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---- and why he can't die.

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Alot of people have been speculating Luke is gonna be out in episode four, but I feel he's going to be around awhile. Why? Well... Luke is voiced by Scott Porter, TV actor. Porter is probably the most valuble VA ever in Telltale Games ( Net worth ), and Telltale has been trying to use big names, Michael Madsen ( Carver ) was killled off because he was an antagonist, big difference. Also, Luke is cute, he luers in fangirls from every direction. He's a fan favorite, Luke is probably in my top favorites being at #2 ( After Kenny ). He's the only one who doesn't cause shit, ( Well he does, it just doesn't affect Clem as much ad it does to the others ). Alot of care went into creating Luke, I don't think his story is over yet. That's honeslty why I think Luke is going to survive.
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