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Multiple newly introduced characters were given to us in Episode 3 of the second season. Out of them all, Jane would have to be the most interesting and, without a doubt, the most important character in the whole season besides Clementine herself. She's a true hero that they deserves,but not the one they need,who sleeps and glare,but come out with a much better plan for the good of the group. Without her,they're all just gonna shoot their way out,which will be an epic fail, and that just wouldn't feel right. Jane convinced clem to sneak in to steal the walkie talkie which she succeeded was a sign that Jane will be there for Clementine to teach her new stuff to survive, and Jane is our hope for a better and stronger group future.Jane is crucial for clem's survival,she reminds her to not let her emotion cloud her judgments,as clementine is the wolf among the sheep,we shall make clem take the more dominant role for the sake of the group
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