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Season 2 questions unanswered:

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Question: If Carver never mentioned he killed the people by the river; then who could have done it?

Answer: Maybe it was Jane that killed the people by the river. Jane seems like a character that will kill anyone who stands in her way. Reggie did say Carver's goons found her covered in guts somewhere. Jane also almost dropped a bag on Clem's head. It had to be someone in the community.

Question: What happened to Christa and the baby

Answer: The baby ( Unknown) Krista probably in Wellington

Question: Is Sarah going to grow up in 204?

Answer: Probably due to seeing her dad get killed and eaten

Question: Why is Luke always running away?

Answer: Luke runs away so he can come up with more survival plans. He ran away from the Ski Lodge so he can come up with the plan he had in 203. His new plan might be to head to the Museum where and attack is unleashed.

Question: Will Kenny still look cool due to his blind eye?

Answer: Probably not so he'll need an eye patch or something. We'll also find out in 204

Question: Can Jane be trusted?

Answer: 50/50 chance of trusting Jane depending on what you do

Question: Nick and Sarita aren't in the trailer, so does that mean their determinate?

Answer: Probably so, or their looking for supplies to deal with her walker bite

Question: What survival skills will Clem learn in 204?

Answer: Probably learn how to shoot a Riffle, disguise herself better, tend a fire like Christa said, deliver a baby, deal with a walker bite, hunt for food, use the environment to fend walkers away or to something ( Like what Lee did in 100, use loud noise to attract walkers), how to track her targets using code and signs ( Like those signs with numbers that show up on walls in the game) etc.

More Questions coming soon...
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