Details that people might forget, don't notice or just don't know about The Walking Dead

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So as you know a lot of content in TWD can be completely missed, overlooked or just forgotten.

Here are a two examples:

Something you might not know: If you chose to do nothing while Kenny is being beaten is episode 3, Sarita will break free of Carlos' grip and she'll be hit in the face instead of Clementine.

Something you might have forgotten: Ben was the one who gave Clementine stickers for her walkie-talkie.

Do you know any?

***Quick reminder to not post any leaked spoilers in here until an episode is officially released.***


  • Yes i know one...Kenny has a godlike beard now, instead of a divine Mustache! Many people seem to forget that!
  • I knew both of these.

    I know everything about the walking dead. EVERYTHING! *overly attached*
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    Larry will accuse Kenny of being a flaming homosexual if the right dialouge is chosen.
  • If you don't press Q when your keeping Sarita back she will also break free, just saying. Erm... there's some others, like certain conversations extend much more longer if you say a certain thing. Like when your walking to the river or when you say Clem had a walkie talkie like that.
  • Did you know that Christa will kill the boy in the attic if you decided to do nothing?
  • If you didn't help kill Larry, tell Lilly about your pre-apocalypse crime and then tell Carley about Lilly's reaction, Carley will explain that Lee is all Lilly has left, hence the mellow reaction. I felt pretty bad when I discovered this, since I left Lilly behind on my playthrough.
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    Share some of your knowledge, oh wise one!
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    I found these ones in my own playthroughs. I just consumed all game. Here we go;

    * If you revaled your past to Kenny's family in ''A New Day'' in ''Long Road Ahead'' after Katjaa and Duck's death, in diaoluge options pick ''About my past...'' in the train, he will say; ''You told us that it was your parents store back in Macon. I think that was enough personal information. I'm sure Kat... would be uh... okay with you. So forget it.''

    * If you talked to Carley about every dialouge, and then choose to talk her again Lee will say to her; ''Hey Car.''

    * If you teached Clementine how to shoot and cut her hair, before giving Chuck his boose back try to talk with him TWICE. That conversation will happen;

    > Lee: ''Well, the girl can shoot.''

    > Chuck: ''It doesn't have to be pretty.''

    > Lee: ''Probably will be, before too long.''

    > Chuck: ''Did you get that hair sorted?''

    > Lee: ''Yeah, I don't think she cares for it.''

    > Chuck: ''She will.''

    * If you bring ONLY Ben with you to the hospital in ''No Time Left'' if you fail to doing the jump from the other roof, Ben saves you.

    * Talk with Lilly first and then go to talk with Kenny in ''A New Day'' if you pick ''They owned this place.'' option, Lee will say extra thing; ''They pulled some bodies out of the office before we got here.''

    * If you looked at the trash first in ''Around Every Corner'' you'll notice in ''No Time Left'' your bite mark looks like scratch. If you picked the walkie-talkie first, you'll notice your bite mark is a full chomp.

    * If you were nice to Kenny all Season One, in ''Around Every Corner'' while saying ''Then who the hell took her?!'' his facial apperance changes depending on how much of a bro you were to Kenny.

    * If you were nice to Clementine all the way until ''Around Every Corner'' if you defated Molly, Clementine will scream ''LEE?!'' If you killed the St. John's, talking bad to her and took all of those stuff in that station wagon she will say monotonely ''Lee.'' with no mood on her face.

    * In ''Starved For Help'' if you clicked to look all of the St John's rewards, photos and stuff, when it comes to ''Lee vs. Brenda Showdown'' your dialouges changes:

    > Think about your husband, Brenda.

    > What... what happened Brenda? Your family was obviously smart how... how did it come to this?

    > This... this dairy was your pride. Look what you've done to it!

    * If Kenny went with Lee in "No Time Left" and chose to cut off the arm, ''In Harm's Way'' Kenny can be heard talking to Reggie about a guy cutting off his arm to save himself but ended up turning anyway.

    * In ''Around Every Corner'' during the scene when Lee and the group leave Chuck and escape the streets, if one listens closely, Chuck can be heard screaming in pain, implying he was bitten before escaping to the sewers.

    * In ''All That Remains'' if Clementine chooses to burn her drawing of Kenny's family, the same song that plays when Lee or Kenny shoots Duck will play.

    * In ''No Time Left'' if you failed to open the attic door, Christa will open it instead.

    * If you remain silent in the ''You have to shoot me.'' ''Leave me.'' choice in ''No Time Left'' Clementine will decide what to do depending on your entire Season One choices.
  • Oh I never knew that first one! Cool.

    Here are some that you might not know.

    I believe there was a monkey wrench in the train station S1 E3. Then shortly after Lee carries a blowtorch in his back pocket.

    If you stay silent when jumping on the train, Omid will push you.

    Not many people remember who Chet is.

    Breckon thinks his mare's gone lame.

    Mack was the name of the guy who made the electric fence(St John's Dairy) more powerful.

    Names of people raping Jolene are Jake, Bart, and Linda. Linda I believe is a girls name so she either watched them, or is a lesbian.

    Walt said Nate was wearing a mask. Could he be a bandit?

