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Choices you're surprised the majority didn't make

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In Season one and two. Are there any choices that you found easy to make and you later found out, to your surprise, that most people didn't make them?

For me it's the choice in episode one of season one to give the bitten girl your gun and let her end her life. That choice was incredibly easy for me. She wasn't going to be cured and she wanted to put an end to her suffering, and I respected that. I had my Lee stay with her until the end and thought it was very poignant. I was super surprised to see that such a small percentage of players did the same!

Have you guys had this experience?
  • Lee killing the Stranger - though I guess I was so drowned in blood lust at that point that I didn't even think that people missed the option because of the disappearing prompt. Guess it wasn't much of a choice.
    • What?! Killing the stranger is optional?! What happens if you don't, Clementine kills him? Strangling the life out of him was honestly one of the most satisfying aspects of the entire game for me. I love the look of terror on his face when he realizes there will be no mercy...

      This is definitely the most surprising to me.
    • I didn't even realise I was killing him. I thought you just had to keep strangling him until he passed out. I wasn't taking any chances. Then he died... I wonder if that happens in real life.
      • When being strangled people pass out before they die. I can't remember how long it takes but to truly strangle a person to death you have to do it way past the point after they stop moving, I remember reading that in certain situation's of crimes of passion the murderer uses enough force to damage a person's throat making survival not likely. But I put a bullet in his head, no way he was walking away from that. :)
    • I killed the stranger and shot him in the head as well, but it's a very hard QTE in comparison to all the others in the game so I don't think most players chose whether or not to choke him to death or let Clementine shoot him on their original play thru. You don't even know the alternative to not choking him to death and it could have easily just lead to the player getting killed. I think it had a lot to do with chance. I would have liked to have seen the stats on how many players chose to shoot him in the head after they choked him though. I had a habit of over doing the button mashing on the QTE so I had no problem choking him in my first game, but after replaying the game later on and realizing that pressing the buttons as rapidly as I did the first time around was completely unnecessary for every QTE in the game up until that moment lead to me seeing Clem shoot him. I was still trying to kill him on that play thru, but I was treating it the same as previous QTE and it didn't work that time around.
  • Lee killing the Stranger. I didn't see why this was an unpopular choice.

    Also, sparing the St. John in the barn, showing the group the bite, not trying to kill Larry, forgiving Lilly, not stealing from the station wagon.
    • Partially, maybe because the QTE was fucking hard to win with the stranger :D
      • I think you had to do something before it. It was extremly easy on my ps3 but still most people needed Clementine to kill him.
        • I chose to fail, personally, because I wanted Clem to kill him. I thought it was better from a story perspective haha.

          But yeah, compared to all the other fights, that one was particularly hard. Many people I've talked to about that actually didn't know that killing the stranger yourself was even an option!
        • nevermind.
  • I don't have the statistics handy, so I don't know if it was a popular choice or not, but I can't imagine there are people that didn't take Clem with them into Crawford.

    Should have been a 100% take Clem with you statistic.

    -Omid might turn
    -There's a stalker after her that knows the location of the house
    -She's already escaped the house and followed Lee before
    -If the group gets captured or killed she's screwed anyway.

    Now if the other option was to leave her in the care of the other cancer survivors, then I might have considered it.
    • at first I didn't take cuz I saw the gameplay earlier and though that somehow I would more time with her when I came back from Crawford and that she got taken right after coming from there. I got confused
  • I don't know if this is still so one-sided, but back when I played S1 it was really one sided to save Shawn over Duck. I'm not going to lie, I also went for Shawn first, but I thought it was unusual to have saving a kid be the unpopular choice.

    The huge one-sidedness of Carley over Doug was also odd, but she got waaay more screen time, was on the mission with you, reeked of love interest AND seemed more useful (marksmanship over... mechanical ability? I'm not sure what exactly they were trying to sell Doug as). I expected the choice to be more 50/50 when I first played through though...

