What if the crooked man is working for...

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Bloody Mary says 'Long live the queen', and aunt greenleaf or whatever says that 'there are things here more powerful than you can possibly imagine'.
So what if the crooked man is working for the queen of hearts, and she was ordering the murders.
Cause y'know, the queen of hearts says 'OFF WITH THEIR HEAD' and stuff.


  • Whats with the thumbs down? care to explain why i am so wrong?
  • why would the queen of hearts want to decapitate prostitutes? The crooked owns a part of the pudding and pie and the girls dying it means less money for him and georgie, there's no real motive.
  • in my opinion croocked man is the boss of the mafia and bloody mary works for him
  • This is why i don't like the Queen of Hearts theory because it just seems random for her to be involved
  • i like ur theory and it makes sense but it sounds a little to obvious or fairtale-ish. idk . but to each their own. keep up the great theories
  • It's also unlikely at this stage they would reveal yet another person behind it all with only two episodes remaining.
  • like bloody mary is the apprentice..
  • I think the butcher might be working with the crooked man as he sent a package to him.
  • Well, it`s not like the game didn`t gave us any fake leads, like Bluebeard or The Headless Horseman. Since the Tweedles are in the game there`s still a very small possibility for The Queen of Heart to be involved.
  • In my opinion, in case something graphs than croocked man. I think that even croocked man wants to find out who killed Lily and faith and had hired brothers and Bloody Mary
  • Yeah, it's been going on since the end of episode 3. There were a lot of threads about it. I think so, too.
  • They aren't from the same story. The Queen of Hearts is in Alice in Wonderland and The Tweedles are in Through the Looking Glass which Caroll makes clear in the books are two different worlds.
  • Thanks for mentioning it, i knew they`re from different stories but not that they are from two different worlds.
  • "Long live the queen" was referring to Snow, I believe.

    "Out with the old (Crane, former deputy major), in with the new (Snow, new deputy major). Long live the queen."
  • or Bloody Mary was referring to Queen Mary.. if you know your History
  • *cough* the stranger *cough*
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    Bloody Mary queen of Jocks.......... A real raghead..HAHAHA

    Bloody Mary has been recruited on logical assumption by the Crooked Man as his muscle when traveling in the same limo and killing on his whim, when ordered not to. So what, if she has what appears to be Woody's axe, it doesn't prove a thing....
  • Maybe the Crooked Man used to be the Crooked Woman and Mary just accidentally mixed up her words because she's not quite come to terms with the fact that he's had a sex change?
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    Shame nobody understands humor.

    Down voted by my fav fan probably that towel head, not bloody hell American underwear Or in fact queen of Scots. How crazy?
  • by stranger do you mean the ginger?
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