow or something.. it just looks so serious in that scene.. then in 1:00 you see Bloody Mary with glass shards all over in her and I think her true form showing 0-0 so many questions.. need more answers

  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff

    Late to the party but, if you haven't seen it yet there is a new trailer out.

  • Fantastic music as always!

  • beautiful music

  • Why is this thread dead?

  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff

    Hey all. In case you haven't seen it yet there is a new Walking Dead trailer out with my music, and I am writing a new piece for another trailer that will be coming soon. I put the request in a while ago to get rights to release the tracks but still haven't gotten an answer. It's pretty crazy busy around here right now so I am not super surprised. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to more soon.

  • Cant wait to see more dude! Or hear...yeh!

  • Hey, thanks for letting us know what's happening, I'm always excited when I see new posts here, great work with the trailer.

  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff

    New Trailer is out today. Enjoy.

  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff

    Another new trailer, I doubt anyone in here that was a fan of the Wolf music is really going to be into it but here it is anyway.

  • I loved the Wolf music, and trust me, the TFTB track you made is no exception. Badass and awesome as always, man!

  • 8bitnick8bitnick Telltale Staff

    you guys are awesome, thank you.

  • Sir, you seriosuly deserve to make money off those. TWAU soundtrack (both in-game and trailer music) is currently my #1 favourite soundtrack of all time. You and Jared did a hell of a good job. I would totally spend another 22 euros just to get my hands (and ears) on this fabulous piece of art :) This game wouldn't be the same without the tunes you've created, hats off.

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