    I was surprised that it was split with killing the St. John brothers... popular to kill Danny but unpopular to kill Andy? I killed neither but it was strange to me that people were generally willing to kill one but not the other.

    I also talked down Kenny on the train, don't know why that was unpopular...

    Surprising to me that most players saved Ben considering how generally hated he was..

    I was surprised on how many people cut Lee's arm off, given that at this point it was pretty obvious that as a determinant character he'd die either way. I guess people were hoping for multiple endings?

    Absolutely STUMPED me why 75% (according to the wikia) lied to Leland about Dee. Also didn't make sense why there was such a preference for Justin over Danny in Vince's story... I pretty much just flipped a coin because neither of them made a strong impression on me at all.

    Thought it was pretty funny that most people saved Pete instead of Nick, because Pete was clearly bitten. Although the setup of Nick still having ammo and just being generally less likable at that point didn't help him.

    Last one... I didn't think twice about taking the blame for the picture of Sarah. Thought it was weird that most people didn't.. what did they think would happen exactly? Excommunication from the group?
    • what about Larry´s death?
    • People didn't kill Andrew most likely to let him suffer as he lost the will to live
    • Think Clem's appearance when you choose to kill Danny had a pretty big influence on whether people went on to kill Andy or not.
    • The reason talking down Kenny was unpopular is because you have to choose pretty specific things to say to get him to stop the train, otherwise he'll just start fighting you.
      • idk, i was bro-team-kenny, and for me to have fought him i would have had to have lee say one of the options to basically initiate the fight. but like i said, i usually did what kenny wanted to do anyways because he thinks like me, kind of.
        • I agreed with Kenny on of all the big choices that have major impacts on your relationship with him, but I was constantly having petty arguments with him on almost everything else. When I went to talk to him on the train I was thinking about the situation and planned on being calm, but I lost my temper and impulsively chose to say something to him that I didn't even believe myself that initiated the fight. I felt like shit for making that decision and beating him up since his son was dying, and his behavior was understandable under such a horrible situation; it was especially regrettable considering I went into the situation with that in mind. In the end it really helped develop the relationship between Lee and Kenny in my game though. When Kenny told Lee he was there for him, and that he considered him and Clementine family it was one of the most memorable moments in the game for me. I didn't see that coming for whatever reason, and it came at a time when I felt the most hopeless and desperate that I had ever felt in the game up until that point. It made all the arguing and fighting between Lee and Kenny seem small and petty. In episode five I chose to tell Kenny I was sorry for any pain I had caused him based on what I had said to him back in episode three that had initiated the fight on the train. In the end I think all of that stuff really enhanced my entire experience and created a very strong and realistic feeling bond between Lee and Kenny.
    • Danny and Ben are pretty obvious ones, same with the station wagon. They didn't want to scare/disappoint Clementine.
    • yeah fuck ben that fucking useless shit. wish there would've been an option to throw him over the train.
  • Killing the Stranger was the one that most surprised me
  • Oh, I have a lot, I made so many unpopular choices in my playthrough. haha.
    season 1:
    1.Giving the bitten girl the gun: to take a line from the game, I was showing mercy.
    2.Killing both st john brothers: they were cannibals, I repeat fucking CANNIBALS.
    3.Killed Jolene instead of Danny killing her: she was threatening to shoot Lee's balls(lol), and I thought she planned to kidnap Clem.
    4.Talked Kenny down on train: I didn't think getting in a fight with him would help at all.
    5.Killed the stranger: He kidnapped Clem, and he was crazy. Didn't want to let him kidnap some other innocent girl to "complete" his family.

