• Did you want me to speculate?
  • Vivian is not her friend. I have a sneaky suspicion she's part of "it"
  • I agree. Vivian may not be a part of IT but she knows damn well what is taking place. "We are all in danger, sheriff." Yeah, I bet we are....have a feeling Nerissa will be next for going to Bigby.
  • Vivian is Georgie's "favorite". And as far as I can tell she doesn't seem to have an issue with his "business practices" so I don't think they're really friends. Or she might be dead, I dunno.
  • I am of the mind that she will commit what I like to call "suicide by truth". We don't know if the girls can say something or not because of the enchantment. We don't know what the enchantment does. It could be like the Unbreakable Vow from the *Harry Potter* series; break it, or in this case, speak the details about what goes on in their job, and they die.

    She "doesn't have any friends left", so nothing stops her from revealing what she knows of the truth.
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    Lilly and Faith were her friends.

    Both died.
  • Vivian is the killer (or atleast she is involved in it)...there are many hints for that:

    1: Crane called Vivian for " an massage " in episode1. She was probaply glamoured as Snow White during his " massages ".

    2: Vivian is the only person exept Bigby that smokes Huff'n Puffs, the cigaretes we found at the Open Arms, where Lilly was killed.

    3: The letter she wrote to Lilly at her funeral was very suspicious!
    • Vivian doesn't take jobs at the Open Arms, as stated in her Book of Fables entry. She's the one who manages the appointments of the Pudding and Pie for Georgie. So she was just arranging Crane's appointments with Lily (and possible other prostitutes glamoured as Snow).
      • speaking of her book of fables entry, i remember it saying something about how Georgie took a liking to her (something like tht) and thts why she doesnt take customers. but what im saying is Georgie likes someone?!?! -_-" yep. their definitely in on it together
        • I guess Georgie only likes Vivian because she knows how to be attractive. And yeah, she probably knows what's going on at least to some extent, since Georgie is in business with the Crooked Man and Vivian is the pimp's favorite girl.
    • How do you know Vivian smokes Huff'n Puff's?
  • I don't think Vivian and Nerissa are friends. In episode 3 Vivian seems rather oppressive over her, watching her at the funeral and whatnot. Plus the photo you find in Lilly's belongs shows Nerissa, Faith,Lilly, and one of the Tweedles in the background in a typical group selfie.
  • Georgie owns the stables, Vivian is the stable master, and Nerissa is one of the whoreses. I don't think their relationship is any deeper than that.
  • Vivian does not seem to be that close to Nerissa. I mean, yeah, they care for each other because they both went through crap and because they're both... I dunno. There. They know each other, and they care. But they don't seem that close. If Vivian were truly a good friend, why did she not help Nerissa when she was being harassed by Crane? I mean, seriously, she coulda took him down. And she was just looking. I mean, God, go punch that sucker or SOMETHING, don't let your FRIEND be bullied like that!
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