    And sorry but I had to mention this epic quote from Wyatt.

    "Hey Wyatt. I ate paint when I was a kid. DOI!" --Wyatt imitating Eddie. And technically wouldn't you have to drink paint?
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    When Glenn leaves,you can see a car parked in the background,I think it was Kenny's,with a license plate "Shit Happens"
  • When is there an option to tell Lilly about Lee's past?
  • Just knew the Second one, but I didn't knew that Sarita can get hit.
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    Eddie actually has many different randomized lines to express how sure he is. Such options as:

    "Don't eat a burrito before a rollercoaster sure."
    "Don't pay for sex on ecstasy sure."
    "Don't fuck with Tiny Carlos sure."

    And probably many others.
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    Go into her room after she's given you the broken flashlight but before you find the hidden supplies. Then you'll have standard dialogue options, including the option to confess your past if Carley's suggested you do so.
  • Wow, I didn't know that one about Ben. But then, I've never had only him come with me so far. Guess he can prove to be useful... dayum.
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    The new talking Eddie doll. With many randomized things to say! Kids won't understand all the jokes and parents will cringe over some of his jokes! Coming with Kung Fu action!
  • - You can stop Clem from swearing on the bridge in E2. Just fail the QTE and she won't say anything.

    - Clem will cover her ears when Luke and Kenny are fighting during dinner if you stay silent.
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    Hmm... cool thread!

    If you only bring Ben with you to find Clementine in Episode 5, Lee cuts off his arm by himself (if you choose to) because Ben is too scared of the blood and then faints.

    If you choose to try and save Larry in the meat locker, and give him about 4-5 chest pumps in time, Larry will breathe and then get smashed with the salt lick.

    The bandit that gets shot in the head by Lilly and wears the blue ninja mask is the same bandit that shoots the bandit in the woods while going to the St. John's Dairy.

    That's all I can think of :P
  • Huh, i thought i tried that after Carley's suggestion but i guess not. But even if you dont confess, she already knows of your past which is why Carley is saying "I cant help but to think that the next thing Lilly will say in an argument i something about your past" (which makes me wonder, how did Carley know that Lilly knows?) which makes it pointless to have an option to confess to Lilly.
  • - You can leave Duck to turn in the woods
  • Larry didnt breathe, it was just his lips bouncing cause of the the CPR
  • If you play silent Russell, you get this incredibly awkward scene with Nate.

    "...well, this is pretty fuckin' uncomfortable, ain't it?"
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    Carver has a mug in his office that says "World's Best Boss".

    Here's something that took me ages to realise. After meeting Reggie, Kenny says "fuck that guy". Then say you don't trust him. Kenny's response will then be different based on whether you cut Lee's arm off or not. If you cut it off, Kenny says something like "losing a limb does weird stuff to people". Otherwise, he'll just say "He's a weirdo." Something along those lines anyway. I thought that was a neat detail.
  • He was just started to redeem himself. R.I.P. Ben
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    I'm sorry for this unnecesarry double post.
  • Carley probably figures Lilly knows if Lee tells her that Larry knows... unless she says she's worried about Lilly bringing it up even if Lee didn't tell her that, that'd be a loophole.

    If you're on good terms with Lilly, then confessing it to her despite her likely knowing is just a way of showing you trust her.

    Actually that reminds me of another one which I think is only caused if you confess to Lilly while on good terms and also confess to Kenny. When Kenny wants to throw her out for murdering Carley, Lilly says that Lee too is a murderer but she forgave him and that Kenny is a murderer but she'll forgive him. That's the only indication I believe that Lilly was capable of forgiving Kenny for what he did to Larry. Though he probably screwed that up by then saying "bullshit, you've had it out for me ever since" and continuing to insist she gets left behind.
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    Here's one I just remembered. Assuming you saved Ben, if you don't shoot any bullets in the hallway you'll have all your bullets to give to Kenny in the alleyway, or you can keep the bullets and if you manage to choke the stranger you can shoot him so he doesn't reanimate.
  • The alcohol that everybody seems to find in The Walking Dead Game is called Parsley's Whiskey.
  • It actually looked like he was saying something rather then breathing or his lips bouncing.
  • Nick's the only guy in S2E1 who you can choose to [Glare] at when everyone is talking about what to do with you and Carlos is checking out your bite. Everyone else gets the [Sad Eyes] command.
  • Haha! That WAS awkward :P
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    Here's an image if you want it.
  • Huh, I would've thought you could do that to Rebecca at that moment too.
  • you guys heard about duckpocalypse ?
  • ... I want to test the Ben thing now. Thanks for the info :D
  • People might not know about this little gem in Starved For Help.

    When you first have access to the barn, you can examine the stalls. Go to the third stall on the left side, open it, and examine the hay. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Until out of nowhere goddamn Duck pops in and says "I wanna play in the haaayyy!" with that dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers grin of his. It gets really awkward and Lee says "Uhh......go back to your mom..." and Duck makes a pouty face.
  • That is the best comment I have ever read and by darkstar thanks bro
  • Same here, once I fix my game.
  • But, but... Katjaa and Duck are in front of Larry's eyes.... How can... Why?
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