    400 Days:
    1.Shot Justin's foot off instead of Danny's: Justin seemed like the kind of guy that would stab you in the back.
    2.Killed Stephanie, instead of leaving: Roman's camp had safety, shelter, meds, food, weapons etc. I wasn't about to let that go, and Becca was on her way to being a ruthless killer anyway.
    3. Stayed with Nate, and let him kill the old couple: they were shooting at us, I also thought I could talk Nate out of it if I was more compliant.
    4. Didn't lie to Leland about Dee: He deserved to know the truth.

    season 2:
    1.Didn't give bandit water: I wasn't going to give him anything after separating Clem and Christa.
    2.Saved Pete, instead of Nick: He needed my help, and I thought we could amputate. We should've amputated godammit! :'(
    3.Didn't accept Nick's apology: I know he didn't mean to, but he was only a couple inches away from shooting Clem. I'm gonna need a lot more than just a "sorry, I went kinda agro" to forgive him.
    4.Blamed someone else for Sarah taking pictures: I wasn't about to have Clem take the blame for something she had no part of. Sarah's a big girl.
    5. Left to find Kenny: I knew Carver wouldn't kill Carlos, he needed him to deliver the baby. Also, I thought Kenny could help.
    6. Didn't help Sarah with her chores: she was just trimming leaves and berries. It is not that hard to do.
    7. Didn't tell Bonnie about Luke: I didn't trust her to keep her mouth shut about it.

    yeah...I thought my decisions made a lot of sense and were pretty logical, I was surprised to see that others thought differently.
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      CathalOHara Moderator
      No offence but a majority of those decisions are not logical to me. Some of them look like dick moves actually.
    • Becca wasn't on her way to becoming a ruthless killer, she refuses if you ask her to kill Stephanie.

      She was just a scared teenager trying to be tough in front of the adults.
    • season 1 yeah let that bitch off herself she was going to die anyways. I killed almost anyone that could've been killed. and I enjoyed it.i didn't kill cray cray woman cuz she was about to spill shit. I wanted to fight Kenny but somehow I calmed him. again killed everone that could be killed.

      season two. yea fuck that fucker hope he fucking died of thirst. saved pete liked him. accepted apology. blame myself cuz I wanted to be a lil nice. stayed was scared carver might behead him or something, at the time I was like fuck sarah shes 15, I found out how old she was via wiki. didn't tell bonnie
  • Talking down Kenny.

    For some reason it said alot of people fought him...on Xbox anyway.
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    OzzyUK Moderator
    When 400 days first came out i took a screenshot of my choices so the stats might have changed but on Bonnie's story i was honest with Leland but only 25% of people where honest with him which surprised him as i thought that Bonnie and Leland had a good enough relationship to be honest with each other.
  • Cutting off Saritas arm, My reaction was "This is easy we can't cut her arm out right now she's just gonna die right there! Nobody's gonna pick that!" I watched some playthroughs and saw the stats and was really surprised.
    • yeah, I didn't cut her arm either, it's pointless..the hatchet had walker blood and if we cut the arm or just the walker, Sarita'll die in the next episode I'm sure...and I don't want to make her last moments painful and armless
      • Nor did I, but was a rash action taken because we were surrounded. I figured that dispatching the walker was quicker and easier than trying to hack through her arm. Although I regretted my choice, time will tell - it might turn our better after all.
      • While thinking about the hatchet having walker blood on it might be logical, it's not the kind of thing they usually think about in TWD. They always have blood splattering on their faces from bludgeoning a walker, but they never seem concerned about it getting in their eyes or mouth. They also don't seem to be worried about the risk of infection by having walker guts spread all over their bodies and hands.
        • Yeah but you can see that Kenny hasn't put walker guts on his face and if Clem was hit by Troy she doesn't put walker guts on her hurted side of the face either...
          Hurt Clem - and
          Not hurt Clem - and
  • Helping to kill Larry. I'm surprised that majority didn't do it. It was a legitimate concern if he reanimated, and Larry wouldn't have hesitated if it was Lee dying. More so, he left Lee to die.

    People who didn't kill Stranger also surprised me - if you don't do it, Clementine will. Even on my "good" playthrough I couldn't let Clementine do it, to murder a human being, regardless of Stranger's actions.
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